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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Here comes (yet another in a long line of) a New Challenger!!!
Post by: ljhalfbreed(83788)
2005-04-02 05:31:17
**An evil, sepulchural voice growls "FEAR THE LADDER!" as a hard rockin' riff starts off an intense techno-metal themesong**

Play-by-play Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not sure who exactly this is...
Color Commentary Announcer: Great, another nobody who doesn't know an anklelock from a bike lock. I thought we were going to have something worth watching today?

**Figure clad in tight black shirt, silver chains, and black leather pants with flames on the sides shows up, jogs down the ramp, and pulls a half-gainer twistflip into the ring. The words "Halfbreed Style" in silvery flame letters can be seen on the back of his shirt**

PBPA: Well, from the looks of things, this new guy definitely has some moves..
CCA: Well, I hope he'd just MOVE so I could see some real wrestling tonight!

Figure: Ladies, Gentlemen, and all you scrubs backstage... Take this as a warning, I'm Johnny Halfbreed, and I know I can be the next superstar of the VOW. I'm tired of seeing the same lazy tired old men in faded spandex use the same tired old moves and bore our audience... our FANS to death with garbage they like to call 'wrestling'. Well, I've trained with some of the greatest legends in the world, from brawlers in Brooklyn, to luchadors in Latin America, and fused all these skills into my very own "Halfbreed Style". Oh! And one more thing... not only am I the baddest aerialist you've ever seen...

CCA: Baddest? Don't you mean "Worst?" Where are the real wrestlers???

Johnny Halfbreed:.. But I'm also the best looking. So heed this warning! Me and my trusty ladder will be searching for every one of you sorry *ahem* "athletes" and show you how real wrestling is done. And afterwards ladies...

CCA: We get to see some real wrestling?

JHB: ... I'll show you what my "Halfbreed Style" is all about!

**Same intro music plays as JHB runs and does a Shooting Star Splash off the ropes, landing on his feet outside the ring, and struts backstage**

PBPA: Well what do you think of that, folks? A no-name newcomer with high hopes within the LAW and VOW. He seemed like he was all talk, but I see some potential in that guy...

CCA: ...YEAH! As in 'Potential to be really BORING!' When's the real match going to start?
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-04-02 10:44:13
*Jake Davis comes out.

Jake Davis- I'll beat you cuz you are a LAW and show all LAWs PWOs are better!!!
Post by: clan_man56(66776)
2005-04-05 20:44:29
SD runs in and starts screaming law rocks
Post by: clan_man56(66776)
2005-04-05 20:45:31
SD then runs over to Jake Davis and chokeslams him
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-04-11 18:54:15
I wish I was at Raw not SD.
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