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Thread: ..:EPW Seasons Beatings Write up:..
Post by: Stainless Danny Steel(28015)
2005-01-24 08:22:46
this was posted for CB, if you guys like the way EPW is handled go to the EPW forum and join up..

EPW Logo show in the centre of the TV screen. The following program may be unsuitable for younger viewers… there may also be instances of strobe lighting effects.

The Arena appears on the screen and blue and red pyro erupts in opposite directions around the titantron ending with a huge white explosion when they meet!

JW – Welcome wrestling fans to EPW Seasons Beatings! I’m JW Pepper here with Ricky Relentless and what a show we have lined up tonight! EPW is coming back with a bang and we are very happy for you to join us.

RR - You will see our superstars fight each other and be a live witness to rivalries ending, titles settled and special matches only found in Pay Per Views! And we guarantee it will be an absolute Slobber Knocker!

JW – You said it Ricky, we have classic EPW stars facing off, but there are a few new and very accomplished faces appearing as well.

RR – Should prove to be one hell of a night, and to all you classic EPW fans out there… Check this out!

The EPW Seasons Beatings video starts with some original EPW matches, fading in and out from a black screen. It suddenly stops with a big cross and in bold letters appears “YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET”. Now all the New EPW talent, specials, and signatures get flicked through finishing with the SSWO champ standing arms folded with a 'Seasons Beatings' T-Shirt on. With an evil smile he says “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. The screen goes black.

RR – Now on to our first match of the night

J.W. - So first off we have the EPW SPWA Title Match.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams hits the Speakers on the titantron whilst Jake Davis Entrance video hits plays

Barry Smart - On the way to the Ring, weighting in at 246lbs .....JJJJJJAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEE DDDDAAVVIS

Jake comes from behind the curtain on a his Harley Davidson, Jake drives round the ring and Pulls it up, Jake proceeds to get in the ring.

Crowd let off a Huge roar of excitment

New Era's Music hits, you can hear the Boooo's...
Era comes from behind the curtain, Flipping the crown off walking with a cocky strut down to the ring....Flips the J.W. Off on the way...

J.W. Why I hate this guy RR...

RR - But why, hes got respect, he only flipped you off..haha

Era gets nexts to Jakes bike and Spits on it, this really fires Davis up, you can see the anger in his eyes....TNE walks to the ring and gets in

The ref holds the belt high in the air showing both wrestlers and The crowd...Let the match begin.....DING DING

TNE Raises his hands up to do a Test of Strengh, Jake goes along with it, its a standard test, but as JD raises his hands TNE gives JD a Vicious kick in the ribs.. and a stiff Right hand to the head...

TNE - Yeah, this is the New Era baby!!

J.W. hes such a cocky fellow, could that be his Down fall!?

RR - Nooo, hes to smart for that

TNE starts to pick JD of the matt but JD hits a cradle suplex.
TNE kicks out and gets straight back up to kick JD to stay onto of the match...

J.W. TNE is really being to cocky here tonight..

TNE jus picks JD up by the hair and Chokeslams him hard into the matt..
JD kicks out

TNE - That was 3 ref...3...TNE backs the Ref up into the corner, threatnin him...IT WAS 3

JD nips upon his feet...

Crowd pop

JD just waits for TNE to turn around...TNE turns around with a shocked face and runs at JD
JD hits TNE with an armdrag....and another and another and then TNE gets dropped kicked out of the ring...

TNE - What the.....

TNE is confused...He refuses to get back into the ring...
Ref - 1...2...3...4...5...6

TNE slides back into the ring

TNE - OK OK im in stop being pushy!!

TNE and JD lock up, JD gets the upperhand and hits TNE with 2 clothelines, and then a big Suplex...
REF - 1...2...Kick out
Crowd - JD JD JD JD JD

JD keeps on TNE and slaps a headlock on him

J.W. TNE is being out wrestled, come on kid
RR - Ref Refm hes choking him!!

JD hits TNE with a Headlock takeover, he then hits TNE with a falling headbutt..
Ref - 1...2...Kickout

JD gets alittle annoyed, and then goes to the Top rope...Hes purched up there jus waiting for TNE to get up...TNE gets up spins around to see JD flying at him with a crossbody...TNE catches JD and hit him with a Bearhugg

TNE - Thats it hes goin out...

TNE tries to pull off a Northen Lights Suplex...JD flips of his Shoulder and JD grabs TNE round the waist and hits with a Northen Lights of his Own
Ref - 1...2...3...
Boulevard of Broken dreams comes on

RR - REF Ref he had the tights

J.W. OMG...JD won the EPW SPWA title, that match will be hard to follow...

JD opens his eyes and see's the ref holding the belt above his head...He realises he won the match, JD grabs the title and then jumps up onto the Turnbuckle....
Crowd cheers


J.W. Ok Ricky we are onto our second match of the night, and I tell you this one will be hard to compete with.

RR – But J.W. This match is a Grudge Ladder match, and to make it interesting there is a weeks pay from both wrestlers in a brief case. I predict that the Sniper is going to get his ass handed to him by Ocelot and be out of a meal for a while.

J.W. Now that’s not really fair, you cant say that, lets wait and see!!

Invisible Man by Chad Kroegar starts up and the arena goes dark, but filled with blue fluorescent light. The Sniper appears on the ramp and walks down to the ring high-fiving the crowd.
BS – On the way to the ring, weighing in at 154lbs…The SSSniperrrr.
Crowd – WAHOOOOOOOOOOO…Sniper rules…Wahooooooooooooo..
As he gets close to the ring he starts to run and slides under the bottom rope, climbing up to the top and makes the Phenominals gesture to the crowd \mXm/. Receiving applause he smiles, jumps down and does the same in the other corner receiving the same applause. The arena returns too normal as his music fades out.

Figured you out, by Nickleback hits the speakers…

RR – OH OH OH, ITS Ocelot… Here’s some real talent J.W.


RR – WHAT, do this crowd have no taste at all?? Cheer the damn legend!!

Ocelot steps out from behind the curtain, looking evil per usual, he starts walking towards the ring, ignoring the crowd, he is really staring a hole into the Sniper…Ocelot gets into the ring.

Ref – Right guys. Keep this a good clean fight

Sniper – You know I will,

Ocelot just stares at the ref with an intense stare,

RR – My god J.W. Ocelot is going to kill this Rookie!

