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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: XWC Show review
Post by: the_mopp(68781)
2005-01-23 07:56:59
Hello and Welcome to the first edition of the Highlight reel!

In this edition we will go over of today's events.

First off, Rey beating Hawkmoon for the XtremeChampionship.

In what turned out to be a brilliant match with both sides being pushed back and then flying forward and pushing each other to their physical limits, eventually ended with Rey pulling out 2 619's to close this amazing match.

Next we have the shock match of the show between Jake Davis and The Inferno.

The match started off with Jake Davis having the edge. then Jake went after the case but was denide by inferno. after this the fatigue set in on Jake and Inferno slowly started taking dominence in the match, untill he raised trhe ladder and won.

Finally the non-televised match of HFD and Tough Cookie. This match was well worthy of being televised with both competeters giving 110% in the ring until HighflyingDwarf Hit the highFlyer and won By KO.

The only other match ended in a no-show by Essal against me (Morey).

So thats it for today ill update tomorrow with more results and thoughts please leave your veiws and stuff.Thank you and Goodnight!

For more info on XWC talk to HighFlyingDwarf
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