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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: Question
Post by: Bloody Harry(95219)
2005-05-12 04:23:27
Okay, I've been trying to challenge as many people as possible but the challenges are never realiant if you send just one challenge a day so is it wise to send multiple challenges at a time. The only reason why I'm hesitant is beacause I might get accepted to one battle and either lose entirely or lose some Consciousness and Vitals so... Also, is there a way I can automate the R&R after every battle?
Post by: Kray(52284)
2005-05-12 04:39:15
Well if you believe that the people won't be doing enough damage to you to ruin any further matches that you have sent then there should be no reason why multiple challenges should pose any problems for you But since you are still in LAW you shouldn't really have any difficulties getting matches, perhaps patience is more what you need.

The only way you can R&R is to do it manually, there is no way you can get it to automatically heal you.
Post by: Bloody Harry(95219)
2005-05-12 04:45:49
Post by: tini(112140)
2005-07-08 02:58:01
how can i get into a tourney
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-07-08 03:55:11
dance naked for peter
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-07-08 14:55:25
You can't - you need 3000 experience to enter a tourney.
Post by: ECFNW(112898)
2005-07-10 02:40:20
what move type do i use to do an accurate nutcracker suite by balls mahoney
Post by: ECFNW(112898)
2005-07-10 07:09:34

Post by: karl007(114963)
2005-07-19 02:53:17
no you need 50 experience don't be mean
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