Ref – calls for the bell………DING…DING

Sniper offers his hand out to Ocelot to shake his hand…Ocelot Slaps Sniper in his face, Sniper jus stares at him and offers his hand out again…

Ocelot – Don’t you get it I just want you kick you ass!!

Ocelot slaps the Sniper again, but The Sniper still offers his hand for a handshake, Ocelot goes to Slap him again but Sniper then Quickly ducks under Ocelots arms and Hits him with a dropkick, Sniper then gets up the top rope and dives off with a splash, really crushing Ocelot.

Sniper allows Ocelot to get back to his feet, The Sniper and Ocelot then go into a Stiff lock up, and Ocelot delivers a stiff knee to The Snipers gut… and a vicious forearm to the back, Sniper is left on the mat hard of breathing.

Ocelot - that’s it, Its all over

Ocelot then goes out of the ring to fetch the ladder, The crowd start to Chant….SNIPER…SNIPER…SNIPER
J.W. You can see Sniper getting some life back into him…

RR – Don’t be stupid, Ocelot has this match won

Ocelot brings the ladder back to the ring and places it on the ring apron and then reaches for the top rope to pull himself up, as he is reaching for the top rope, Sniper Nips up to his feet and runs at ocelot and baseball slides the Ladders hard into Ocelots guts… Ocelot is on the out side of the ring on the floor…

J.W. Get the ladder and Climb Kid…

The Sniper doesn’t know what to do…He decides to wait for Ocelot so he can make sure hes down, Ocelot makes his way onto the ring apron where Sniper puts him in a suplex position, He tries to go for the Suplex, but Ocelot Counters and hits a Ring Rope Snap, Sniper flings of the rope and lands back first on the Ladder.

Ocelot gets into the ring and takes the ladder from underneath the Sniper and places it against the corner turnbuckle.
Ocelot the Picks the Sniper up and Irish whips him into the Ladder and follows up to Shoulder blocking him into the ladders,

RR - Sniper Looks like Ocelots rag doll…HAHA

Ocelot jus laughs at the Sniper watching him fall to the floor, Ocelot then picks up the ladder and jus continually drives the ladders into his gut.

J.W. Oh come on, Give the kid a break, that’s just uncalled for, he just wants to hurt him.

Ocelot raises the ladder in the middle of the ring and starts to climb but as he gets half way up he turns to face the crowd and show off, Just doing a few poses…

the crowd BOOO.

Ocelot forgets about the Sniper and as he is shouting at the Crowd, Sniper has made his way up to the middle of the ladder on the opposite side.


Ocelot – Don’t you guys get it, he’s finished, he will never Wrestle again,

RR – OCELOT…Look behind you, The Sniper is Cheating NOOOO LOOK OCELOT LOOK

Sniper raises his hand in the \mXm/ sign

Crowd all do the same hand gesture whilst chanting for Sniper.

The Sniper taps Ocelot on the shoulder, Ocelot turns White as a ghost, he turns his head to see the cocky smile of the Sniper, Before Ocelot can Jump off, The Sniper does a Flipping Neck snap over the ladder onto Ocelot.

J.W. - Come on Sniper…

Sniper is up to his feet whilst Ocelot is face first on the matt, He places the ladders flat on Ocelots back, he then goes to the top rope and comes off with a Hugh air Swanton Bomb…Ocelot is crushed between the ladder and the canvas.

J.W. - climb the ladder, Climb…

The sniper sets the ladder up and proceeds to climb…

RR – No, this isn’t fair J.W. Come on Ocelot

The sniper can just touch the case with his finger tips…One more step. As The Sniper is about to take one more step ocelot some how manages to grab hold of The Snipers leg and pulls him off…

RR – See See, Ocelot is unbeatable!

Ocelot goes for a Punch put Sniper ducks, Ocelot spins Round….BOOM…The Sniper pulls a Twist Of Fate out of no where.
He then proceeds to climb…

J.W. - come on kid a few more steps!

RR – No…Fall!

The Sniper takes his last step and Rags the case off the Hook…

Invisible man Kicks in

J.W. - All the odds where against him but he beat them all!

RR – NOO he cheated JW

BS - and the winner… The Sniper…

Sniper jumps up onto the turnbuckle and raises the Brief case of Money in Victory

The crowd Cheer like crazy!!

JW – Congratulations to Sniper, he proved he has what it takes to be in this business and he has the bigger pocket to prove it!

RR – What are you talking about JW, that was pure fluke. Ocelot could beat Sniper an day of the week, he just tripped into that Twist of Fate, and there was a fault in the ring!


JW – Yeah, sure there is Rick, anyway onto our next match between Cone and Hick Bob, some of our new EPW talent but both very accomplished wrestlers already. This should prove very interesting to watch.

RR – Not that you would know JW but this won’t be as smooth as it could, these guys aren’t used to the EPW ring, and let me tell you fighting in a unknown ring can mess with your judgement and timing, this could become more of a brawl.

Cone’s music starts up and wasting no time Cone makes his way to the ring. Fans put their hands out but Cone shows no sign of acknowledgement and walks straight by. When he gets to the apron he calmly climbs in the ring and sits in the corner waiting for his opponent. As his music dies the fans can be heard murmuring to each other.

Hick Bob’s theme kicks in and he makes is way to the ring, before entering he removes his straw hat and gives it to a member of staff nearby. He enters the ring and stares stone faced at Cone.
JW – You can feel the intensity between these 2 Superstars, both want to start with a good impression here on VOW and I think it will show

REF – Now boys I want a fair match, so no foreign objects and lets keep it clean

Neither man says a thing since they are trying to stare each other down.

Cone decides to make the first move and kicks Hick Bob in the guts; he runs against the ropes behind him and delivers a spear taking Hick Bob to the canvas! Crowd – OOOOOHHHH!

RR – Powerful start by Cone! I know that one hurt!

Cone grabs Hick Bob by the head, but Hick Bob chops at Cones leg to bring him down. Hick Bob puts Cone in an Arm Bar immediately after but soon Cone decides to Bite Hick Bobs leg! Hick Bob roles away rubbing his leg hard! The referee confronts Cone

REF – Hey keep this match fair! No biting! I won’t hesitate to disqualify you!

Cone stares blankly and turns to focus his attention to Hick Bob. Hick bob hits Cone with a shoulder tackle of his own! Cone is left stunned on the canvas!

HB grabs Cones leg and steps over it…

JW – Wait a minute what is he going to do?

