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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: My Partner And I Are Looking For A Fed
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-03-22 12:35:46
My partner Chris Jericho Y2J has successfully talked me into joining a fed. I'm not a serious roleplayer, but I can put something good together if required. If you're interested in me and my partner for your fed then message me or us. If your fed doesn't do tag matches, then it isn't for us. We will take part in one on one matches and in tags, rumbles whatever. Oh yeah one more thing...

This name I'm posting on isn't my name on the game anymore. I am Benoit
Post by: OWF_Admin(80136)
2005-03-24 06:08:45
I would be interested in signing you and your partner. You would have to come up with original wrestlers thought. You couldn't use WWE Superstars.
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-03-24 08:52:17
OWF_Admin it's a bit late for that, as you see we're using WWE names in VOW. I'm not willing to delete my current character.
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