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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: The Philosophical side of VOW
Post by: The Sniper(27754)
2005-05-11 21:07:36
Brothers and Sisters of Virtual Online Wrestling, I stand stand before you as a teenager with the intent of sharing some of the wisdom I have gained walking on this road to glory. I have yet to reach my goal, but have learned much on my travels, and I wish to share with you the opinions that have sparked themselves inside me.

You are yourself, no one is the same as you and your wrestler is no different. Instead of asking for the best moves, and choosing only moves that will win you matches note this. Although this is a shortcut to glory, it is not truly earned glory. Buy the moves that appeal to you, and match your character, not those that are the favourites of others. Ask the effects and make up your own mind. Make your character your own, and find your own way down the path of righteousness!

Respect your opponents, they have the same dreams as you do. We are all one under the grand high rule of the one known as Peter AKA Wolverine. Insults without venom behind them are a sign of respect, to which I hope to see you follow...

Aw hell with it I can't be bothered to speak like a saint anymore. Here is the skinny: -
- Make up your own mind with moves and tactics, but feel free to ask advice.
- Don't use Staff for the sole intent of injuring others, it is rather annoying.
- Respect the other guys out there, by not using venomous insults
- Have fun, this is a game after all. ;)
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