HB drops down driving Cone’s leg into the mat! Cone roars in pain but HB isn’t done yet and grabs both legs and turns Cone into a Boston Crab! Cone pushes up on his arms and fights the pain to drag himself over to the ropes. He stretches out to reach it and grabs it only just. The referee breaks the hold.

Hick Bob smiles to himself watching Cone crawl along the canvas and decides to let him up. Then HB goes for a spear but Cone catches him in a Hanging Fall away Suplex!

Cone pulls hick bob up to his feet and lifts him up into a Gorilla Press, as he lets go he runs against the ropes. Hick Bob hits the deck and springs up onto his knees. Cone runs back and hits HB with a huge Big Boot!

The Crowd – OOOOHHHHHH! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

RR – Wow! He nearly took his head off! Hick Bob could be out cold!

JW – Ouch, I got to believe Hick Bob is hurting after that one

Cone grabs Hick Bob in an Ankle Lock, he’s trying to twist his foot off! Hick Bob desperately tries to find a way out and turns over to kick Cone back to the ropes. As he comes back Cone gets rolled up in a school boy!

REF – 1…2… kick out!

Cone jumps back to his feet and throws Hick Bob into the corner and hits him with a Shoulder Tackle. Cone walks back then turns and charges with a Shoulder Block! Hick Bob is reeling.

Cone lines up for another charge, but Hick Bob steps aside and catches him in a sidewalk slam! Cone lands on the canvas but Hick Bob is too beat up to make it as powerful as normal.

Cone manages to get to his feet first and grabs Hick Bob in Suplex! He lifts him up and keeps his there! Cone begins to insult Hick Bob in a series of rhymes then drops him to the canvas!

RR – Did you see that JW *Laughs* he rapped the hell out of him!

Cone cockily puts one foot on HB for the cover!

REF – 1…2… Kick Out!

Crowd – Twooooooo! Hick! Hick! Hick! Hick!

RR – What?! How did he kick out of that!?

Cone in frustration pulls Hick Bob up taking him to the corner and DDT’s him into the 2nd rope turnbuckle! Hick Bob is barely clinging to consciousness as Cone grabs him from behind for a German Suplex. But Hick Bob elbows Cones grip free of himself and spins round to the back of Cone himself!

Hick Bob German Suplexes Cone into a pin!

REF - 1...2...3!

JW – That came out of nowhere Rick, he acted on instinct to win that match!

RR – What? I missed what happened

Hick Bob slumps to the floor unable to move while Cone looks to the referee in disgust insisting he kicked out. The crowd erupt into cheers of admiration for both wrestlers. Cone kicks the bottom rope in frustration and leaves the ring to head backstage. The Referee helps Hick Bob back to the Locker Room but before he goes the staff member puts Hicks hat back on his head

JW – We were treated there folks with some excellent wrestling, that was one heck of a performance by both wrestlers.

RR – Must admit it was better than I thought it would be JW, there was some genuine skill in that match.


J.W. – Ok RR we are now onto out 4th match of the night, this match started as a friendly Phenominals fight, but did Chester push it to far.

RR- I think he did, what ever he gets tonight will be justified!

J.W. Well lets see what happens.

Cartoons – Walla Walla bing bang kicks in and the lights all over the arena go strange multi colours…Then as the music really kicks in, Chester the Clown comes out from behind the curtain…

BS – on the way to the ring weighing in at 200lbs…CHESTER THHHHHHE CLOWN…

As Chester is on the way he asks people to smell his flower and starts squirting people with water…His clown antics get everyone.

As CtC music fades out, Gigatons is soon to follow, gigaton don’t have no fancy entrance he just walks out from behind the curtain and down to the ring…

BS – On the way to the right weighing in at 234lbs…GIGATON JoooooooooooooooooooooE.

Both men are in the ring, facing each other; Chester does the \mXm/ sign to Gigaton reminding him he is a Phenominal.

J.W. Do you think Gigaton remembers he’s a Phenominal and this is just a friendly fight?

Chester offers a handshake to GJ and GJ is all up for it, he places his hand in Chester's and then BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Chester pulls his hand up to reveal a Hand Buzzer.

GJ - Why you lil…

GJ starts to chase Chester around the ring, Chester runs around the ring Comically…Chester then pulls a Stop sign out of his huge trousers…Gigaton Stops right in front on him, looking rather baffled…Chester then pulls out a Multi-Coloured lollypop for GJ, GJ decides to take the stop sign and Lets Chester have the Lollypop, Chester turns to the crowd and Honks his head nose at the Crowd…

He turns round and GJ just whacks the Stop sign over Chester's head…

RR – OMG J.W. have you seen the brains of GJ! That was Genius!

J.W. – These guys train together RR that was totally uncalled for!

GJ picks Chester up and Slams into the mat with an Evil Powerbomb…

J.W. – OMG he was folded up like an accordion

GJ starts to Strangle Chester, The Clown is gasping for air, GJ picks Chester up by his afro, and hits him into the side of the cage with a Gut wrench Suplex…Chester the Clown starts to bleed,

RR – He's totally bust open J.W.

GJ wraps Chester's arms into the Ring Ropes and starts using the Clown, as a punching bag… Chester doesn’t have a chance!! GJ just to carry on the beat down hits Chester with a legbreaker… Chester must be in agony.

J.W. – GJ is taking to far here

RR – Chester is getting everything he deserves

J.W. – no way anyone can deserve this…

GJ takes Chester out of the ropes and just starts hitting Chester's face into the cage…

GJ – Come on people, Lets count with Joe!


J.W. - GJ looks like he's toying with Chester.

GJ Irish whips Chester across the ring with the intention of doing a back body drop, as he throws Chester, Chester flings himself off GJ and grabs the top of the cage.

J.W. – Quick Chester, Jump over the top…

GJ quickly sees Chester, and jumps up and grabs his foot, Chester is very resilient so GJ climbs up onto the Cage with him, and the two wrestlers have a straight out brawl, until GJ pokes Chester in the eye.

GJ stands up on top of the cage picking Chester up with him, He pulls his head between his legs…

GJ – Yeah that’s right, Lets make Chester ‘’HIT THE FLOOR’’… He pulls him up…

J.W. – Nooooooooo, don’t do it, Don’t do it…

GJ jumps off the cage into the ring with Chester slamming him straight on his head…

Crowd just watch in Disbelief

J.W. – OMG, is he dead??

