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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Da Next Big Thing VS Evolution
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-07 08:00:54
Our Stable challenges your stable to a battle. Post all the members of your stable here and i'll tell you how the matches will be.

Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-07 09:32:31
(A huge man walks into Buzzcut's Office. He is wearing an all black trenchcoat with white moon beams down the arms. The back of the coat has the outline of a moon with a beautiful brown hawk present in the center. The man is very strange looking. For some strange reason, there is a black jewel enbedded in his forehead. He is known around VoW by the name of Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon is extremely excited about something. His lips quiver in anger before he speaks.)

Hawkmoon: Boss. I dont care what you do. I want a piece of that no good for nothing loser that heads Evolution. The Rocker! Im so confident in my abilities that I want him in a handicap match. I like challenges and the Rocker for a fact has little talent, so how bout we do this. The Rocker and Braveheart vs me.....Hawkmoon.

Hawkmoon: See if you can make it happen boss.

(HAWKMOON then looks into a nearby camera. Rokcer if you have any courage in your miserable carcass, get your as-- down here and accept our challenge.

(Hawkmoon then paces around the room and waits for a reply)
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-07 09:53:59
GO THA NEXT BIG THING!! only coz i dont like The Rocker..
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-01-07 23:06:32

(shrugs) Someone has to cheer for him.
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:10:28
Buzzcut: Hawkmoon I'm happy to accept as soon as rocker shows up
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:10:33
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:10:42
LOL.Im the Rocker people
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:11:22
ok tell me the ppl in ur stable
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:11:58
Just me
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:12:30
But I can whip all your a**** you little ****
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:12:59
Plus its Stevin Richards
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:13:23
I mean my new name is Stevin Richards
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:15:14
The Matches:

Buzzcut VS The Rocker

Hawkmoon VS (2nd member in Evolution when u get one.)

Buzzcut VS The Rocker & Second Member

Hawkmoon VS The Rocker & Second Member

Buzzcut & Hawkmoon VS The Rocker & Second Member

Whoever gets the most wins is the better stable

is that ok?
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:15:56
well u can use steven richards, he's better anyway
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:15:57
Yeah les go!
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:16:13
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:16:30
well find a second member then...and then post it here
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:16:47
and make a tag team with him/her
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:17:05
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:17:27
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:17:42
and Hawkmoon, make a one man tag team.
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:19:19
I dont have ap yet ether
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:20:53
well vote...how much do u have now?
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:31:43
Stevin Richards is staggering around the ring!

Buzzcut makes an incredible Gore for 26 damage.
I'm glad that's not me in there!

Match over : Buzzcut wins by knockout

Well the 1-0. the next match will be Hawkmoon VS second member of Evolution :) when stevin richards gets 1
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:32:06
Dont listen to Buzzcut when he posts the results it was just a practice match
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:34:56
ok ok it can just be a practice match. u beta save up ur ap for tomorow. The real match
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-08 07:35:22
and get a 2nd member!
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 07:36:26
Fine I Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-08 07:49:37
*Stevin Richards or Rocker (or whatever the heck you call your self now) gets up slowing after being knocked senseless by Buzzcut. He gets up slowly, staggers falls back to the mat. The VOW fans cheer hysterically as blood begins to flow from a cut of Richards face. Suddently the lights go out throughout the arena and eerie moon beams begin to shoot randomly throughout the arena. The beams then descend directly on the prone Richards. Hawk Screaches then blare throughout the jam packed arena. Thousands of fans get up and start chanting the name of their beloved.....HawkMoon, Hawkmoon...Hawkmoon.

A huge man in a black trenchcoat walks slowing down the aisle with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. Hawkmoon climbs thru the ropes and picks Richards up by the throat and puts him in a position so they are staring eye to eye. The arena then goes silent as Hawkmoon begins to speak....

Hawkmoon: So Richards you had enough courage to accept our Challenge. But obviously you still suck because Buzzcut hammered your ugly mug. Now I want a piece of you. Step into the ring with Hawkmoon.

