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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: DFTS -free agent announcement-
Post by: succahellscream(33639)
2005-02-11 03:12:42
As of this point, dont fear the shadows is seeking employment.

He is the self proclaimed "Best of all Time"

His Record in Vow Currently is 320-67 he has taken a long leave of absence but now that he has returned he seeks to dominate and rise to glory. DFTS can bring a new level of competition to the land.

Wrestler Info:
Wrestler Name: Dont Fear The Shadows
Real Name: Ryan Crawley
Wrestling style: Aerialist
Outfit: 1/2 American Flag Design, 1/2 Mexican Flag Design for leather pants and mask
Height: 6"1
Weight: 190
Finishers: Vaporal Splash(top-rope splash), Hellacious Inferno(stall Suplex), Omnipotent-(Superplex)
Record When announced Free Agency- 320-67
Heel/Face: Face (fights for fans)
Entrance Music: Dead and Broken (godsmack)
(music plays)DFTS enters and starts to head down the ramp, he then holds his hands in the air,then the stage erupts Behind him with fireworks that have the mexican flag and american flag colors bursting from it, and then as dfts walks down the ramp a quick burst of the 2 flags bursts down it. He goes side from side clapping the hands of the fans, he gets by the ringside and hands a shirt to a fan (usualy kid) the shirt has DFTS mask on the front. Then he enters the ring.
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-02-12 23:39:56
***Dont Fear the Shadows is in the middle of the ring when suddenly eerie white moonbeams begin to shine throughout the VOW arena and hawk screeches begin to blare. A huge man in all black repels from the ceiling and stands in the middle of the ring. This man wears a trenchcoat with a beautiful Hawk inside a moon on the back and he also holds a Aluminum Baseball bat in his left hand. He paces around DFTS and taps his bat in his hand. The behemoth known as Hawkmoon speaks:

Hawk: So your looking for a stable? Your skill and talent is well known around Vow. Well Dark Revelution may be interested in taking a look at you.

(OOC: DFTS. Dark Revelution is interested in your services. We are a stable that can be found in XWC (a match/roleplay fed). Our members are hawkmoon, raju the bomber, the essentialist, and Dave Jr. If interested check out XWC and apply in the roleplay thread where we are recruiting.


Hawkmoon (28668)
Dark Revelution ID (1219)
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-02-12 23:47:41
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