GJ – Now its all over, GJ puts Chester into a 1 finger pin…

GJ music kicks in… BS – And the Winner by pin fall, Gigaton Joe!

GJ leaves the cage laughing at Chester as all the paramedics run down to help him…

JW - I don't know what Gigaton Joe was thinking but he better get some help or something. I don't think this is gonna settle to well with a certain team backstage.

RR - Guess the number of unicycle riders is down by 1 this month...

JW - Join us after the break viewers there is still more to come, although I don't know what can follow behind this match....


JW - Welcome back to EPW Seasons Beatings, where just a moment ago, one of our EPW stars had to be carried out of the arena in a stretcher. Here is the footage of what happened

*Video of Chester being piledrivered and then later footage of during the break starts*

RR - Not a pretty picture, but CtC is a strong guy, he should be fine... I hope... but now onto the next match of this evening between Stainless Danny Steel and HBK! This show has had almost as good as some of my classic matches here on EPW, and that s saying something!

JW - Well our hearts go out to Chester and hope he is Ok, but your right Rick, we have had some good matches here, and the next one should follow the trend, both men really want a win, and you can feel the tension in the air!

RR – This has almost been as good as some of my classic matches here on EPW, and that s saying something! Now onto the next match of this evening between Stainless Danny Steel and HBK!

JW – This should be one hell of a match Rick, both men really want a win, and you can feel the tension in the air!

Breed by Nirvana kicks up as the arena goes pitch black, when the drums start up a lone spotlight shines down on the top of the ramp where SDS steps into and makes the Phenominals hand gesture \mXm/. SDS runs down to the ring slapping the hands of fans as he goes, then slides under the bottom rope and head stand flips up then stand on the second rope with one foot with his other on the bottom and makes the gesture again \mXm/

The crowd goes wild and SDS’ music fades out

The Heart Break Kid theme kicks in and HBK walks part way down the ramp. He falls to his knees and raises his hands as fireworks race back and forth behind him. He gets back up again and poses to the crowd on his way to the ring. When he gets in he stands in the centre and makes the classic HBK stance.

The crowd goes equally crazy for HBK

The bell rings and SDS and HBK stare down each other.

JW - Neither man is going to back down, this should be an amazing fight!

SDS and HBK shake each other’s hand and get ready for the match.

The two men go into a grapple resulting in HBK being thrown back into a corner.
HBK gets back to his feet with a smile and they reinitiate the lock up.
This time SDS is sent back to the corner and quickly get s back up also with a smile.

SDS goes forward to grab HBK, but he ducks under his arm, when SDS turns round HBK hits a clothesline… SDS gets back up where HBK is waiting to make another but this time he is ducked and SDS hits one of his own!

Stainless Danny Steel quickly tries to get up the top rope already, and goes for a leg drop from the second rope. HBK was playing possum, and SDS hits the ground hard!

HBK uses this chance and hits SDS with a Shining Wizard!

JW - His head shot back from that! His brains must be rattled!

SDS holds his head in pain, HBK makes a few stomps to keep SDS down

RR - He has a glint in his eye.

HBK goes for a lionsault and hits SDS with perfect accuracy! The crowd go wild and start chanting for HBK! He goes for the cover…

REF - 1...2... kick out!

Crowd – Twoooooooo!

HBK pulls SDS up to his feet and throws him into the corner and follows behind him, but SDS uses the turnbuckle to vault over HBK! Stainless Danny Steel swings his feet forward dropkicking HBK into the turnbuckle! SDS grabs his head and slams it into the turnbuckle! 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10!

HBK spins back dazed and stumbling where SDS is waiting! He kicks him in the guts, jumps on his back and shooting stars into a neckbreaker! HBK lies motionless on the canvas!

JW - Oh my God! That was an amazing Steel Cutter!

RR – He won’t be getting up any time soon! But SDS looked like he landed odd there!

SDS is holding his leg in pain!

Crowd – Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

RR – He can’t capitalise on it!

Crowd – Stainless! Stainless! Stainless!

SDS struggles to make his way over to HBK and barely manages to reach his arm over for the cover.

REF – 1…2… Kick Out! HBK had enough time to recover!

Crowd – Twooooooooo!

SDS tries to get to his feet, but HBK makes a chop block to SDS’ knee taking him down instantly

JW – He is in a lot of pain Rick!

HBK grabs SDS’ leg and applies a Figure Four Leg Lock. SDS is writhing in pain!

RR - He can’t keep this up, that injury has cost him the match.

Stainless Danny Steel tries to reverse the pressure, nearly turning it over, but HBK uses all his strength to apply more pressure. SDS falls back down in agony and taps out! HBK wins the match and his music kicks in. HBK climbs the top rope receiving applause.

JW – HBK won a very good match, SDS gave it his all but in the end he was just unlucky

RR – That’s the way it goes in wrestling JW, great sense of awareness by HBK there!

HBK helps SDS to his feet and raises his arm, the crowd roars in appreciation. SDS makes the Phenominals sign and then HBK helps him out of the ring and then backstage.

JW – You don’t see sportsmanship like that very often these days, fantastic match SDS and HBK.


J.W. - Ok the next match on the PPV is The Catch the Rat Match...The aim of this match is to KO' your opponent and get the rat out of the cage making you the winner...

RR - C-zilla has this match in the bag.

J.W. - But you Know how much AB likes his Pets,

RR - There not pets J.W. There Rats...They carry diseases!

BS - On the way to the Ring...AAAAAAArmenian BBBBBBeast...

AB gets into the ring and takes Rattatoo out of his beard, Stroking her...

The Godzilla theme Kicks in powerfully, giving the whole crowd a fright, Czechzilla comes from behind the curtain with a Cocky Strutt.


Zilla gets into the ring... Ref - Can I have Rattatoo please AB

AB - Beast no give Rattatoo...Rattatoo scared

Ref - Please Beast I will take care of him...Puts his hands out to take rattatoo

AB - OK...Be careful!

AB - Czech you no touch rat! you ... you ... nasty person, you

CZ - Beast I'm gonna give you to the count of 3...to get the hell outta here...if i turn around and your bearded ass is still here, I'm gonna whup you like a dog...1....2.....3....DAMN fool you still here? I hope you got accomodations on Neptune cause your ass is getting thrown there!!!

CZ runs straight into to attack AB, but AB quickly kicks CZ in the gut, Spins round and Hits him straight down with a Huge clothesline...CZ quickly gets up and runs to AB to get an arm drag for his trouble, He bounces straight up and takes another armdrag.

