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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: XLW: Xtreme League Wrestling
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 00:24:37
Fantasy Roleplaying League for the Extreme (LAW, SPWA, PWO & SSWO alowed)

Cards will be held every Wednesday and Saturday, PPVs on the last Sunday of every month! These can be found in the XLW Saturday Night(MARE) thread!

Post up your character details here. Example of Char details...(This is the one I'll be using)

Name: "The XXXtreme Messiah" Archangel
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 245lbs
Title Preferences: World
Favorite weapon: Light Tubes
Finisher: "Redemption" (Inverted Piledriver)
Face/Heel: Heel
VOW ID #: 26650

XLW will be a home for the XXXtreme! The way it will work is: roleplay in the XLW roleplay thread, then, match cards will be put together hopefully every Saturday. Rankings for the titles will be decided by the "XLW league table" Every match you will receive points:
3 for a win
2 for a draw
1 for a lose
-1 for a DQ

You will be DQ'd if you do not roleplay for your Card matches. If you reach -10 points (10 no shows), you will be "Fired", and will have to sign up again!!

The Titles (and Champs) are as follows:

XLW World Heavyweight Title (TBC)
XLW All-Star Title (Jake Davis)
XLW Softcore Title (TBC)
XLW Tag Team Titles (Warcraft (Thirteen & Archangel))

ps, the matches will be decided on your roleplaying abilities, however, if you are a Tech, you will have an advantage in Softcore matches, Aerials will have the advantage in Ladder matches and Ultimate X matches, whereas Stiff Necks will have the advantage in something like a Double Dumpster, Barbed Wire, 2,000 Light Tubes Death Match!(These advantages will only be minor however...)

Enjoy, and tell your friends...
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-01 00:36:42
Name: Emma 'the pook' Jeffery
League: SPWA
Finisher(s): Bware of the pook - Choke Slam
Entrance: Jean Michel Jarre; Aero

lights go out and the pyros go off, disco lights flash around the arena and pook bursts through the curtains and runs hell for leather to the ring high fiving all the way.

Title your mainly after: Womans (you sexist :0) otherwise all star

Face or Heel: Super face
Post by: D Money(59621)
2005-01-01 00:48:11

name:Desciple of The Rock
Beware people,before you catch a rock harpoon from the horns of the Brahma Bull
finisher:Rock harpoon
Title:none right now
Heel or Face:face homie
entrance:The Rock:Aero

Things go dark every on is quiet then comes a big green explosion and out comes Desciple of The Rock taunting and getting crunk with his fans and walks down to the ring then the name comes up and it reads my name when gets to the ring raises his right arm and does the peoples eyebrow
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-01 05:01:34
Name: Jake Davis(23280)
Finisher(s):Davis Bomb (Powerbomb)
Trademark Move-Shining Wizard
Entrance:- Placebo - "Pure Morning" plays and the crowd sees noone for 5 seconds than the pyros come and out of the smoke is Jake Davis on his Harley Davison. He drives to the steel steps than enters and waits for his opponent/s.

Title your mainly after:World Heavyweight championship
Face or Heel:I could be either, but prefer heel.(cocky,smart alec,hell raiser.)
Desc.:Wear's a black bandana and biker gloves. Black tights with Jake Davis written on the sides in red.
Allies:Wrestling Gods, Bam Bam, Hick Bob, Red Neck.
Enemies:Danny Scoono, Discipline of the Rock, Keenani.
Favorite weapon-Biker chain
Weight-235 lbs.
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 20:36:00
Ooh and by the way the League table will be put up in the XLW Saturday Night(MARE) Thread...
Post by: LankstaGangsta(64569)
2005-01-01 21:00:23
Name: The Duke Of Budweiser
Height: 7' 9"

Weight: 495lbs

Title Preferences: All-Star

Favorite weapon: Sledge Hammer


Face/Heel: Tweeny

VOW ID #: 27888
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 23:14:59
Duke of Budweiser is now Alice Cooper
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-02 02:52:28
oh ya putting up a trademark taunt.
Post by: shadyjack(60098)
2005-01-02 17:32:36
Name: Jessie Dean(24699)

