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Thread: The Hawkmoon Report (An intro to the XWC)
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-23 13:04:27
This is Hawkmoon signing in to let all interested know of the newest fed known as the XWC (Created by the High Flying Dwarf). On a weekly basis Hawkmoon is going to be providing the scoop and low down on key happenings in XWC.

First, a little description for any unfamilar with the Fed. The XWC has been created as a match/roleplay type Fed. Roleplay is optional, but many of us try our best at it. Second and I want to make this clear to all, we are a compliment to the other Feds in VOW. This means we're here to co-exist with the other good feds as either an alterantive or an additional option for VOW wrestlers (Actually several of us are part of other feds). so please no unneccessary spamming on our thread as has been done to others in the past. SO far XWC is filled mainly with LAWS and SPWA but we welcome all levels.

On to better things. Our current roster has grown quickly to over 15 in the past few days. Some of the signings include Hawkmoon, Raju, Danny Blade, Shakey, Jake Davis, 1 Rey 6 Mysterio 9, Buzzcut, Ritter, and the list continues.

If we had to describe the first show, I would have to say electrifying and also downright a night of upsets. Both Hawkmoon and Jake Davis were upset in thrilling matches. I pity those fools in those rematches though (Just kidding Rey and Inferno).

Several heated rivalries have also just begun. Brief Highlights are as follows:

The Death Hawks (HFD and Hawkmoon) vs Morey 619 (Rey Mysterio and Morey). HFD was sneak attacked by Morey. Hawkmoon rescues HFD and the team of the Death hawks were born. Rey scores upset win over Hawkmoon in vacant Xtreme title match. Next night Death hawks win vacant XWC tag titles over Morey 619. Upcoming matches scheduled at Bad Blood will continue the feud.

Jake Davis vs the Inferno. Initial upset victory by Inferno over Jake Davis in a Ladder Match. Jake vs Inferno will happen again next week at Bad Blood. This time in a single where Jake Davis is often dominating.

Finnally, as more wrestlers join XWC and the new signings get prepared to battle; additional rivalry's will be born. The Upcoming PPV next week also will feature an interesting twist. An all Fed battle royal will highlight the show. All wrestlers who are under contract with XWC will be allowed to participate.

Finally for any wrestlers interested, here is the link to XWC.


Until next week. I am outta here.


P.S.: To the XWC. guys if I accidently missed anything or anyone please feel free to add to this thread. Also if you dont like my style feel free to have someone else write these reports up. Hawk
Post by: clan_man56(66776)
2005-01-23 14:57:41
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-23 20:46:59
Great looks like I left out a very important piece. XWC has two super shows each week. Show Stopping Saturday and Super Sunday.
Post by: the_mopp(68781)
2005-01-23 23:15:42
also each show has a diffrent roster remeber.
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-25 10:19:27
Great Job with the report!
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