CZ gets up again and goes for a Dropkick, but the Beast sees it and jus pushes him straight off, AB straight jumps on the Floor and starts biting away at CZ's head...Noring away at CZ....

AB grabs CZ by the Throat and picks him straight up in the Air.


J.W. - Have you seen the Strengh of AB

RR - CZ is just toying with him and you know it!

And then slams CZ to the matt with his Slam...

AB jumps up onto the turnbuckle to try and get rattatoo out of the Cage but CZ isnt far behind and jumps straight to the top turnbuckle and pushes AB off the turnbuckle and follows straight up with a Flying Shoulder breaker...

J.W. - Beast looks in agony

RR - See, CZ was just toying with him!

CZ just stomps away at AB's Shoulder,

J.W. - Hes still workin on that shoulder...

CZ watchs AB raise to his feet and then just clothelines him down, he does the same again, but then Just shoulder Blocks him down.

RR - CZ is so clever, he knows exactly where hes gotta work on!

CZ gets on the Turnbuckle and is just undoing the latch on Rattatoos Cage...Opens it and...

AB - RRRRRRAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAATTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AB gets up and throws himself at CZ and knocks him off the turnbuckle...

Rattatoo jumps out of the cage and runs away

J.W. - Oh no, Rattatoo is running away...

AB gets up and scurrys after Her

CZ - Why you son of a Bitch...CZ gets up to his feet and chases after them both

RR - Ahhh where have they gone...GO CZ

J.W. Ok folks, there seems to be no winner, Lets go onto the Next match!


The camera goes to the back area to see SDS, Sniper givin a talk to GJ...

SDS - Gigaton that was totally

Rattatoo Runs past all the wrestlers

Sniper - What the FU

AB quickly scurrys past the 3 wrestlers...All three wrestlers look so confused

The Phenominals - Now what the hell was that all about! They all look down the corridor to see if anything else is coming...All clear

SDS - Like I was saying, What the Hell was all

Then all of a sudden CZ goes flying past the 3 wrestlers...

SDS you know what, I give up...SDS walks off.


JW - Ok our next match is for the SPWA Number 1 contendership! The winner of this match will be whoever gets the contract from the hook above the ring. The winner will go on to the next Pay Per View to compete for the title.

RR – This should promise to be an interesting match with these superstars so even, but they differ in style. Anything could happen!

“Now can you dig that... Sucka!” Booker T’s theme kicks on and Booker T makes his way down the ramp. He then stops part way down and does his trademark 5 time champion action, which is followed by Pyro exploding upwards behind him. He makes his way into the ring and waits for his opponent.

Paul London’s music starts up and Paul London himself heads towards the ring. As he goes down he high fives members of the crowd then slides under the bottom rope and receives more applause from the crowd when he climbs the rope

JW – You have got to believe this match favours Paul London in this match; ladders are part of his domain.

RR – Well bigger guys are not good with heights, but even still Paul London is going to get his butt whooped, no question about it. It’s hard to climb a ladder when you bones are turned to mush, He he

JW – Let’s see what happens before you make up your mind.

Paul London offers Booker a handshake, but Booker T simply kicks London in the stomach. He follows up with a club in the back, and then punches London back to the ropes. Booker T pushes London into the ropes and delivers a devastating chop.

Crowd – Woooooooo!

Booker goes for a punch but it is blocked by London, who gives one of his own... and another and another. London forces Booker T back to the other side of the ring. London runs to the ropes and hits Booker with a Springboard Dropkick. Booker is sent to the outside of the ring.

Paul London follows him outside and smashes Booker T’s head into the steel steps! Booker drops to the ground like a stone!

Paul London climbs back into the ring and begins to set up the ladder

Crowd – London! London! London!

JW – This may be a quick win for Paul London RR

RR – Nah, Booker is like a sand spider waiting to strike, he will wait for the opportune moment.

London starts climbing but booker quietly gets in the ring behind him. Booker climbs the ladder behind him and punches London from behind. He clubs him again and again, and finally grabs London’s head and rams it into the ladder to finally make him let go.

RR – What did I say JW, Booker knows what he is doing

The ladder is placed in the corner by Booker, who then picks up Paul London. Booker kicks London in the guts and goes for an Axe Kick! London pulls up at the last second and goes for a superkick, but Booker dodges to the side and hits him with a huge clothesline!

Booker T smiles to himself and pulls London up again, and whips him into the Ladder! London slams against it and Booker charges into him and hits a brutal shoulder tackle!

Booker lifts Paul London up against the Ladder and hits a punishing elbow on the youngster! Booker T holds London by his hair and makes him look up so he can start taunting him.

RR – He’s gaming with the boy JW, face it London has no hope of winning.

London spits in Bookers face, Booker slams Paul with a hard right hand, and decides he has had enough fun and games, he goes outside to get a chair. As he returns London is holding onto the top rope for support looking dazed. Booker T charges at London and swings as hard as he can... but London ducks and the chair springs off the ropes and hits Booker T!

JW – Cheating gets you nowhere in this business Rick

RR – What! No! What the heck are you doing Booker! C’mon!

Paul London puts the chair on Booker T’s torso and runs up the ladder on the turnbuckle making an incredible Corkscrew Moonsault! Booker is knocked unconscious!

JW – London has it won! If he can just set up the ladder he has done it!

Paul London struggles to his feet and raises the ladder! He grabs the contract! London asks for a pen from ringside and signs on the dotted line! London has the number 1 contendership!

JW – Bookers ego let him down there, if he had fought properly, he would have a title right now

RR – Boy did I back the wrong horse...


JW – This next match is to prove EPW Legends have still got what it takes. We have 2 vintage EPW stars battling it out in a friendly competition.

RR – I been looking forward to this match al night JW, I used to spar with these guys, we would always debate over who was the best... of course yours truly won, so these guys are fighting for second best... which ain’t nothing to sneeze at!

Whatever – Our Lady Peace starts up through the speakers and ChrisBenoit heads out to the ring. He just focuses on ring and makes his way to the ring. He climbs into the ring and turns to wait for his opponent. The crowd show their support for the intense superstar

Fight for Freedom by Manowar starts up and Thorondor makes his way down to the ring and gives the occasional high five to odd fans. He gets in the ring and stands on the ropes receiving applause from the crowd.

