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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Face to Face with Reality
Post by: horne 86(108503)
2007-02-14 12:06:59
Commentator: wow, from what I've heard Acceleration has 2 new members, Will Rumble and James Bodybags Vexle! They've left Bodybags Burial Inc. to join but earlier today from what I've heard a fight almost broke out between the two of them and rumour has it that they have not left the building. With their short fuses what will come of Acceleration?

Commentator2: yeah, on the one hand you've got 2 of the biggest stars in VOW as a part of the stable but on the other hand you've got 2 of the biggest hot heads as a part of the stable as well, they could very well make or brake Acceleration!

*crowd comes to life as Dead Bodies Everywhere plays to signify the entrance of James Bodybags Vexle*

Commentator: well, speak of the devil, here comes James Bodybags Vexle!

*there's a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd, mainly boos, as JBV glances over the fans and storms down the ramp with a satisfied but sinister smirk on his face*

Commentator: after what he did today I don't know what he's smiling about, from what I heard Will Rumble is still backstage pacing thru the parking lot.

*JBV takes one of the fans signs and rips it up in front of him as the fans boo; JBV finally makes his entrance into the ring, from the steps, thru the 2nd ropes*

Commentator2: shh, JBV is about to speak.

*an announcer enters the ring to give JBV a microphone and JBV snatches it from him*

James Bodybags Vexle: *glares at the crowd in attendance* You know what?! It's time for me to make a statement! There's something irritating me right now and I'm going to get it off of my chest! Will Rumble! Bring your carcass down here!

Commentator: I don't know if calling Will out right now is such a good idea.

*fans boo James Bodybags Vexle as they await Will Rumble's entrance and they continue to boo as no one comes*

Commentator2: wow! JBV is calling Will out and Will still hasn't come, he must still be hurting from that clothesline!

James Bodybags Vexle: Will! are you going to continue to roam backstage like the coward you are or are you going to come into the ring and face me like a man?!

*crowd chants "Will Rumble"*

James Bodybags Vexle: So it's true? Will Rumble is a co-*My block (remix) interrupts JBV's statements*

Commentator: oh boy!!! sounds like Will Rumble is up to the challenge!!!

*Will Rumble glares down at JBV and rushes to the ring ready for a fight to the crowd's approval but JBV rolls out of the ring to the astonishment of the crowd; crowd reacts with boos*

James Bodybags Vexle: *clutches microphone* Listen!!! if you want a fight we can fight anytime but now I have something important for you to hear!

*Will Rumble glares at JBV from inside of the ring and JBV paces around*

Commentator2: come on Will, hear him out!

Commentator: hear him out? do you realize what JBV has done to Will in recent weeks? I'll be suprised if Will doesn't choke him out.

*Will paces around ready for a fight and then suddenly backs away; JBV grabs bottom ropes and Will rushes towards him but JBV runs away just in the knick of time; Will orders someone to bring him a microphone*

Will Rumble: *takes microphone from announcer* James Bodybags Vexle, you want to sneak attack me?!! Lets see how well you fare in a fight face to face!!!

*crowd cheers for Will and JBV brings microphone to his mouth*

Commentator: Will is certainly getting a reaction from this crowd today!

James Bodybags Vexle: Will, don't be such a pest, I will explain all.

*fans boo JBV as Will backs away to allow JBV to make his entrance to the ring; Will and JBV are face to face*

Commentator: Can you believe it? JBV explaining his actions?

Commentator2: don't fall for it JBV!!! That's what he wants, he wants you in the ring with him!

James Bodybags Vexle: *in a calm but sinister voice* Will Rumble, let me start by saying, you have proven to be nothing but a disappointment.

*fans boo*

James Bodybags Vexle: You may have had a successful career here on VOW, but the fact still remains that these people and your fellow superstars don't respect and don't appreciate the contributions that you have made for them as well as for this industry.

Commentator: huh? what is he talking about?

James Bodybags Vexle: These people don't respect the blood, sweat, tears, and turmoil you've had to deal with to be where you are and yet, you continue to cater to these people!

*fans boo louder*

James Bodybags Vexle: No one understands you the way that I understand you, no one has had experiences quite like yours' the way that I have, and no one can know how you feel, not like I do. These people don't care about you, they don't give a hoot about you!

Commentator2: That's right, you tell Mr. Bigstuff!

Commentator: I'm.. I'm.. not sure where this is leading to.

Commentator2: oh, shh it will ya? all ya need is time *laughs*

James Bodybags Vexle: You may not like who I am but quite frankly, I am the closest thing to a friend that you've got!

*crowd boos and stands chanting "Vexle sucks"*

James Bodybags Vexle: so you can continue to fight me until we both go into our graves or we can join forces and take Acceleration to another level. Join forces with me again, Will, and we will get back at all of those that disrespect us, and the contributions we make to them, and this industry each and every day!

*JBV storms off angry as Will looks on in shock in the ring; Will glances over at the crowd and back at JBV as JBV goes backstage to Will's puzzlement*

Commentator: wow, just wow.

Commentator2: I'm at a lost for words myself.

Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2007-02-15 18:49:13
Post by: mob(23502)
2007-02-20 12:04:00
Speechless!? Suepahfly!? I can't believe it!
Post by: lopi9(263027)
2007-03-16 08:48:37
You have alot of free time
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-03-16 10:20:07
i see Will still thinks his character's are seperate people...
Post by: tay ncfc(183846)
2007-03-16 10:23:35
omg.... why would you do that
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