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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: How do i gain action Points?
Post by: Silverback(95054)
2005-05-10 22:38:09
I'm out of Action POints and i don't seem to be getting any more... I can't use the voting system 'cause somehow i was blocked even though i haven't just been pressing the link and not voting... I vote every time i press it... Is it because of my browser? 'cause i really need AP's... I'm completely flat out of AP's... Anyone cares for helping this newbie?
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-05-10 23:56:31
oh dear lord...

You get 1 ap every ten minutes. This might not seem like a lot to you now, but trust me, wait until you have a high consc and you can only fight one or two matches a day.

It's all about controlling how often you log onto VOW. If you lessen the number of times you log on to VOW, then you will have more ap each time you log on.

Or there is always the option of donating, where you can get a bunch of ap at once.
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2005-05-11 17:49:18
1 ap per 10 minutes (2 if you donate, and up to 3 wrestlers)

Bonus Ap for voting, normally 5 per votes. Voting contests also ends easy month. First price in individual contest is 3000 and up to 2500 ap can be given to all wrestlers.

If you are a donating player you can also buy more ap, see the donation page.
Post by: Silverboy(116310)
2005-07-22 02:22:41
hi fellaz...hi read this notice a minutes ago..and well as newbie i can say that has passed 10minutes and the AP still the same...:s
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-07-22 08:47:47
If you have 500 you gain no more.

You gain one at:

:00, :10, :20 etc server time
Post by: Silverboy(116310)
2005-07-22 11:08:13
well..thanks..i have more than 500!!!:$
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-07-22 15:36:58
If you vote you can go over 500, but you won't earn that AP every 10 minutes unless you're a donator. So go spend a little AP.
Post by: Bcmt510(120078)
2005-08-04 04:29:04
do you have to be logged on to recieve AP
Post by: Bcmt510(120078)
2005-08-04 04:33:54
Post by: Bcmt510(120078)
2005-08-04 04:34:02
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-08-04 05:22:54
No - AP accumilates whether you are logged on or not
Post by: Skeeter(125077)
2005-08-23 03:06:46
Post by: Skeeter(125077)
2005-08-23 03:07:10
legen killer really???? u get ap even ig your not on the computer????
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-08-23 03:32:30
*ponders* Do I respond to somebody that cannot spell the words "LEGEND" and "IF"

Yes, you get AP even if you aren't online.
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-08-23 22:52:22
For the third time, do you get AP if you are offline?
Post by: Didlo(106854)
2005-08-27 03:28:47
Yes, you get 1 AP per 10 minutes even if you are not logged in.
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-08-27 13:03:30
Do you get 1 AP every 10 minutes if you eat a donut?
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-27 19:15:26
No, you'll get 3 AP per 10 mins if you eat a donut. Don't know what happens if you eat a banana tho...
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