League: SPWA

Finisher(s): Aces High (Top Rope Splash)

The arena lights dim. The image of a beautiful, blonde-haired young woman holding a guitar appears on the Trinitron. She is wearing a brown leather vest and a cowboy hat. She winks at the camera and begins strumming her guitar, playing the opening riff of "Crack the Liar's Smile" by Drain S.T.H. Then the drums kick in, machinegun-like, matched only by the explosive blue/white fireworks.
Jessie walks out of the backstage area. Some would call him confident; most call him cocky. He strides down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans along the way. He casually circles the ring, examining the crowd. He finally chooses a pretty girl from the crowd, drapes his biker jacket around her shoulders, and kisses her. Then he climbs into the ring while she faints dead away. (yay me!)

Gimmick: biker/gambler

Height: 6'

Weight: 220 lbs.

Appearance: Long brown hair, either tied back in a ponytail, or loose with a doorag, sideburns, goatee. Jesse usually wears engineer boots, jeans, black leather chaps, and a black tank-top during matches(he hates spandex, it itches!). He keeps his hands and wrists taped heavily, and wears a black rubber pad on his right elbow(in remembrance of his father, the legendary Johnny "The Hammer" Dean).

Title your mainly after: XLW World Heavyweight Title

Face or Heel: Face(but just barely). Jessie teeters on the edge of the face/heel divide. He's young, good-looking, talented, and explosive as hell, so he's got a good rep with the fans; but he's not afraid to take a steel chair to someones head if he thinks they need it, even if it costs him a win. He's loyal to his friends, but due to his volatile nature, he doesn't have very many of them, and his youthful arrogance tends to alienate any allies that he does make.

Favorite Weapon: Baseball bat
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-02 19:45:14
Ooh, My bro Archangel(Necro Goth) said this was cool....so I'll give it a go!!

Name: Thirteen (13)

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 195lbs

Title Preferences: Softcore/Tag Titles (w/ my bro)

Favorite weapon: err....ladders...with barbed wire wrapped arround

Finisher: 6 Star frog splash

Face/Heel: Heel (kinda)

VOW ID #: 26805
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-02 21:09:58
Name: Danny Blade
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 221lbs
Title Preferences: Unknown
Favorite weapon: A Small Blade He Keeps In His Back Pocket
Finisher: "Blade Hi Fi Connector" (Drop Kick)
Face/Heel: Neutral
VOW ID #: 27893
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-03 20:28:55
Come on...Sign up here, and tell others to as well...
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-03 20:32:10
Come on...Sign up here, and tell others to as well...
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-05 06:45:53
Oh i wanna join :(
Too bad no SSWO.. :(
Post by: pookmook2001(62310)
2005-01-05 11:29:41
Height: 6' 11"
Weight: 545lbs
Title Preferences: ANY
Favorite weapon: ROPE
finisher: KISS MY FOOT
Face/Heel: Undicided
VOW ID #:25883

Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-05 11:44:29
Allow everyone lol, its not VOW wrestling, its rp.
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-05 23:33:19
Good point....Div & other SSWOs feel free to join...
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-06 03:35:11
Name:The Rocker
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 300 lbs
Title Preferences: World
Favorite weapon: Chair
Finisher: Rockin Slam
Face/Heel: Heel
VOW ID #: 27938

Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-06 06:27:51
Name: "The ILL-usion" Lady Death

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 134lbs

Title Preferences: Any And All

Favorite weapon: BarbedWire

Finisher: "Death From Above" (Jumping Top Rope DDT)

Face/Heel: Heel

VOW ID #: 24255

Post by: rajukingbomber(64855)
2005-01-06 10:06:26
Name:Raju "the killer" Bomber
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 260LBS.
Title Preferences: XLW World
Favorite weapon: Double Steel Chairs
Finisher: Raju Bomb- Powerbomb; Raju Slam- Chokeslam
Face/Heel: Super Face
VOW ID #: 27310
Post by: rajukingbomber(64855)
2005-01-06 10:08:45
Name:Raju "the killer" Bomber
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 260LBS.
Title Preferences: XLW World
Favorite weapon: Double Steel Chairs
Finisher: Raju Bomb- Powerbomb; Raju Slam- Chokeslam
Face/Heel: Super Face
VOW ID #: 27310
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-01-07 02:05:13
Name: Luna Scoono

Height: 5'7"

Weight: closely guarded secret...