Hawkmoon: Or, Or since you've obviously been injured by my pal, you need some medical attention. Have one of your Real Evolution clowns come down here right now and fight Hawkmoon. Im going to knock you and your Evoultion cronies right out of VOW.

*hawkmoon then throws the still dazed Richards back on the mat and laughs as he leaves ringside*
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 08:02:42
AHHHHHH Thats so nice
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-08 08:07:07
*Richards gets up*

Richards-So I lost.I wasnt in the best condition anyway.I have no people on my stable.But i will,and you can probably guess who.But if you cant,he told me too leave the following message for you guys.They Are:REST....IN....PEACE!
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-01-09 18:46:40
LOL, practice match.

So, I guess it's a rehearsal for the real match, with the same one-hit GORE and win.

I'm glad that's not me in there :P
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-10 03:19:53
shawn micheals slowly gets up after leaving that

as Hawkmoon starts up the aisle
the lights go out.....
the Undertaker slowly emerges from all the smoke as the undertakers theme music starts

Undertaker: I have accepted ur inventation to join the real evolution.....Shawn.

the undertaker slowly turns to face a very shaken hawkmoon

Undertaker: ur next hawkmoon....ill make sure ur grave is diggen.. so u can ...REST....IN...PEACE!!!!

Hawk moon charges at the undertaker but suddenly a wall of flames burst up from the ground just as hawkmoon gets to the dead man

as the under taker slowly turns to go he puts his hat on and rolls his eyes into the back of his head....then exits the arena with his music in the background
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-10 03:25:46

i was so into it i got steven richards name wrong!!!!!
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-10 03:31:27
My names The Game now
Post by: cookiejim(53331)
2005-01-10 03:42:03
well redo every thing i typed earlier but make it the game
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-10 07:20:26
Jeez Rocker. Who the heck is your wrestler now. Is it Rocker? Stevie Richards, Braden, or The Game?

Btw: Match No. 2 of our stable feud saw Hawkmooon destroy the Taker in da cage. Taker may have needed a stretcher after that butt kickin!

Ive created a new Hawkmoon and his number is 28668.
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-01-10 15:30:48
The Rocker's gone? Um...

Go Hawkmooooon! He's the Hawk who Mooooooooons!!!
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-12 08:41:28

man i admit to defeat

ne chance i can join ur stable?????!!!!!1

ne way good job
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-12 08:46:29
Im now Christian
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-12 08:57:38
Buzzcut makes a rare appearance: christian or wateva, it's pretty obvious which stable is better. I have better thing's to do than have a fight with ur stable. u aint worth my time or ap. U got served!
Post by: Scotland1983(63173)
2005-01-14 04:24:32
JR:Scotland1983 is here

Scotland grabs a mike off the king

Scotland1983:Hawk your stable is not the next big thing i have seen meny wannabe players act big then fade to nothing i am a true veteren and i will fight you at the right time

the games stable is the way of the future think about it hawk before you do something stupid

Scotland gives the mike back then leaves with smoke bomb concealment
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-14 05:11:30
***Christian (or da rocker), taker, and scottland are standing in the middle of the ring and surround the leader of Da Next Best Thing....Buzzcut. It looms like Buzz is in trouble here. Suddenly, the lights go out throughout the arena and a huge man comes out wearing all black. Moonbeams shine throughout the arena and eerie hawk noises are then heard throughout. HAwkmoon has arrived to help his boss...Buzzcut. Hawkmoon repels down from the ceiling and lands between the group. He holds a Louisville Slugger in his right hand and is now wearing a PWA T-Shirt. Hawk walks right up to Christian (Da Rokcer) and stares him in the eye. It looks like all hell is going to break out hera folks. Suddenly hawkmoon turns around and runs at full speed and swings his Louisville Slugger......


Oh crap what the hell has Hawkmoon done. He just knocked out Buzzcut!!!!

