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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: I'm not just another noobie with the same dumd ???
Post by: bonedaddy(301015)
2007-06-28 04:34:57
To make things known from the start I'm not asking questions on what stats to train or what moves to buy. I'm playing a stiffneck "the Living Vampire"(214399) and I've already gone through the moves list and picked my favorite 20 moves without looking at the prices.

I picked mainly strength and technique because of my style but I even threw in somr aeril and submission moves to even things out. I had to have shooting star press that move is just so unreal to watch and imagine a guy Big Pappa Pump's size doing one.LOL. I even plan on making it my 2nd special move. I spent my starting money on bite and made it my 1st special move purely for character concept. How can you be a vampire and not bite people?LOL.

So as you can see I'm not one of those noobies asking how you whould build and play their character for them because they aren't smart enough to do it themselves. What I have are questions regarding game mechanics so I can buildthe best character possible to challenge you with and eventualy enter in the Hall of Fame. So please aftere my well thought out post can I get some serious answers from the powers that be?LOL.

1. I know the moves that each wrestler does aganist each other in a match is determined randomly. Bur does each style of wrestler have a type of move they will use more often than others?

2. I know that for countering moves the attacking wrestlers stat in the movestype has to be compared to the defending wrestlers technique to see what happens. But if you are attacked with a aeril move whould your stat in aeril be compared with the attackers stat in aeril to see how effective that type of move worked against you? Does the defender having a higher stat in the moves type than the attacker lower the damage done?

3. When you do consective moves in a row before your oppent gets to do a move if all those moves are to the same body area (ex. knee breaker, leg splits, sharpshooter)(sorry Sting but the Hitman's the Best there is the Best there was and the Best there every will be. Behind the Road Warriors of course. But a least you got the bronze.LOL.) does each move get a damage bonus? Also using the above moves listed whould the sharpshooter get a better submission chance?

4. If question #3 isn't already in effect whould it be that hard to assign a way for the computer to see that the attacks being made are to the same body area. It whould give a player that builds their character after say Lex Luger for istance who always worked on his oppents backs before putting them in the Torture Rack a bonus for the effort their making. Also it whould add more stragery to the game as people will start taking the less popular moves so as to possibily get the bonus. I'm not a programmer but a aspiring writer so I dont know how hard this whould be. Just thought it sounded cool if it wasn't in effect already.

5. And finaly to the powers that be.LOL. I whould like to join a stable with other serious players. My character concept is a seril killer in prision that thinks he's a vampire and who's warden arranged for him to wrestle in the VOW on work release. As you can tell it is a darker concept and most defintly a Heel. So he whouldn't fit in that good with a bunch of Faces. Only serious stabel offers please not a new just started or one full of players that don't play. I've been there before on other games and don't want to go there again. I plan on Biting, Clawing and Choking my way to the top and whould like some othe serious players to make it there with. I am willing to donate $500 a month as standard policy for the serious stables. If I impressed any of you with my long and hopefully well written post and you have a opening in your stable check me out. "the Living Vampire"(214399).

Thanx in advance for all the answers. Do I still qualify as a noobie after this post? Or can I raise in rank to join the powers that be?LOL.
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-07-01 03:09:49
each move type as a rateing. easy threw to tuff. this will add modafiers onto your randum roll to see if the move hits or not. if it misses its counted. so if your a tech you get a bounus to counters.

how often moves turn up. well when i started i made a exl work sheet to count the moves on my stiffy. after 20 matchs it was turnbuckle smash. lol it was my speced move too. so go figger. then drop kick. so if you want to get right in to what does stuff go make a exl work sheet like my self. i allso placed in dmg and worked out the ave for each move in dmg. i like smash mouth to start and like to be a all rounder later. not limated to one match type. in vwo and sswo you will be happy to just get matchs lol .
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-07-01 03:15:15
at this time stables do nothing but bragging rights realy. so its no big deal. go look at the link for feds if you whish to do rp. i to like the way you have chosen your path. well done. good start. lets see how you fair. specking bite on hellspawn as a pg was awesome. Drac had it too. so never say no to nothing you have not tryed. my char con rides again has 3 air moves. so its a good thing if your going to have the stat to use it. i have 450 and can not think of the other 2 moves. so best of luck. move sets at the end of game mean nothing any way. you need all 154 moves. first rule of fight club is to have fun lol ok.
Post by: bonedaddy(301015)
2007-07-03 02:04:28
thnx denzil i think i wiil statrt a work sheet. i figured there whld be less choices for matches as you progress thats part of why i am raising all stats.
Post by: lopi9(263027)
2007-07-03 20:56:36
What Is Smart is Being an Aerislt and buying the aerial moves.

Or StiffNEck and buying Power moves

Tech is tech and sub moves

Trad is pin moves
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2007-07-03 22:17:08
The Getting Started and Move List sections of the manual will hopefully answer a good deal of your questions.

1. Each style of wrestler has different stat maximums. Stats are the values that determine the hit probability for each move.

2. The theoretical mechanics behind counters are explained in the manual. The Stiff Neck's inherent ability is the only thing known to reduce damage.

3 & 4. Moves do not logically link to each other (e.g. Back Suplex into Flip-Over Cover) nor does the game recognize damage to specific locations of the body.
Post by: bonedaddy(301015)
2007-07-04 03:30:55
thanx for the info Capt. and to lopi9 what about power wrestlers you forgot them and taking your moves from just 1 catagory only make a boring wrestler not a better one
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