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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: Dan's guide to ap
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-05-15 19:13:31
AP. When you have alot of it you can't get a match. When you have none, you have tons of challenges. :/ Darn you.

Annnnnnyways, this is a quick translation guide to ap. :) Donators first because they pwn.

No ap cap
10 Minutes = 2ap
30 Minutes = 6ap
One Hour = 12ap
One Day = 288ap
One Week = 2,016ap
One Month(30 Days) = 8,640ap
Six Months = 51,840ap
One Year = 103,680ap

500ap Cap
10 Minutes = 1ap
30 Minutes = 3ap
One Hour = 6ap
One Day = 144ap
One Week = 1008ap Exceeds 500ap Cap
One Month = 4320ap Exceeds 500ap Cap
Six Months = 25920ap Exceeds 500ap Cap
One Year = 51840ap Exceeds 500ap Cap
Time taken to reach 500ap: 3 Days, 11 Hours, 20 Minutes
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-05-15 19:21:18
One Day = 488ap for me ;)
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-05-15 19:50:34
Due to voting. :P
Post by: tay ncfc(183846)
2007-05-16 09:50:54
one day = 487 for me
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2007-05-16 16:18:01
AP is overrated.
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-05-16 17:55:20
Only to you, cause you spent it all getting to 9000+exp
Post by: Mad Bear(46310)
2007-05-17 11:00:46
You can still get 200 AP a day just by voting if your a non-donater. It'll add to your limit of 500...you can keep going and going and going and get bored of saving AP with no use for it.
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2007-05-18 06:22:58
I have 9500+ exp thank you very much.
Post by: Gator Gee Wrestling(276244)
2007-08-08 21:03:18
*revives thread* AP is cool and underrated...seriously
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-08-08 23:23:54
Post by: King Nikki(311262)
2007-08-11 12:09:19
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-08-11 16:28:29
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2007-08-12 07:00:24
King Nikki(311262), It's "YARLY". You fail.
Post by: JopeBow(66329)
2007-08-12 09:24:12
He looks like he;s used to that tho ant... (failing)
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