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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: Whats the best standard move
Post by: jose bagg(67639)
2005-05-06 02:27:51
I know that the more you pay the better the move, but of all the top moves, you are paying for pinning or sub chance.

The most expensive move that is just damage is the piledriver.

Now for my question. Is the piledriver the highest damage move, or do one of the sub/pin moves that are more expensive do more damage?
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-06 03:18:31
worng section noob anyway work it out for yourself we all had to
Post by: jose bagg(67639)
2005-05-06 05:07:26
This is the VOW noob section, so I think I am right. Don't be a jerk
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-05-06 07:05:51
A lot of moves offer a good amount of damage. The suplexes and such do some pretty good damage on a regular basis. As for me personally...piledriver is overrated. When I actually do hit it...it isn't for very much. 7/8 is probably the average. Aerial and tech moves offer some good damage as well. I'm a tech wrestler though...so I can pretty much mix it up anyway. I don't know what style you are so it's hard to go in to anymore detail.
Post by: Kueller(13231)
2005-05-06 19:46:08
sub moces are expensive because they can force your opponent to submit, not because they do a lot of damage (they do little dmg in fact)
The same goes for pin moves...
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-06 20:49:52
you should just let him work it out for himself its not exactly a life or death question
Post by: Limerick(56750)
2005-05-06 22:00:03
Suplexes, especially the strength ones, are usually a pretty good way to go
Post by: jose bagg(67639)
2005-05-06 22:40:07
Thank you limerick.

And thank you to all those people who kept their negative opinions to themselves.

Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-06 23:59:27
look people keep complaining everybody makes there character the same so why the hell u telling him to get them moves :s

i was just making a point
Post by: Flaymin Sapian(67674)
2005-05-07 04:03:57
I personally don't care about your point, or what other people complain about. I am not ashamed of the fact that I am building a wrestler to win with. So It doesn't bother me that he is asking about moves or that others are helping him.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-07 06:38:34
and i personally dont care about you pointing out my point ok i am just saying everybody and i mean everybody complains about people making there wreters the same this exact topic answers why they are because all the top guys are telling them what to get
Post by: Kray(52284)
2005-05-07 13:21:32
Yeah few legends tell newbies what to buy any more, nobody wants everybody to be the same, if everybody was the same then all this game would be is chance and if you want to play a game of chance just flip a coin and try to guess whcih side it lands on, for a rumble roll a die!
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