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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: I'm not really a noob, but.........
Post by: JJJJPC(103642)
2005-07-27 05:53:42
I have a question. I have lost about my last ten matches. I am a 700 EXP SPWA and I fought a 100 EXP law. I hurt him around 70 con damage and out of no where he just pins me. This has happened in everyone of my last ten matches. I just keep losing. My stats are close to max, I use docs only, and I go to R&R after every match. (I just bought Northern lights to see if that helps me win.) Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
Post by: Jaysen Chambers(46756)
2005-07-27 16:56:01
nothing's wrong.. losing is just another part of VOW.. try sticking to SPWA though considering your almost a PWO now... noob bashing won't get you anywhere... unless your Gatch.. it got him an early retirement.
Post by: JJJJPC(103642)
2005-07-28 00:16:49
lol, except the noob bashed me. I think my losing streak is over. I just beat a SSWO. I usually do only fight SPWAs. But the Law challenged me.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-07-28 17:51:32
LOL - get to SSWO and then you realise that having more damage usually gives you a better chance of winning (well when you fight LK it does)
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-07-29 18:51:03
I got early retirement because it was my goal, I seeked wrestlers with fame, matches that paid money vs. experience, and other variables. gatcholio never solicited matches from noobs, and he accepted any match sent his way for the most part. :P

That being said, you will fight at least 1500 matches on your quest to retirement, you can't judge anything in ten matches.
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