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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Return of a false Legend
Post by: Baby Boy(97602)
2005-05-19 07:11:21
(( Outkast's Ghetto Musick Blasts over the PA, A man steps out from behind the VOW curtain and makes his way to the ring wearing Baby Blue pants, white boots and a shirts that says "BABY BOY" on the front...He slides into the ring and asks for a mic))

"Well judging by the reaction of the crowd, NOBODY remembers who I am.. and thats why I'm here tonight,, a long time ago I used to be considered one of the greats of VOW.
beating VOW legends such as BamBam,Wolverine, Ocelot, Insane clown...Hell I even made Ocelot admit I was a legend and if you know ocelot you would know that was no easy task..(( Pauses and listens to the silence)) I had to leave because I knew that the way I beat them, and Ocelot calling me a Legend it was all a lie....A LEGEND DOESN'T HIT PEOPLE WITH BARBEDWIRE 2x4, OR FLAMING CHAIRS.. Sure I was a crowd favorite but thats not how I wanted to be recognized I wanted people to notice my wrestling ability not how good I could swing a weapon..But thats what it turned into Well Hardcore Kidd is gone it's just me "BABY BOY" Zach McCoy and I want a LAW challenge for any VOW SHOW, It doesn't matter but I refuse to fight a person that has to turn to cheating when it looks like he's going to lose......So pretty much what I'm saying is that I want any person that runs their own VOW show to come out here and bring a contract because starting as of right now I'm going to clean up the other wrestlers acts one match at a time (( Waits for a response))
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-19 18:46:32
u beat me :s since when
Post by: Baby Boy(97602)
2005-05-20 01:01:38
((It's an RP, and I beat your first character as Hardcore Kidd))...SO RP AND DON'T RUIN IT PLEASE
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-05-24 22:48:49
Your called Baby Boy?

Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-06-08 01:24:06
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-06-08 19:05:49
Legend my ......
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-06-08 19:50:52
*in walks gatcholio*

I have decided to give you an opportunity to prove you are a legend without weapons

In this match, you will fight a five man tag team.

In this five man tag team will be...

Insane Clown
The Legend Killer

*crowd cheers as gatcholio shoots french fries out to the crowd with a potato gun*

Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-06-09 00:33:36
(Yes a LAW will win.)
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-06-09 20:14:45
I'm only here for the fries. *Proceeds to walk over to Gatch.*
Post by: Danny Blade(82684)
2005-06-11 20:09:11
*Danny runs through the arena for no reason holding a sign saying "I Rule"*
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-06-15 10:33:09
*Kicks Danny in the shin for being Danny Blade.
Post by: death arrives17(114361)
2005-07-19 08:59:20
oh here we go again how many characters this time zach
Post by: Sargeant Rob(21584)
2005-08-14 05:42:04
Rofl. Hey look its death arrives.
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-08-14 05:48:22
What kind of name is death arrives? Good special name maybe, but a name name? pfft puhleeeeese
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-08-14 14:50:27
0wn3d n3(/\)b 3z
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