Hawkmoon stands over buzzcut and has an evil grin cross his face. He tears off Buzzcuts shirt and paints a picture of a moon with a beatiful hawk inside on his back. Hawk then turns around and offers a handshake to his friend.....Christian (Da Rocker)

Hawkmoon Speaks:

First off. I have one thing to say Buzzcut. EVOLUTION is where its at. I've fought da taker. And even though I won he's one tough SOB. I fought Christian and he's one tough SOB. I hold much respect for you Scottland. I offer this. An alliance between Evolution and Hawkmoon. And Buzzcut, Hawkmoon will be da next big thing in wrestling. If ya want a piece of Hawkmoon, come get me. Im in PWA. Thats where the big boys play!

***At those last words, Hawkmon hands a Louisville Slugger to the stunned Christian (Da Rokcer). The lights go out and back on and Hawkmoon is gone.
Post by: Scotland1983(63173)
2005-01-14 23:32:08
Scotland is back stage

he gets a mic

Scotland1983: i accept your offer of an alliance and offer this if you need help i will help you out i hope you and your stable have a good future

he then leaves to his dressing room
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-15 12:42:24
Buzzcut is backstage in locker room

Buzzcut: Hawkmoon you son of a bitch I want a match with you right here right now. You are out of evolution and you will never beat me. I want Scotland in a match and afterwoods it'll be me and Hawkmoon. If you dont accept you are the biggest loser in all of VOW
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-15 12:55:07
Buzzcut: Instead of Being in a stable that doesnt even no how to wipe it's own bum look at my stable. I will make u a deal. You can join me, HawkMooon and Scotland1983. HawkMooon I do not have any idea what possesed you to join Evolution. Look at the leaders stats. I beat him with 1 gore right at the start of the match. Evolution will never be better than Da Next Big Thing.
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-15 13:17:55
If you do not accept the invitation, There is another person in my stable that wants to fight. Dont worry about my earlier post, it will be me and Winmutt VS HawkMooon and Scotland1983. Your stable's description is you wont decline a challenge. Well then lets just see!
Post by: Scotland1983(63173)
2005-01-15 18:06:21
what makes you think i would join your stable anyway i have seen meny cocky stables i respect your leader but i will not take attitude from anyone i prefer a stable with heart ie evolution if you want to fight me challenge me
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-15 20:21:28
***Eerie Hawk noises appear on the Titrontron and the huge Behemoth Hawkmooon appears. Hawkmoon is holding a baseball bat and laughs as Buzzcut finishes speaking***

Hawkmoon: Buzzcut. First off Hawkmoon is currently once again a free agent. When the right offer comes to me I may consider. Second. Im not currently a part of Evolution. I've just came to an agreememnt with them for a truce and an alliance of sort. Why did I do what I did? Its really simple. Well in some of my gruelling cage matches the past two weeks with da taker and Christian (Da Rocker) while I beat them handily, they earned my respect. I was going nowhere fast in DA Next Big Thing and felt an alliance with one of the greats of VOW....Scottland would help lead me to my ultimate goal....FAme and Fortune.

So I propose this. A little match-up. Hawkmoon and Scottland vs You and one of your LAW goons in your stable.

(ooc: My wrestler ID is 28668. I'm currently Law so I think it would be a more appropiate match-up to match use one of your LAWs. When I'm promoted to SPWA soon, we can settle this feud in some matches)
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-15 20:45:50
ok ur on wats ur tag id?
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-15 20:51:32
wen we finish the match. what do you say about forming a stable. with Hawkmooon, Scotland1983 and Buzzcut. The New Evolution. we will achieve fame and fortune everywhere. We will be unbeatable. We will be a team. not just any stable. we will work together as a team, a unit, The New Evolution This is after the match i am saying. If we earn your respect and u earn ours. By The Way, wen u make the tag team. challenge tag no 5179. Once again, Please consider the offer, i no u r good and i dont want to make enemies. As a team we will be unbeatable. HawkMooon Buzzcut Scotland1983 Winmutt. The New Evolution.
Post by: Winmutt(57903)
2005-01-16 22:48:53
Buzzcutt stands in a room talking to somone but we cant quite see him as it seems the shadows follow his face. We can tell he is a big somma nitch.

Buzzcutt: Winmutt lets kill this shape shifting prick once and for all.

Winmutt: Sure but can't you handle this....

