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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: The Return
Post by: Tee eeN Eee(295379)
2007-06-06 11:53:13
A 7ft 2, 450 Pounds Giant stands in the middle of the ring with his manager. The crowd boo as the manager looks around at them in disgust

Ma - You People, you people are not worthy... you people do not deserve to be in the presence of me, and you people...you people do not deserve to be in the presence of THE greatest ever wrestler to ever fight in VOW

The crowd boo even louder, and one fan sitting in the front rows climbs onto the barricade in front of the two men in the ring and starts to swear at them, the security guards grab him back

Ma - Leave him, guards, let him go...this guy, he obviously has alot to say for himself so let him come into the ring, and say it to our face

The guy is pushed back my security guards and sits down. He sticks his finger up at the manager as he is speaking

Ma - You know what, I am sick of this rubbish, I am sick of it...tonight, I teach all of you vow fans and wrestlers a lesson.

The manager signals for the giant to go and get the fan. who climbs over the top rope, grabs the man by the back of his neck with one hand and throws him over the barricade. The man falls on his back and two security guys try to help him but one look from the giant guy stops them

An1 - What is this about? He's just a fan darn it, leave him alone

An2 - Hes gone to far this time...

The giant picks the guy up and rolls him into the ring, then gets into the ring himself

Ma - Get him up, lets see what this guy has to say for himself now...hey big shot, what do you say now

The man is grabbed to his feet by the giant, obviously still shaken he looks the manager in the eye

Fan - ...you...SUCK!

As soon as he says this the manager slaps him in his face. the fan looks up and goes to attack the manager but he is quickly grabbed by the giant from behind and spun around. the giant wraps both hands around his neck and head butts him. He then lifts him into the air. Suddenly from behind a 6ft 1 320 Pounds built masked man low blows the giant from nowhere, making him release the fan and fall to the ground. The masked man then clothesline the manager, who falls and rolls out of the ring. The masked man then pulls of his mask and stands stalking the downed giant

An1 - Its...thats...The New Era. Where on Earth did he come from? Where on Earth has he been? Why on Earth is he here?

An2 - I thought he was long gone, we haven't heard from in over a year.

The giant slowly get up and as soon as he gets up his is kicked in the stomach by TNE, who grabs the giant in a front face lock and lifts him into the air, he holds him there for a second before he can no longer take the weight and drops him near the ropes

An2 - TNE Plex! He just leveled him

The manager quickly grabs the giant and pulls him out of the ring as TNE gets up. He walks towards the rope as the two retreat. EMT's rush to the ring for the fan, and pull him out of the ring leaving TNE standing alone in the ring, the crowd chanting Tee eeN Eee

TBC by anyone who has something good to add...or by me later
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