The bell rings and Chris Benoit runs at Thor with quick clothesline, but gets ducked and Thor goes for a cross body on the rebound. CB catches him and lands a Front Powerslam. Thor rolls to the side and rubs his back.

JW – This one started fast! Neither man is hesitant

RR – These guys know each other very well, and they both know their best chance is to try something out of the ordinary, this should prove an interesting fight

Thor gets back to his feet and gets ready for another go. Benoit Drop Kicks Thor in the chest, Thor is quickly up and gets another one, Thor gets up again, but this time pushes Benoit’s legs to the side and hitting Benoit with a leg drop to the back of the head! Benoit holds his head in pain, but is pulled to his feet.

Thor snaps ChrisBenoit into the far corner! Benoit bounces back and is pulled up for a Pile Driver and driven down to the mat! CB is motionless on the canvas... and Thor hits a nasty corkscrew moonsault from the turnbuckle!

Thor thinks he has this in the bag and starts show boating to the crowd then only using one foot goes for a pin!

REF – 1...2... Kick Out! And Benoit pulls his foot down and applies an Ankle Lock! Thor is trapped in the centre of the ring!

JW – He has to tap out, there is no where to go!

RR – Not if he can somehow force his way to the ropes without his ankle popping out of its socket!

Thor is writhing in agony he can’t keep this up!

ChrisBenoit – TAP!... TAP!...

½ Crowd – Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

½ Crowd – Thor! Thor! Thor! Thor!

Thor inches closer and closer to the ropes and finally manages to reach the ropes!

RR – This isn’t good, the damage has been done.

Thorondor pulls himself to his feet and hobbling turns around. Benoit was waiting and grabs Thor into a devastating D9!

ChrisBenoit cover the motionless Thorondor!

REF - 1...2...3...

JW - Benoit wins the match! He did it in style with full fair play. Classic EPW there folks!

RR – Thor made a couple of mistakes there, and CB was able to capitalise. Got to say that was an excellent match JW and a great way to bring us into the next match.

J.W. - Ok RR we are onto the Firebrand VS Oricale match...
RR – you have to feel for FB...his is underdog in this match
J.W. – That’s true but after seeing this PPV anything can happen.

Fire starter By Prodigy hits the speakers, BOOM... A huge ball of fire fills the top off the ramp, Firebrand blasts from underneath the arena...

BS – On the way to the ring...FireeeeBranddd

RR – Whoa did you see that J.W. he’s really fired up..

FB makes his way to the ring, looking a little nervous but confident nun the less...

Oricale’s eerie theme slowly starts up, the arena floors starts filling with mist, it really kicks in and Oricale comes from behind the curtain...he get half way down the ramp and then bows his head...

J.W. – This guy is so Creepy, you can see how freaked out firebrand is...
RR – He gives me the heeby jeebies

Oricale just starts with his head bowed... “SQUEEK”...Oricale looks down at his feet to see Rattatoo...

Oricale - What the Fu...

Before Oricale finishes his statement, we hear... “RATTATOO...COME BACK...DADDA WANTS YOU” Rattatoo is still at Oricales feet, AB sees Rattatoo about to Run away so AB dives for Rattatoo but crashes into Oricales leg really hard...


AB – Beasts Head Hurts

AB just see CZ after Rattatoo so he continues to chaise Rattatoo and CZ...

Firebrand still stood in the ring doesn’t know what to do...

J.W. – Oh look, FB is going to help Oricale,
RR – yeah because hes a Wimp...

Firebrand gets to Oricale helps him up and gives him a Hard kick to the Knee.

Oricale – AHH...

RR – Yeah go FB, Win the match
J.W. – How much of a coward is FB, Oricale is injured!

FB carries Oricale to the ring and just places the Injured Wrestler in the middle...

FB – Ring the damn bell Ref!!

FB slaps a Figure four onto Oricale; Oricale is screaming in pain and taps out...

Ref – Come on FB, let go of him...

FB – Nooo, hes going to pay for freaking me out...

Ref – Get off him, Ref calls for the bell...DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING

All the refs run to the ring to try and restrain FB, they eventually get him off and FB leave to his theme...

FB – Yeah that’s the way to do it, FB raises his arms in victory


FB – Yeah...You guys all do suck...

RR- ha-ha I was all wrong about this one, I like him
J.W. - are you kidding Ricky, he doesn’t deserve to be here!

The Paramedics rush down to the ring, to help Oricale, They Get him out of the ring onto the stretcher...As they start pushing him up the ramp...

Oricale – STOP...STOP! I want to walk out of here on my own two feet...

Crowd Cheer

Oricale – Yeah, I’m a man, I can take it

J.W. – Why this guy deserves a standing ovation, and he is a true fighter!

Oricale gets off the stretcher, and takes one step before hearing... “Rattatoo...Dadda here come back...”

Oricale - OH Shit!

Oricale Jumps back onto the Stretcher...


The camera turns to see Armenian Beast and Czechzilla in the ring with Rattatoo Squeeking away in the middle of the ring...

J.W. - Whose going to get to Rattatoo first...

Both men dive for Rattatoo but end up smashing into one and other in mid air..

Both wrestlers - OWWWWWWW

Both wrestlers lay dazed on the matt... Until Rattatoo comes up by both of them...Squeek...Rattatoo quickly scurrys into AB's Beard

AB - YAY...Rattatoo home

AB stands up on the turnbuckle and raises his arms
CZ stares at AB looking very pi$$ed off

J.W. - See RR, AB loves his Pets

CZ lets AB get off the turnbuckle before running at him and aiming directly for his shoulder, AB is left screaming on the matt.

CZ raises his arms


CZ then sees Rattatoo, CZ thinks to himself, Yeah hes mine, CZ picks Rattatoo up and Legs it!

RR - haha...Obviously CZ wanted Rattatoo more, HAHA
J.W. - Thats just uncalled for, Rattatoo is going to miss AB and Vice Versa!


J.W. - Folks we apologies for what we have just seen, but we must continue with the show, Hopefully this match might get us back into the mood for wrestling...

RR - Next we have a straight out wrestling match, Between Tajiri_._Trantula and Doom Merchant..

J.W. - This is going to be one hell of a Wrestling match.

Tajiri Music kicks in the ramp way starts falling with white fireworks, until Tajiri Runs from Behind the curtain and stops ontop of the Stage

TT - Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Crowd - YAY

BS - On the way to the ring,...Tajiri Trantula

TT gets into the ring and the Doom Merchants Monolithic Theme kicks in and Doom Merchant comes from behind the Curtain and just walks straight to the ring...

