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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: I know it's been posted before But.... It's all they had when i first started!
Post by: JopeBow(66329)
2007-08-11 09:16:17
1. Make your character.

2. Go to Gym. Use 666 AP to train each stat you want WITHOUT using a Personal Trainer (It'll max you the the point where you need to use a Personal Trainer to raise it any more, also I use 666 AP because you get refunded the rest of the 666 AP if you train it to max before using a Personal Trainer).

3. Put your starting $500 to work. Go to the Gym and using 10 AP, pick a stat you would like to work on. I would recommend Consciousness as you will last longer in a match. But save money for matches as you will need to recover

4. Go to Staff and turn on whatever type of Staff you want, it's up to you (Most people tend to stick to a Doctor 2 this is because other staff make your character do things you're not trained to do and it can cause you more damage than the opponent).

5. Go to Locker Room. Scroll all the way down to bottom. You'll see, SPECIALIZE A KNOWN MOVE. Get your first Finisher for free if you so desire or wait until you buy a move you like to make into a finisher.

6. Pick a fight. Win/lose......IMPORTANT: After every win/lost go to R&R and heal up. Then if you have money left over go to the Gym and use a Personal Trainer to work on your stats e.g. Strength, Submission, Technique...etc (I highly recommend Consciousness).

7. Keep fighting and training in the Gym with a Personal Trainer until you max all stats then save up your money to buy new moves.
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