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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: Noob Bashing - The Flip Side of The Coin
Post by: soupy999999(217410)
2007-02-06 16:32:06
OK lets start with the simple stuff .... "NOOB BASHING" is wrong - simply put ... all the peeps who play this game have had 2 go through the tough stages of 1st season syndrome (I'm finding out at the moment that twiddling my thumbs is about as fun as SSWO) ... when ur on the start out road people taking advantage of you only adds 2 rungs to the ladder you have to climb ... so while we're all agreed that "Noob Bashing" ain't good 4 this place, I wanna speak out about the "flip side of the coin" ... NOOB BASHING - from the noob .... ok stay with me here a minute all this typing, at whatever ridculous time of the morning it is, isn't easy ya know ... the scenario is like this ... "noob" comes along & types in open challenge in the chat box ... now it's not the "noobs" fault obviously 4 not knowing about the other "NOOB BASHING" rule ... but thats where their innoncence ends IMHO ... tonight (06/02/07) & on many other occasions I hav witnessed quite the opposite 2 "noob bashing" ... suddenly the "noob" decides after sum1 has accepted their challenge (r as in tonights case said yes jokingly), to attack them because they can't accept the match ... this i think is where I'm supposed 2 link both the "NOOB BASHING" bits together ... em ... ah yes ... so no we hav the scenario that because of the "noob bashing" rule, the "noob" starts personally attacking their would be opponent ... not a good recipe for trying to build & sustain the next batch of 1st season wrestlers in VOW ... to me that kind of personal attacking is just as bad as noob bashing ... neither can be allowed to go on in VOW & I am just speaking out for all those who are on the receiving end of such attacks & either don't wanna cause a fuss or feel intmidated by it all ... so the topic is there for all to discuss (although it probably has been about a million times already)... I for one would be happy to see "Noobs With Attitudes" dealt with just as equally as "Noob Bashers" ... so my little rant is over now & this crazy fool can go back to my sleeping in SSWO division ... ciao 4 now peeps

Mod coment. Re Denzil.
Lots of newbs end up in the mod center for just that doing personal attacks. The thing is no one knows about it because its private. So to answer your questions . yes thre delt with. Just because players dont see the bans it does not mean there happening. The tuff thing is some times the newb does not know where to get help and remakes a account. So he gets in double the trouble. I think you can see where this is going. All i have to say is let laws be and let them learn in there own time. stay out of there way and try to help them if you can. its hard i know but Ray is one of the best to help them. All vets should help them.
Post by: yar(35506)
2007-02-06 17:42:34
I would think someone who has climbed the ranks to sswo would know that there is a "noob bashing rule" and a "no personal attacks" rule. If this occurs simply take a screen shot of the incident and send it to the mod account to be looked at.
Sometimes the more experienced player likes to play a game I call "wiring up the noob to get electrocuted" they will say stuff trying to get the new player to say something they can get in trouble for, not that you did i was'nt on. Remeber it takes two to tango and if you take yourself out of the converstaion it will usually stop.
It is called taking responsibility as a veteran player. Lead by example.
And although I am sure it was a frustrating situation for you, it is just a game and does not matter one iota in real life so just let it go and enjoy having fun.
Post by: soupy999999(217410)
2007-02-07 03:29:00
was just giving a general overview of a situation I witnessed ... whether I'm in the situation r not it's very frustrating to sit & watch "noobs" takin advantage of their unique status like that ... kind of thing that could drive people away from the site which I'm sure nobody wants ... but again was just making a point ...
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2007-02-07 14:57:16
du du du du du de de de de da da da oi oi



Mod coment.
Now Peter has left the law open so some vet players can still take matchs with there new legend or a old friend . you can take 2 matchs with a law if he asks you. if not its a ban.

Talking smak is fun. lots of vets do it. why not laws. is it because they can not back it up that matthers. lol well wait and teach them a leason in spwa where the pay outs are sweeter and you will not get band.

Just think back to when you was a newb. did any one help you. did you have a wicky.
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2007-03-23 04:27:17
when I came here there was no noob bashing rule. it wasnt needed. everyone eventually learns who to accept matches from. I am tired of the new players needing someone to hold their hand all through the game. make it the way it used to be. when you actually had to use your own brain to figure things out.
if you want to know what move hits the hardest. do some research of your own. go to all matches and look for yourself. I dont get paid to help you. figure it out.
Post by: janos(269166)
2007-05-08 09:11:55
^ i agree

learn from experience.

babysitting a noob is like tits on a BULL. its completely useless.

either they learn the hard or the whine like a baby

Mod coment.

all rules in chat aply to the forum. So watch your Ps And Q!. ok or your chat will go.

Just try being nice and make some in game statements about what to do and how. let them make up there own mind. Such hostalty to new players . W.O.W its a wonder we get any new players at all. I think this is why this game is lossing players because of this atatude.
Post by: arkady(295492)
2007-06-05 00:09:32
I think that if noobs want to challange people way out of their league, there's no harm in accepting it once.

They'll probably learn not to do it again.

As long you don't sustain your character like that, and actually pick on someone your own size, as it were, or take advantage of people who've just signed up and don't know anything about the game.

Mod coment.

Bless you for understanding newbs.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-06-07 11:58:37
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