BS - On the way to the ring....Dooooom Merchanttt

TT and DM walk up Chest to Chest...

J.W. - These two are in each others face, This is going to be great!

Both men go into a Lock up, One trys pushing the other into the corner, but it doesnt happen, then other tries to push the opponent into the other corner, also doesnt happen...

J.W. - These guys are soo evenually matched RR

TT and DM go back into a Lock-up, TT hooks his left arm round DMs head and powers him up into Stall Suplex...

RR- Such perfect Form.

TT slams him down and waits for DM get up. TT goes for a clothesline but DM ducks and grabs him around the waist and hits him with a german suplex
Ref - 1...2...Kickout

J.W. -
Post by: Stainless Danny Steel(28015)
2005-01-25 07:35:12

JW – Well we are now at the main event, and you don’t see matches more important than the EPW Championship Belt!

RR – This is the kind of match you want to see, great talent in large quantities!

Matt Hardy V1’s video starts up with the typing sound of keys... OOOHHHHH YEEEEAAAHHHHH! Monster Magnet – Live for the moment blasts out the speakers and Matt Hardy V1 walks down the ring making the V1 hand gesture and smiling cockily to the crowd. He gets in the ring and stands on the bottom and second rope and making the V1 sign again.

Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix hits the sound system and Superfly Jimmy Snuka starts stylin and profilin onto the ramp followed by a couple of gorgeous EPW divas wearing his trademark purple fluffy pimp hat, leopard skin jacket, and his black shades. The crowd go nuts as he makes his way down the ring and even more when the divas follow him into the ring!
RR – Wahoo! C’mon girls! You can watch the match here with me... move over JW!

Dragula by Rob Zombie starts on the speakers as the room goes dark and fog rises from the ground. In perfect sync the SSWO champ appears on the ramp. He walks slowly straight to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and when he climbs in he goes to confront SJS face to face!
JW – These 2 had a major battle for the SSWO title, they may start right now RR
REF – Break it up lads, break it up!

Sweet Home Alabama starts up and the speakers and Bubba Gump appears in a chef’s hat and Kiss the Cook apron. He goes down the runway with a trolley of freshly prepared BBQ food; cool enough to handle but still warm. He begins to toss various delicacies into the crowd, who go crazy with excitement! He even offers the 2 divas a special salad to share. When the food is completely gone Bubba gets in the ring and climbs the ropes receiving praise from the fans

REF Holds up the EPW title above his head and then passes it to the ring announcer. DING! DING!

All four men stare each other down from opposite corners... then all 3 turn to the SSWO champ TJ Zelk. TJ stares back knowing he’s in trouble. TJ is suddenly pounced upon by all 3 wrestlers and pummelled! All 3 put their weight on him for a pin! TJ Zelk can’t move!

REF – 1...2...3! TJ Zelk is eliminated! TJ Zelk gets up furious but gets dragged backstage by a bunch of officials!

JW – OMG! Did you see that Rick! That’s a little unsporting!

RR – Simple case of priority, TJ Zelk won the SSWO title against unlikely odds in a similar match, if he isn’t here then it can’t happen again.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka quickly turns on Bubba Gump and grabs him by the throat and slams him down in a chokeslam!

Matt Hardy Version 1 takes advantage of this and grabs SJS in a German Suplex, SJS counters and grabs Matt from behind. He tries to lift Matt up, but Matt hooks his foot and blocks it, then snapmares SJS over his shoulder. On the way SJS hits Matt’s knee by accident!

JW – Wow! He couldn’t have intended that, but it was effective none the less!

RR – That is a common mistake in wrestling JW, position it wrong and you really do a number on your opponent. Matt is by far the better wrestler here JW, I can see him going all the way!

Bubba Gump struggles to his feet and tries to grab Matt Hardy, but Matt dodges, grabs Bubba by the head and leaps over the rope snapping Bubba’s neck back off it!

Matt slides back in and puts Bubba in a Chin Lock. Bubba roars in pain and tries to find a way out. He grabs Matt by the wrists and forces his hands free, and leans forward to catch his breath. Meanwhile SJS crawls into the corner.

Matt climbs up top facing outwards and looks over waiting for Bubba Gump to around. When Bubba stumbles into position Matt goes for a Corkscrew… but Bubba catches him, and then drives him down into a back breaker!

RR – Holy Crap! That had to hurt!

Superfly Jimmy Snuka has gotten back to his feet, but is using the turnbuckle for support. Bubba walks over to him and chops him hard!

Crowd – Wooooooooo!

He pulls SJS back up and chops him again!

Crowd – Wooooooooo!

Bubba grabs SJS’ arm and whips him hard into the opposite turnbuckle! SJS bounces off and collapses to the floor in pain.

Bubba G climbs up the top rope and hits a splash on the back of SJS! SJS folds up the wrong way!

RR – That was no doubt the most painful thing I have ever seen! When you get a 300lb guy land on you for 12 feet up you ain’t going to enjoy it!

JW not only is Bubba Gump strong, but he’s quick!

Matt Hardy starts to stir and Bubba Gump fixes his gaze on him. He gets behind MHv1 and waits for him to get up, while working the crowd.

Crowd - Bubba Gump! Bubba Gump!

When Matt gets to his feet Bubba quickly locks in a Cobra Clutch! Matt’s arm fails like crazy searching for the nearby rope… then starts to go limp as he begins losing consciousness… the referee begins to check for signs of movement.

REF – raises arm…1, SJS pulls himself onto his knees…2…SJS figures he should try to get Bubba Gump wore down before he goes one on one with him and hits Bubba from behind! Bubba releases the grip on Matt Hardy and turns around frustrated.

Matt snaps awake and rolls Bubba Gump into a pin!

REF – 1…2…Kick Out!

Both spring to their feet but Bubba Gump kicks Matt in the guts lifting him into a piledriver and hits him with a devastating TEXAS CHILI! Matt is left twitching on the mat!

Bubba refocuses on the worn out SJS and smiles mockingly. SJS in rage charges at Bubba Gump, but Bubba throws him head first to the outside! SJS however lands on his back as in not badly hurt.

Bubba goes to pin Matt, but SJS reaches and pulls Bubba outside! He kicks Bubba in the guts, and rams him head first into the steel steps! Bubba drops to the floor after the collision and stays very still!

