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Thread: Last Match: Jake Davis and The Essentialist, but debut of Success
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-05-14 02:09:01
Ring Announcer: We have here two wrestlers about to leave VOW and will be leaving with a performance. I introduce to you first, your EPW PWO Champion, JAKE DAVIS!!!

"If I Die Tomorrow"-Motley Crue plays as Jake Davis walks down the ramp with cheers. Jake Davis then raises his title in the air as fans cheer. He then walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He hands the ref his title, kissing it good bye.

Ring Announcer: Now let me introduce his opponent, The Essentialist.

Drum and Bass music plays as Essentialists walks down the ramp with a flurry of pyros as fans cheer. He raises one arm up and runs in the ring to stare at Jake Davis.

The Match

Jake Davis quickly runs at Essentialists and hits a Back Slide cover.


Kick Out

Jake Davis and Essentialist stare each other down as fans start chanting Davis and Essentialist chants. Davis and Essentialist both wait til one of them makes a move, but then Davis hits a Clothesline that knocks Essentialist down. Essentialist get up as Davis uses a hand expression to tell him to hit him. Essentialist goes for a Clothesline, but Davis ducks and Kicks him hard in the Shin. Davis then runs at Essentialist, but Essentialist goes for an Arm Drag, but Davis counters into a Small Package.


Kick Out

Essentialist then gets angry and Kicks Davis in the Gut and hits the Paralytic Enlightening. Essentialist with a grin goes for a Bow and Arrow, but Davis counters with a Punch, Essentialist gets up and Davis does too, but all of a sudden a Heel Kick from Essentialist! Essentialist then lifts Davis by his hair and hits a Front Suplex! Essentialist then tosses Davis against the ropes and hits a Hip Toss! Essentialist then tosses Davis against the ropes, but is met with a Clothesline that sends both Davis and Essentialist down. Essentialist seeking the opportunity hits in a Bow and Arrow, and Davis screams in agony, but refuses to give up. Essentialist gets bored and lets go of the hold. Essentialist then lifts Davis by his hair, but Davis Kicks Essentialist in the gut and hits a Crucifix Power Bomb into the Turnbuckle! Essentialist lands on his knees and Davis hits a Shining Wizard! Davis then goes to the Tope Rope, but Essentialist, grabs Davis's tights to bring him down and goes for a Pumphandle Suplex, but Jake Davis lands on his feet. Essentialist then goes to the top rope and Kicks Davis's head and Davis falls. Essentialist then goes for a Moonsault, but is met by Davis's knees. Davis then grabs Essentialist and picks him up for a Neckbreaker! Davis then lifts Essentialist, and tries and Irish Whip into the Turnbuckle, but Essentialist Irish Whips Davis into the Turnbuckle. Essentialist then hits a Chop which Davis wobbles on holding his Chest, then Essentialist tries an Irish Whip to the opposite Turnbuckle on Davis, but Davis holds on and slings at Essentialist hitting a Shoulder Tackle. Davis then covers Essentialist.


Kick Out!

Essentialist Pushes Davis off of him and hits an Arm Drag, but Davis's foot hits the ref. The ref is down! Davis then grabs a Flash Light and beams it in Essentialist's eyes and goes up to the top-rope to hit his Triangle Blast. Essentialist covers his forehead from the shot! Davis and Essentialist lie down and they bothe get up at the same time. Essentialist then hits Davis with a Thrust Kick. Davis then put in the corner by the impact and Stomps on Essentialist's Foot, but to no avail, Essentialist then hits Davis with a Turnbuckle Splash and hits a Bear Hug, Davis manages to grab the ropes. Essentialist then tosses Davis in the ropes where he tries a Hip Toss on Davis, but Davis lands on his feet, but is met by a Sidewalk Slam by Essentialist! Essentialist then tosses Davis toward the ropes where Davis is hit by The Alteration! Davis then rests on the side of a rope and charges at Essentialist, but is met by a Clothesline, Essentialist then takes his time to taunt to the crowd. Davis then comes out of nowhere with a Drop Kick, which just makes Essentialist lean. Essentialist then does an Under Hook Suplex to the outside of the ring. Essentialist and Davis exchange blows, but Davis is met with a Kick to the ribs, and is thrown back in the ring. Essentialist pins.


Kick Out!!!

Essentialist gets frustrated and goes for an Irish Whip in the Corner, but Davis counters into an Irish Whip, Davis then runs at Essentialist and does a running Punch to Essentialist's face. Essentialist then goes for a Cradle Suplex, but Davis Punches Essentialist in the Face, but Essentialist, then grabs the Forearm of Davis and sends his Elbow at Davis's throat slamming him to the ground. Davis then flips over by the impact, Essentialist lifts Davis for an out of ring Super Plex, Essentialist is at the top-rope, but Davis goes to the apron and jumps behind Essentialist's waist and hits a German Suplex to the outside of the Ring. Davis pins.



Match over : Jake Davis wins by pin

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner Jake Davis!

All of a sudden two guys come out with Steel Chairs and Bash Davis in the head and then Essentialist.

One of the guys grabs a microphone and places it at his lips.

Guy: We're the new genration of VOW and we challenge ANY LAW to beat us, I the Device of Success and Vital Sensation, the Sensational Success.

OOC: Match Link-http://vow.plit.dk/cgi-bin/vow.pl?_cmd=ShowMatch&ChallengeId=752583

Edited a bit, also if you like you can announce the match. Just pm me Device of Success to announce it, tell me where to add commentary so I can organize it better.
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