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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: ALL STARS open stable battle challenge
Post by: Lokie(29796)
2005-02-11 07:33:50
the lights dim as the ALL STARS theme music hits the sound system with authority as Arch Angel followed by his stable members walk towards the ring to the cheering of the crowd.

Ring Announcer: "Introducing to the ring, the multiple title holding wrestlers and self proclaim 'best,' the ALL STARS"

Tajiri, red neck, firebrand and Fat Kung Fu all climb the different turnbuckles and pose for the crowd as Arch Angel jogs into the middle of the rings and lifts his hands in the air and slowly spins around for the crowd as pyrotechnic rockets explode into the air to the crowds roar. The sparks filter down as the music starts to fade. The crowds chants echo loudly as The ALL STAR wrestlers join Arch Angel in the middle of the ring.

Arch Angel: The time is now... The time is now.. The time is now. The time is now that i show the world the power of the ALL STARS.
This is an open challenge to any stable out there who will pit their full strenght against us. I hope you will bring your whole game because we will be. We wont just win, we plan to defeat you and your stable... so who will hear the call... who will take up the challenge... who has the minerals to fight the ALL STARS
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-02-11 20:19:41
Harold of The Rocks walks out at the entrance holding a microphone and the crowd goes silent.
“I accept your challenge. You can decide the matches while I find you a good hospital for you to visit after we’ve finished with you. Forget the ALL STARS, the time is now that I show the world the power of Kickshu Hard!” Fritzchen, Bouncer Mahone, Omega and Bam Bam walk through entrance and stand beside Harold of The Rocks. The crowd cheers and starts up a Kickshu Hard chant followed by a chant of "ALL STARS SUCK".
Post by: Lokie(29796)
2005-02-11 20:49:30
Arch Angel smiles as he notes Harold of the Rock's pretty speech
Arch Angel: fair enough the funny thing is that i have beaten most of your stable members one time or another.
Crowd: What!
Arch Angel: I did say most so lets see if you guys got the minerals to take us on
Crowd: What!
Arch Angel: I await your response as for now we ALL STARS have to get moving... all this talking to talentless hacks is starting to bore me and the guys behind me
The crowd roar in laughter as The ALL STAR's theme song hits the speakers as the ALL STAR stable walk past the Kickshu Hard gang without fear or intimidation.
OOC: Hey FB send me a message and we'll organise the event :)
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