Busscut: Of course I just thought you would want to get a peice of it too.

Winmutt: If there's anything left I'll kick him around the ring for awhile. In fact I'll kick him around right now.

Winmutt stands up and we can see his face for the first time and it ain't pretty. Winmutt lived in Cambodia for many years. He ran with a cannibal tribe there. Noone knows why and noone has ever asked him either. Winmutt is hard to look at anyway.

Winmutt exsist the room that Buzzcutt and were talking in and storms the arena looking for the shape shift. He finds him reading the funnies in one of his many forms. Winmutt uses his special Donkey Punch three times. A tangled body lie at his feet weeping. Winmutt smiles!
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-17 04:01:10
***Buzzcutt and the wrestler known as Winmutt are standing in the middle of the ring celebrating their apparent destruction of the man known as Hawkmoon. Suddenly the arena is filled with eerie Hawk noises and the once prone Hawkmoon sits up and turns and stares at the two. He then gets up and points at WinMutt. Its appears that Hawkmoon has survived Winmutt's widely famous Donkey Punch. The behemoth Hawkmoon then runs straight at the mutt man and all hell begins to break loose. Punches, kicks, bites, eye gouges, choke holds, and low blows are flying right and left between the two behemoths. Their both superstars and there's no obvious advantage for either in this brawl. Suddenly, VOW security guards come out and break up the two. They are in seperate corners staring daggers at each other. Hawk grabs a mic and begins to scream with fury at Da Next Best Thing......

Hawkmoon: WinMutt, Buzzcut. Bring it on you two DA NEXT THING Losers. Hawkmoon wants a piece of your asses. And I'm going to start with your enforcer of your stable......Winmutt.

Hawkmoon vs Winmutt. Steel cages. Not one match. Not two matches. But three gruelling bloody matches between us in da cage. Do you accept?. And when I'm done with you Winmutt, its me and da boss of your stable. But we'll wait until after our matches are complete. You up for my challenge Muttface?

Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-17 04:10:46
ooc: Buzzcut in response to your earlier thread, Im up to consider making a stable, but I think that either Scottland or people in the previous Evolution would have to make that decision. The Rocker used to be their leader and I think they may have made another Evolution. I'm unsure.

I am not an enemy to anyone here, I just like to have some fun in setting up interesting matches in Vow. Im also SPWA now and you and winmutt are at a similar level to me. Also, if Scottland wants to do some tag team matches with me against your stable that would be cool by me too.

Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-17 11:23:46
*Rocker comes out*

Alright idiots.Enough is enough.Lets have a rumble between us all.
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-17 14:06:54
Hawkmoon, The Rocker has nothing to do with this and he has no ppl in his stable except Scotland. I want it Me and Winmutt VS You and Scotland1983. We can make The New Evolution and we dont need the rocker. What about if me and winmutt win we can make it with no arguments?
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-18 09:43:16
suddenly the lights go out and a funeral march starts in the background as the undertaker slowly appears and walks down the aisle
Undertaker- ur forgetting some1 buzzcut!!!!!!!!
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-18 09:46:21
Undertaker- i currently am in no stable
nd quite honestly annoyed with the rocker/steven richards/the game/christian

hes too shaky and inconsistant to me thats why i want a match right here right now to give him a piece of my mind

so rocker...come out and play so u can.....REST....IN...PEACE!
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-18 11:03:02
*Christian comes out*

Christian-Undertaker.I can beat you easy.You better just stay away.
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-18 11:07:55
Oh and Jeff dude,STFU NOOB!!!
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-19 07:29:35
Rocker how bout we settle this one on one? oh yes i forgot. u r the noob. i am in SPWA. I beat you 3 times.
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-19 07:31:07
And Undertaker. Challenge me to a match docs only. if u win u can be in the new evolution
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-19 23:55:44
What new evolution?
Post by: Winmutt(57903)
2005-01-20 08:40:45
In all the excitement The Undertaker forgot he was getting in between Buzzcut and WInmutt's whipping post...The Rocker.

Buzzcut enters just before Undertaker can hit Rocker. They both turn and stare at Buzzcut.