JW – You could hear that sickening thud from anywhere in this entire city!

RR – Matt is being smart here JW, letting them kick the crap out of each other for a bit while he recovers. Genius from Matt Hardy!

JW – He hasn’t moved from that spot for a good minute now Rick…

RR – He’s lying low, making sure that he isn’t noticed.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka pulls Bubba up to his feet, then gut wrench suplexes him onto the concrete! Bubba rolls around in pain! SJS tries to apply an arm bar on Bubba, but Bubba resists by linking his hands, and holding his arms together. SJS pulls pulling and drops his leg over Bubbas head until he lets go. Bubba roars as pressure is applied to his arm.

Eventually he sits up and using his one arm lifts SJS up of the floor and manages to do a one armed spinebuster making SJS let go! He falls back afterwards to catch his breath. Bubba and SJS get up at the same time and start a punching match, but during this time Matt Hardy has climbed up the top rope! He Moonsaults off into both of them!

Matt Hardy pulls up SJS and rolls him into the ring where he goes for a cover.

REF – 1…2…Kick Out!

Matt Hardy gets irritated and puts SJS into a crossface! SJS has trouble breathing from the combined pressure!

RR – This is a classic wrestling move JW, the crossface itself puts pain across your arms, shoulders and neck, but the added effect of their weight on you crushes your rib cage, and makes it very hard to draw in air… Not that you have ever experienced that.

Bubba Gump recovers and climbs back into the ring behind Matt. He grabs him in a dragon sleeper and lifts him up in a front suplex but with Matt facing the opposite way… and drives him onto the mat! Hardy’s head hits the deck and he holds his head in agony!

Bubba pulls Matt up and spins into a hard clothesline! Matt back-flips from the impact and lands face down and motionless on the mat. Bubba runs against the rope and drops his leg right across the face of SJS! SJS springs off the canvas and lands again! Bubba makes a cover

REF – 1…2…Kick Out!

Crowd – SJS! SJS! SJS!

JW – Where did SJS get the energy to kick out of that leg drop!

RR – Sometimes its just instinct JW.

JW - Bubba is getting frustrated now, he just can’t seem to eliminate anyone!

Bubba looks in disbelief at the ref thinking it was a slow count. While doing so SJS rolls him up into a pin!

REF – 1…2…Kick Out!

Matt Hardy is lying in wait for Bubba on the top rope and as he gets up executes a Flying Head Scissor Takedown, but holds on with his legs and pulls Bubba down into a Head Scissors submission!

Although the crowd hate Matt’s guts they can’t help but be amazed at the move!

RR – WTF! I have been in this business a long time and I have never seen anything like that! My money is Matt Hardy all the way!

Just then TJ Zelk is seen running down to the ring, he slides in and stamps on Matt’s guts, then pulling him up into a powerbomb position! Zelk lets him drop into a pile driver! Driven Into Existance!

Immediately after he picks up Bubba Gump and whips him into the corner and starts to pound on him again and again!

JW – Zelk his livid! He wants to inflict as much pain as possible on these wrestlers!

TJ turns around and sees SJS getting to his feet. He whips him with all his might into Bubba Gump, crushing him in the corner. Bubba Gump slumps to the ground. He then grabs SJS and throws him outside following with slamming his head into the steel post, busting him open!

With that he grabs his title he left behind earlier and makes his way backstage.

RR – I understand Zelks frustration, I would have considered that myself!

JW – What do you mean Rick!? He just wrecked this match!

All of the superstars are left battered and bruised, but eventually Bubba Gump pulls himself up to one knee and catches his breathe. Matt Hardy starts to stir, but before he can gain his composure Bubba Gump grabs hold of his and lifts him up into a Crucifix Powerbomb!

RR – No! Matt practically had this match in the bag!

Bubba Gump executes one of his best ever CHICKEN AND WAFFLES leaving Matt unconscious!
REF – 1…2…3! Matt Hardy Version 1 is eliminated! Paramedics doubt that there is any thing serious but are needed to carry Matt’s limp body backstage.

Meanwhile SJS has recovered and slipped into the ring! He stares at Bubba then offers a handshake! Bubba accepts!

The Crowd applaud the 2 survivors

They both ready themselves and Superfly Jimmy Snuka delivers a quick head butt then explodes with a Spear to Bubba Gump! SJS puts Bubba Gump into a quick pin!

REF - 1...2...Kicks Out!

As Bubba sits up SJS jumps over him and makes a neck snap! Bubba reels back onto the floor clutching his head and neck! SJS takes this opportunity to put Bubba into an Ankle Lock! Bubba sprawls around in pain and finds himself pulling with all his might towards the ropes! The ref makes SJS break the hold.

Bubba Gump pulls himself to his feet, while the ref talks to SJS. SJS then charges at Bubba and grabs him in a tornado DDT, but Bubba Gump catches it and Northern Lights SJS!

RR – WOW! What a reversal!

REF – 1…2…Kick Out!

SJS spins back up and tries to make a clothesline, but Bubba ducks and executes an Atomic Drop! SJS holds his butt from the impact; Bubba reacts quickly and pulls SJS up into a Pumphandle Slam! SJS hits the ground hard and holds his lower back, you can see the pain on his face!

Bubba Gump puts SJS in to a Full Nelson/Camel Clutch like manoeuvre!

RR – That is a little different, don’t see that often!

JW – Will we have a new champion?!

SJS refuses to tap out! The referee raises his arm!

REF – 1…2…3! Knock Out!

Sweet Home Alabama kicks up and Bubba Gump can barely believe he won!

Crowd – Bubba Gump! Bubba Gump! Bubba Gump! Bubba Gump! Bubba Gump!

JW – He did it Rick! He is the new EPW champion! And he went through hell to do it!

RR – I still say Matt should have won it…

JW – Ok, I’ll congratulate him for you… Congratulations Bubba Gump!

Bubba raises the belt above his head while standing on the ropes and the fans go crazy!.

Just then the music cuts and a voice can be heard through the speakers…

Chaotic Theory – Well done Gump, new champion of EPW. Just make sure you heal up after this match, next week its you and me in a non-title match! Happy New Year Bubba G.

With that he goes back stage. Sweet Home Alabama kicks back in and with a smile Gump returns to his celebration.

The EPW copyright appears at the bottom of the screen, then the screen turns black, with EPW flitting past then coming back and settling in the middle of the screen. Next on Sky…
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