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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Rarju's Kiddnapping.
Post by: pearljam(62963)
2005-02-09 06:24:23
Rarju is just finished another interveiw with the words I am a wrestling god... The lights go dim and lighteneing effects flash across the arena...Finally there is a howl as if from the grave and when the lights go back up Rarju is gone...
Post by: The Ghost(71517)
2005-02-09 08:02:20
"It's been one day since Rarju was kidnapped and here is his latest nemesis Ghost fighting Wazta in a cagematch. What do you think of this Simon?" "Well here at ringside we can see for sure the punishment people get for facing the Dark One in the ring, or even worse...the Cage! Oh my dear God! Ghost is attempting a Haunter on Wazta." "It's a hit, and I'm guessing this is the end for Wazta..." "Yes, indeed J.T. Ghost is saying something to Wazta while choking him, what is he saying?"
Ghost: "How do you dare face me in the cage? You have courage puny one, but not too much brains. I _ALLWAYS_ get rid of my opponents. One way or the other. Hahaha! You don't want to end up like the last opponent I had. See you in Hell."
"Did you hear that J.T.?" "I sure did, and here Ghost climbs out of the cage..."
"And here's your winner...GHOST!" *The Funeral March is played as Ghost continues into the locker rooms*
"Simon, do you think Ghost might have something to do with the disappearence of Rarju?" "Well J.T., I wouldn't put the blame on him right now, a lot of people wanted Rarju gone for a while, though Ghost said some funny things here tonight..." "Yes, but he practically admitted it in the cage! He said he always got rid of his opponents! And lately he has been busy fighting Rarju, with two losses and one win against him he sure has a grudge against him." "I have to agree with you there Simon, and lets see the pictures of Ghost walking out of here again" *Cut is showed over the screens of Ghost walking out of the area* "Did you see the look on that man's...ghost's...thing's face! It was horrible! I swear to God, that guy is up to no good right now J.T." "I guess we'll find out soon or later, Simon. That's it for us here at Tuesday night LAW, see you all tomorrow for more LAW action!" *LAW theme is played and everybody in the audiance cheers and the commentators leave the area*
Post by: Wraith(72942)
2005-02-09 21:49:02
*A cloaked creature stood silently watching the Ghost depart. He tucked the long, black hood gracefully around his head, and headed the same way the winner had went, silently, almost not noticable...*
Post by: The Ghost(71517)
2005-02-10 05:39:20
J.T.: "Welcome people to this special Wednesday LAW! We have a surprise match for you today people!"
Simon: "That's right J.T.! Not even we know what is going on today on this special arrangement! We have heard that this match is going to be a killer!"
J.T.: "All we have to do is wait for our wrestler stars to come out in the open..."
Simon: "What the...!?!"
J.T.: "They're lowering the cage! It's a cage match Simon!"
Simon: "Yes, looks like it J.T. who could the wrestlers be...?"
J.T.: "Do you hear churchbells Simon?"
*The Ghost's entrance theme starts playing over the speakers and lightning flies across the screens*
*The Ghost enters the arena, wearing his traditional black cloak he approaches the cage*
*Following a short minute after a hooded man comes carrying what seems to be Rarju. The man throws Rarju into the cage with Ghost*
Ghost: "So...we meet again, Rarju..."
Rarju: *cough cough* "What do you want from me, "Dark One"?"
Ghost: "Spare me your insolence, boy...I want your mind!"
*Ghost stretches out his hand and points at Rarju, as he does that Rarju starts twitching and falls to the ground shouting "Get out of my head you damned spectre!"*
Ghost: "Yeees! Give me all of it! Give into the darkness, fool!"
Post by: pearljam(62963)
2005-02-10 20:00:29
Later that day-A dark shadow of a figure appears on the screen. "I am growing tired of your games Ghost you want my mind you must first destroy my body. The war will begin with a streacher match!"
Post by: The Ghost(71517)
2005-02-10 23:36:47
*Ghost looks puzzeled, but only for a second or so.*
Ghost: "Bring it to the Dark One..."
Post by: Wraith(72942)
2005-02-11 19:31:02
Piece of an article published in the magazine "Unsolved Crimes?"
...and rumours suspect that the once so legendary, today known as the Ghost had a student, who's indentity is not known. Masqued he stepped forward and swore revenge for what had happened to his fallen master.
The following week, this so-called "Ghost's apprentice" was said to have gotten involved in a tragic accident.
- "We were too late to save anything. As we got here, the flames were licking every inch of the house, outside as well as inside." Were the fire chief's words.
The house of which the student was said to be resident at burnt down to the ground, and the student was presumed dead. Though no body was ever to be found...
- - -
"Weekly news"
...Tuesday, another, yet more agonizing accident took place in town. The house of the author of the last weeks article about the Ghost in "Unsolved Crimes?" burnt down to the ground, the same mysterious way of which the student's house had did. The author died of lack of oxygen, and his wife of burning injuries. But the agony was as petrified when the firemen found his two kids, his eight year old son and his four year old daugther with their troaths slit halfways. It was later assumed they bled to death, slowly, as they were burning from outside...
- - -
And so it came to that the once so proud student, now dead, returned to join and serve his master. In one way to serve his master, in another way to serve his cause, and get revenge on his master's killer, his killer, and avenge the kids' terrible fate.
Post by: The Ghost(71517)
2005-02-13 01:02:57
*Cheers by spectators starts the show*

