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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: The best is yet to come...
Post by: horne 86(108503)
2007-01-28 04:38:23
The cameras zoom in as a black mustang with tinted windows pulls up to the parking lot to the anticipation of the fans in attendance.

commentator: "Well, I wonder whom this is that has decided to join us"

second comeentator: "I guess we'll know in a moment, all we need is time"

The car pulls into the parking lot and comes to a sudden halt as the fans look on in puzzlement; door opens slowly and the newest member of VWO bolts out of the car with a slightly arrogant look on his face as fans give a mixed reception of cheers and boos.

Second Commentator: "Well, look who it is, it's Will Rumble! and he has decided to join us in VWO!"

Before Will can make it to the backstage area he stops to spot something briefly looks puzzled and begins to smile for a moment.

Commentator: "Well, what is he looking at?"

Second Commentator: "Your guess is as good as mine"

camera zooms in to see what Will Rumble has in his sights and there's a frame on a wall made in platinum.

Commentator: "Well, what is this? Scorpion, Bubba Gump, Joker, he's looking over the legends' list but what is it about it that holds his attention?"

a young male runs up to Will Rumble to ask for his autograph and Will Rumble gives it to him prior to being met by a slightly older, female interviewer.

Interviewer: "It is a pleasure for me to welcome the newest member of VWO, Will Rumble, how does it feel to be the newest member of VWO once again?"

Will glances at her briefly looking a little agitated and then shakes his head before taking the mic away from his inquirer.

Will Rumble: "You ran up all the way here just to ask me how it feels to be in VWO? Well, let me ask you this? how do you feel standing this close to the newest member of VWO?"

Interviewer: Well, I-

Will Rumble interrupts

Will Rumble: "I mean come on, you didn't just run up all the way to ask me this dumb question, did you? You just wanted to get up close and personal with the best that's yet to come, baby!"

pulls out a mint spray and sprays self in the mouth and asks interviewer to say Will Rumble is a sexy beast; he sprays interviewer in mouth 3 times, pauses and sprays her in the mouth again

Will Rumble: "But since you don't know how to put into words how you feel why don't I answer that question for you? you feel ecstatic don't you?"

Interviewer begins to tremble

Interviewer: "I can't lie, yes I do I feel-

is interupted yet again

Will Rumble: "shh shh, hush, don't let your feelings get in the way of your professionalism"

fans laugh

Will Rumble in a calm voice: "You know, I'm not saying VWO will be a walk in the park, but with guys like Joker, Dyna Mike Duncan, and The Big Pig, I mean, you can't help but feel anxious, kinda like you're probably feeling right now, just not in the same way but for the most part, as far as Will Rumble is concerned, you should be asking VWO how they feel now that the best that's yet to come is a part of (fans chant with him) V-W-O."

Will Rumble pauses and looks cocky and begins to look into the eyes of the interviewer all of a sudden there's a huge thump and the camera man is knocked off balance.

Commentator: "Wait, what's this?"

cameras zoom in as a angry man stands over Will Rumble and the interviewer knells over him looking on in fear; camera man regains composure and lifts camera up from the feet of this man up to his knees, he pauses as he sees the pain on Will's face and fear on the interviewer and begins to tremble himself

voice: come on, look up, do your job you insolent little insect.

camera man backs away and holds camera up and you see the figure of a familiar man smirking into the camera

Second Commentator: "Oh my! it's James Bodybags Vexle!"

fans jeer and boo

James Bodybags Vexle: "hand me that microphone!"

interviewer hands him mic in fear

James Bodybags Vexle: "come on, why don't you ask me how I feel now that that no good, Will Rumble is a part of VWO?"

Vexle yells: huh?!

Commentator: "somebody needs to get back there and get her away from that psycho!"

Second commentator: "no kidding, I think she may be in grave danger"

James Bodybags Vexle: "well, I don't need you to ask me anything and the last thing VWO needs is some no good, two timing, self centered, piece of trash to hold them back! Will Rumble is nothing, and I am here to prove it!"

James Bodybags Vexle kicks Will Rumble in the ribs as Will lays on the ground

Will Rumble screams in pain and James Bodybags Vexle turns his attention to the cameras

Second Commentator: "what type of man is he? to kick him while he's down?!"

James Bodybags Vexle: "You see? it is a fact that Will Rumble is nothing, for him to be considered anything more would be a miracle, and I don't believe in such miracles, there's no such thing as heroes, and there's no such thing as a happy ending, yes, it's true, sometimes, and quite often, it is the bad guys, whom DO win :)"

Will starts to make it back to his feet as James Bodybags Vexle's attention is on the cameras fans begin to cheer.

Second Commentator: "Well, apparently, Will was down but not out!"

Will Rumble rushes towards James Bodybags Vexle giving him a back body drop.

Commentator: "somebody needs to get back there!"

Second commentator: "why now? JBV is getting exactly what he deserves"

Commentator: "if people have to settle their differences here they should do it in the ring!"

Will Rumble looks on as JBV begins to make it to his feet, Will stomps on JBV's hands and lifts him up by the ears Bodybags pokes Will in the eyes and kicks him in the gut before irish whipping him into a jeep; Bodybags smiles a sinister smile.

Second Commentator: "Oh no, if he's going to do what I think he is he's going to perform a Dead on Arrival on Will"

Commentator: "Well, serves him right for picking a fight with him!"

Second Commentator: "Picking a fight? Bodybags ambushed Will from behind"

Commentator: "Perhaps, but Will has always provoked him"

Bodybags goes to D.O.A. Will but is met with a kick to the face before Will irish whips JBV into the jeep and spears him into the winshield cracking it.

Second Commentator: "Someone needs to get that crazed maniac from back there"

Will lifts JBV on the top and a sinister look comes on his face as well.

Commentator: "No, that no good Will Rumble, what is he doing?"

Second Commentator: "this needs to be stopped now!"

Commentator: "you're the one that supported that lunatic!"

Will lifts Bodybags and begins to Decimate him on the top of the jeep before a bunch of men separate them from each other, Bodybags shakes a bit in agony as Will looks on in anger, then to the puzzlement of the fans, commentators, camera man, and interviewer a smile comes on the face of James Bodybags Vexle and the sinister smile becomes a violent laughter.

Commentator: "what? after all of that James Bodybags Vexle is laughing?"

James Bodybags Vexle begins to tremble with laughter as Will Rumble looks on in anger trying to get to him while being held back by several superstars, refs, and staff members.

Second Commentator: "After what has just transpired here, what will come of VWO now that Will Rumble and James Bodybags Vexle are members of it?"

Commentator: "Well, I know one thing for sure, they've had their share of battles before and it wasn't pretty. I'd love to see these two get it on again but in the ring!"

*camera begins to fade as Will Rumble and James Bodybags Vexle are led to two different clinic facilities*

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