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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: A begining, to a new end
Post by: Raven(297204)
2007-06-13 13:53:56
Crowd is awaiting the next performance in the ring, when the titantron plays a video.

A man is sitting in a hallway, bloody and battered, as if he just lived through a murder. as the camera progresses toward him, a smile is noticable on his face. A wicked smile, an evil smile.

The crowd now notices the object in his hand, it is a knife, a knife with blood covering every inch of it. The smile grows bigger, as he begins to laugh.

The laugh grows eviler, wickeder, and louder.

He stands up his hand makes a motion unseeable by the camera, below the footage, a loud yell, and the camera fall, the footage then sees, a knife fall to the ground, with an obnoxiously loud laugh followed after

Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-06-13 19:44:36
*No Mercy comes running in with a Sombrero and does the Mexican Hat Dance.*
Post by: Raven(297204)
2007-06-13 23:23:45
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