J.T.: "Well Simon, welcome to this very special match."

Simon: "Thank you J.T., it's been some days since we had the dramatic appearence of Ghost and Rarju the Mauler and it was agreed that they would face eachother in a stretcher match later!"

J.T.: "That's right, and now the time has come. Rarju is already in the ring watching the stretcher and walking around. Waiting for his opponent, Ghost."

Simon: "Talk about the Devil! here he comes now!"

J.T.: "yes, there he is, the Dark One, followed by his followers known as Wraith and Phantom."

*The entrance theme is played and the lighting in the area is darkened*

Simon: "Look at him, so determined to bring down Rarju and to send him away in a stretcher. Entering the ring and handing his cloak to Wraith who is at ringside to support his master."

*Ding ding!*

J.T.: "There goes the bell and fight has started! Rarju starting out hard with a strong right hand! Beating and kicking Ghost into the turnbuckle."

Simon: "This don't look too good for the Dark One, a turnbuckle smash by Raju! He's going for another one, but Ghost counters with a knee to the mid section."

*The commentators keep on talking, J.T. defending Ghost while Simon is on Rarju's side, badmouthing Ghost.*

Ghost makes a Irish Whip to the Ropes and makes a good clothesline on Rarju. He immediatly jumps on the second rope and attempts a Lionsault, but Rarju rolls away and the Lionsault misses. Ghost is down and Rarju kicks him in the ribs and picks him up. He throws him in the ground and is going for the Arabian Lock. Ghost is shouting and hitting at Rarju. Somehow Ghost manages to stand up and places an elbow in the stomach of Rarju. He runs towards the ropes, jumps and makes a Flying Crossbody. Ghost gets up and runs to the ropes again, jumps at the top rope and makes a Top Rope Splash! Rarju is down and Ghost attempts a Head Lock. Rarju suddenly reacts and counters with a elbow to the face of Ghost. Rarju picks Ghost up and tosses him out of the ring. Ghost lands lifeless on the ground and Rarju follows. Rarju grabs Ghost and smashes his head against the stairs. Suddenly Wraith comes and hits Rarju over the head with a chair when the referee is distracted by Phantom. Ghost climbs the ropes and waits for Rarju to get up as Wraith places the stretcher behind Rarju. Rarju slowly gets up and when he does that Ghost raises his hands in the sky and signalizes a Haunter. He jumps at Rarju, who is caught off guard, and stabs his hand into the throat of Rarju and he is knocked off the ground and lands on the stretcher while Ghost is choking him and strapping Rarju to the stretcher. Rarju is almost out cold when Ghost straps his legs to the stretcher and starts wheeling him out of the arena.

Announcer: "And here's your winner! GHOST!"

*Ghost, accompanied by Wraith and Phantom, leaves the area while the theme is being played*

J.T.: "What a fight by Ghost! He really wanted this win and he sure as hell got it."

Simon: "What are you talking about? Everyone here saw Ghost cheating his way to the win. Wraith giving him a hand and giving Rarju a steel chair to the head! Ghost did not deserve this win, and I'm sure Rarju will be back to punish him for what he did!"

J.T.: "Cheating? What are you talking about, you saw Rarju using the stairs against Ghost, it was only fair that Rarju got that chair in the head. And did you see that Haunter? What a Haunter it was! I swear Rarju was out cold at the end. Ghost won and he deserved it!"

*The Funeral March is fading away from the speakers and the next match is about to be announced*
Post by: pearljam(62963)
2005-02-13 19:27:11
Rarju- Ghost u cheated me i challenge u to a first blood match with your little friends banned from ringside
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