Buzzcutt: Hey fellows! Since you turds are so ready to rumble why dont Winmutt and me just stomp you silly right now?

Buzzcut drops the mic and runs towards the ring. Winmutt appears from under the apron and slides into the ring unnoticed. Buzzcutt stops just short of the stairs as Winmutt pulls his special on both men At once. A double Donkey Punch is why Undertaker and Rocker lay face down on the mat. Winmutt and Buzzcut have a shart celebration before leaving the arena to go bang hot young chicks at the Marriot!
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-21 00:32:36
AHHA!I knew it!YOUR All SCaRed To FighT ME!
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-21 01:12:38
hawkmoon steps up with a mic. Ok. I dont know where Scottland is? So lets make things interesting. How about da taker, christian, and Hawkmoon vs Winmutt and Buzzcutt in a tag team match. If your team wins Buzzcutt, Christian will have to forfiet and disband his Evolution. But. If Christian's team wins a new Evolution is formed. Winmutt, Buzzcutt, Christian, Da Taker, and maybe Hawkmoon. I havent decided where to place my services yet. There's a few other stable owners who want my talent.
Post by: trent1(61878)
2005-01-21 02:06:38
I have already made the stable,EVOLUTION.
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-21 04:19:32
Hawkmoon steps up to the new dude that just showed up:

Hawkmoon: Well Trent looks like we got a problem here because there's too many Evolutions around here. Here's what I propose a three way tag team threat match. The winner is the REAL EVOLUTION.
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-21 07:59:27
That new dude is me,qwertyu100
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-21 08:00:03
And btw,Im sticking with this evolution
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-21 08:02:01
And i just changed the stable name to The Real Evolution
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-21 08:05:02
And i just changed the stable name to The Real Evolution
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-21 09:04:47
Ok Hawkmoon your on. But it has to be the rocker not christian. cuz its 3 v 2 ok? so make a take team with hawkmoon the rocker and taker. me and winmutt have already made 1. If you lose it will be The New Evolution with Buzzcut, Hawkmoon and Winmutt. I have lots of ppl that will love to join us :)
Post by: Jeff Hunter(42645)
2005-01-21 09:06:23
Make your tag team and challenge tag id: 5179
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-21 09:35:55
Well here are my proposed stipulations for this match. Everyone lets make this happen if you all have the balls. I also think that Rocker's been detahced so you may have to take on Christian.

Rocker/Christian, Taker, and Hawkmoon vs Winnmutt and Buzzcutt. Rocker if our team wins you get the services of two awesome wrestlers in your new Evolution stable (Buzzcutt and Winnmutt). Or, you can decide not to accept them and they will not be able to make any stable with a name of Evolution involved.

If we lose, my services will be part of THE NEW EVOLUTION. The Rocker will have to disband his Evolution and start over with a new stable name. You will forever be banned from creating or joining any stable with the name of Evolution involved. Its time to end this controversy now.

Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-21 09:48:19
Christian; Taker please send me your ID numbers so we can make a tag team a challenge these fools.
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-22 07:55:39
Im sticking with this name.
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-22 09:38:05
the taker was hacked into so i now have 6 rey 1 mysterio 9 as my charecter and my id is 29972
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-22 10:16:56
Post by: cookiejim(53331)
2005-01-22 13:23:53
christian hawkmoon andi have made a teaam
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-23 00:23:42

Im keeping the name!
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-23 01:42:39
Ok then rocker. How about us 3 team up and take on winnmutt and buzzcut. No stipulations in place. A battle between the old and new evolutions.
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-23 05:17:10
by the way cookiejim is my bro's guy!!! sry!
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-01-23 05:22:42
the lights start flashing
music in the background starts
here comes REY!!!
the crowd chants 619...619...619...619...

rey mysterio grabs a mike

rey-hey members from the next big thing...
undertakers gone but in his place is REY MYSTERIO
as i said earlier the undertaker has gone to the place he came from..HELL.
but u c da next big thing is goin down
cus me hawkmoon and christian all have a tag team now
where is urs???
so bring it on!!!
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