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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Gods And Heretics Wrestling
Post by: GHWAlexStall(276882)
2007-11-14 02:12:55
That's Right Folks! GHW Itself Wants You!

GHW Has been around now for over a year, running both a Virtual Online Wrestling and Role Playing side for everyone's overall enjoyment.

We have a great staff including Trickshot, Hawkeye, Zantazm, Matthew Oliveira, KingBear and Hyper Elf/Tommy Musashi to help this fed not only stay alive, but in my opinion be the best around.

With 3 VOW Shows a week and 2 RP Shows we make sure there is always a great level of action leading up to our Monthly Pay-Per-Views.

We also run a Power 20 on the VOW Side with a Power 10 on the RP Side, step your game up the best you can to take home the Number 1 Spot, then turn around and keep it going for bragging rights beyond compare!

We also supply a vast level of Divisions including 5 Singles Divisions and 3 Tag Team Divisions On VOW. Each Division holds it's own Title to fight for and respect to be won.

This isn't all of what GHW has to offer, we also offer a friendly surrounding, come out to the Ring and start a feud, play through a storyline with someone, Attack someone in the backstage area, it's up to you.

We rely on both the VOW Simulator for our matches but also encourage you to write out what your character does from segments in the ring, interviews in the back or even spending time in the bar after a hard fought match.

This Truly Is An Experience Worth Living!

Post by: Xtreme(375771)
2008-08-02 06:06:49
I dont get how it says It must use vow to fight matches, can you explain it to me.
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