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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Law Student Killed In Mysterious Fire
Post by: Wraith(72942)
2005-02-11 19:31:44
Piece of an article published in the magazine "Unsolved Crimes?"
...and rumours suspect that the once so legendary, today known as the Ghost had a student, who's indentity is not known. Masqued he stepped forward and swore revenge for what had happened to his fallen master.
The following week, this so-called "Ghost's apprentice" was said to have gotten involved in a tragic accident.
- "We were too late to save anything. As we got here, the flames were licking every inch of the house, outside as well as inside." Were the fire chief's words.
The house of which the student was said to be resident at burnt down to the ground, and the student was presumed dead. Though no body was ever to be found...
- - -
"Weekly news"
...Tuesday, another, yet more agonizing accident took place in town. The house of the author of the last weeks article about the Ghost in "Unsolved Crimes?" burnt down to the ground, the same mysterious way of which the student's house had did. The author died of lack of oxygen, and his wife of burning injuries. But the agony was as petrified when the firemen found his two kids, his eight year old son and his four year old daugther with their troaths slit halfways. It was later assumed they bled to death, slowly, as they were burning from outside...
- - -
And so it came to that the once so proud student, now dead, returned to join and serve his master. In one way to serve his master, in another way to serve his cause, and get revenge on his master's killer, his killer, and avenge the kids' terrible fate.
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