Title Preferences: World

Favorite weapon: Witchcraft

Finisher: Garters curse, Lepers leap

Face/Heel: neutral

VOW ID #: 16073

will do entrance later.
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-07 06:59:16
I hope witchcraft means Powder to the eyes...
Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-07 06:59:55
luna ur goin down bitch
welcome to the world of ILL-usion
Post by: rajukingbomber(64855)
2005-01-07 07:20:13
Raju "The Killer" Bombers Entrance and attire

Wrestling Attire - Long Glossy Grey Pants, Spiked Blue hair, Long Dark Grey Glossy overcoat, Shirt with ripped off sleeves, And Sunglasses

Entrance Description - Lights go dark with no light at all penetrating, small strobe lights allow audiance to catch a glimpse of somthing running down the arena, no sound yet, Suddendly and explosin of green and blue lights out of nowhere and they see Raju standing in the middle of the ring doing taunting.

Entrance Music - Raju Smashers- Explosion with Rock Music.

Taunt- Raju Hold- Down to one knee with head hung low, then snap head up, jump and raise hands above head. usually signal for one of the two Raju Specials
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-01-07 09:09:59
ooooooooooooooo real scared
Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-07 09:25:35
i'm not a Lady Death rip-off you stupid son of a bitch
thats the reason i said your going down bitch
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-01-07 09:27:21
how can I be the son of a b? Any way, I could snap you in two with my pinky
Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-07 09:30:56
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-07 23:54:12
Um, Nobody join DSW please...It's just a WORSE copy of XLW!!!
Post by: Cortez(15600)
2005-01-08 00:32:32
went to PWA
Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-08 05:33:22
Necro i'm so sorry my friend made that she was desperate
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-08 05:36:00
Unit 48 are you even a wrestler or just a garbage can filler?
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-09 02:31:43
(Message from Necro-Archangel):
Come on people join the REAL 1st Xtreme fed..wait we're Triple X-treme! XXXtreme!!! Don't join those wannabees XCW!!!Join the real deal XLW!!!
Post by: Soveliss(66667)
2005-01-09 05:45:06
Name: Soveliss
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 2545lbs
Title Preferences: World
Favorite weapon: Sledge Hammer
Finisher: "Super Slam" (Power Bomb)
Face/Heel: Heel
VOW ID #: 28391
Post by: clan_man56(66776)
2005-01-09 16:29:34
Name: "The High Flying Dwarf" High Flyer Dwarf

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 245lbs

Title Preferences: All Star

Favorite weapon: Iron Post

Finisher: "High Flyer" (Top Rope Splash)

Face/Heel: Face

Entrance: Flys Through Glass Roof on stadium, landing on trampoline and jumping into the ring

VOW ID #: 28522

Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-09 20:57:02
Come on people, we know for a fact that XLW came 1st, AND you wanna join....What do we think about fed Wars: XLW vs XCW?
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-10 21:16:50
XLW Can now be located at


Should we keep it here or should we have it mostly on VOW?
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-12 04:30:27
OK, I'll probably just have it on the proboards site....
Post by: msmarek(57150)
2005-01-12 08:54:34
name:mike s.
title preferences:none
favorite wepon:brass knuckles
finisher:mike bomb(spinout pedagree)
vow id#:28934
Post by: Lokie(29796)
2005-01-14 16:08:31
OK one thing... i am the only Arch Angel in this game, be it in the forums or in the game itself... if you want to challenge me for my name go for it... here is my in game wrestler's detail
Arch Angel(16105)
Post by: Cainetheevil(71334)
2005-02-01 14:18:21
Name: "The Maniac" Chris Taylor

League: LAW

Height: 7'

Weight: 320lbs

Hair: (Shaved) black

Eyes: Dark Blue

Title Preferences: Any

Favorite weapon: Barbed wire

Finisher: The Lobotomizer (Gore to the back of the head with Barbed wire wraped around his shoulder)

