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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: VOW Tag Team Title Tournament (T^4)
Post by: gwojtak(123749)
2007-12-13 16:47:18
I am organizing a tag team tournament. The tournament rules will by and large be determined by the number of teams participating. Just sign up by replying to this thread with:

Team Name:
Team ID:
Team Members:
Total Experience:

Remember, each team must be comprised of exactly two (2) players. Depending on the number of entrants, there may be more than one division. I will be using the teams signed up as of December 21, 2007.
Post by: De Generation X(296618)
2007-12-14 13:31:29
Team Name: Honour Tank
Team ID: 44969
Team Members: In Their Honour & frank the tank
Total Experience: 757 (Both SPWA)
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-12-18 08:49:32
RAWR Im joining this just let me get my donation sorted (few days) and then i can log in :)
Post by: denver(213914)
2007-12-19 02:33:49
Tag Team Bananas in Pijamas(45107)

Wrestler Rock II(138285)
Wrestler Kobold Raider(219182)

Total Exp: 7096
Post by: camilorios26(228307)
2007-12-23 23:44:46
Team Name: Latin Attack
Team ID: 37979
Team Members: CHARISMATIC HARDY (177024) & Malcriado Beast (164543)
Total Experience: 5193
Post by: gwojtak(123749)
2007-12-28 12:46:19
I am going to extend the sign-ups until January 4. It seems there was some more interest, but this was not advertised well enough.
Post by: MuayThai13(165631)
2007-12-28 12:51:29
Team Name: ETTTFT
Team ID: 44610
Team Members: Eric the Torture & The French Taunter
Total Exp: 5320


Post by: Bill Goldberg(133021)
2007-12-29 13:52:48
Team Name: Tai and DMD
Team ID: 37016
Team Members:
Lt. Commander Worf(92676)
Dangerous Man Dan(53617)
Total Exp: 11878
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