Face/Heel: Heel (Insane Monster)


Entrance: A big Blue Explotion goes of and all the lights turn blue as A Bid Farwell By Killswitch Engage Starts and "The Maniac" Chris Taylor walk out and slowly walks to the ring and gets on the turnbuckle and beat his head with his fists and lets out a deep almost roar like scream Then jumps down as the light go back to normal.
Post by: Sargeant Rob(21584)
2005-02-02 00:05:09
Name: Rob "The Machine" Dominator
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 245lbs
Title Preferences: Softcore (aslong as its fair)
Favorite weapon: Steel chair
Finisher: "Dominator" (Reverse Bearhug)
Face/Heel: Heel
VOW ID #: 30900
Post by: TheSoulless1(71810)
2005-02-04 05:30:12
Name: "The Soulless One" Christopher Soulless
Height: 5'8
Weight: 205 lbs
Title Preferences: Any
Favorite weapon: Table made of light tubes
Finisher: The Soul Survivor (Modified Head Lock)
Face/Heel: Heel

Enterance: The arena's lights turn off then the word Soulless appears one the screen as The Fight Song By Marilyn Manson starts Soulless then walks down to the ring gets on the turnbuckle Closes his fists and spreds his arms Raven's Taunt)then he talks s**t to the crowd before jumpping down.
Post by: Skyfyre(80805)
2005-03-20 07:02:26
Name: Skyfire

Height: 6"2

Weight: 234lbs

Title Preferences: Softcore, All-Star, and Tag Team if I find a partner.

Favorite Weapon: Chain

Finisher: Skyfire Clash (Rocker Dropper)

Face/Heel: Neutral. On my own side. That's for now, but may change if u allow it.

VOW ID: 36472
League: LAW
Entrance: Lights flash red, red smoke rises from the stage, and Skyfire enters the arena. My entrance is like Aj Styles, because I have a suit like hiss, except its red and black.
Appearance: Aj Styles, but its red and black. And my hair is like Shannon Moores, and its blonde.
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-03-20 13:25:45
XLW is over....
Post by: sampson(65405)
2005-04-19 04:04:19
name:Beyond talent
weight:285 pounds of muscle
I'm quick and fast I use power moves as well as aerial moves.
title preferences:world and tag team
favorite weapon:steel chair
finisher:tombstone piledriver after i do a superkick into the opponents chin
vow id:65405
Post by: freeza26(91693)
2005-04-30 04:58:45
Char Deathstrike(43306)
League League of Amateur Wrestlers(LAW)

A man of 6'5 250 lbs Wears dark leather trousers a Dark T-shirt. He has Red Face paint ( Looks similar to the Ultimate Warrior). Long Flowing black hair and green eyes

Favorite Weapon: Barbed wire 2X4
Music: For whom the bell tolls - Metallica
Allignment: Neutral
Finisher: Death Drop - Modified Pumphandle
Style: Stiff Neck
Post by: rajukingbomber(64855)
2005-05-02 00:15:44
Hey, For Anyone In This Thread, Im Sorry To Say XLW Closed Down A While Ago.
Post by: clan_man56(66776)
2005-05-11 00:43:50
yep, titles are still around like my tag belt but my partner has stopped playing
Post by: Necro XXX(96884)
2005-05-15 22:42:20
What do you mean the titles are still about?
Post by: John Hardy(300990)
2007-07-11 08:11:53
Name: Triple Kane
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 295lbs
Title Preferences: XLW World Heavyweight Title
Favorite weapon: Barbed Wire
Finisher: "Chokeslam From Hell" (Chokeslam)
Face/Heel: Face
VOW ID #: (218146)
Entrance: Lights go black then Fires apperes both sides of the stage and lights go blue and I walk through smoke skipping down the ramp Giving people Hi-5vs lights go red then run up stairs and jump over the top rope into the ring lights go back to normal while im going onto the top rope and putting my arms out once ive done all corners my music stops. Music: Am I Evil, Artist: Widowmaker
Post by: HFDRebirth(288302)
2007-08-03 14:01:22
Sorry to say that this E-fed is long dead mate but if you feel like joining an e-fed contact me at (201347)
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