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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: Low blow leg drop as special
Post by: yyau1(124947)
2005-08-24 22:32:55
Hi, I made a wrestler and set its special move to low blow leg drop cause i thought it is hilarious.

may i ask how are special moves damage scaled up? my damage never seem to go past 20 :(


cooley makes a stupendous Shoulder Tackle for 3 damage.

Reverse Kinetics makes an extraordinary Ball Breaking Low Blow for 16 damage.
Holy crap, I bet they heard that hit all the way in China!

Match over : Reverse Kinetics survives and climbs out of the cage and wins the match

Reverse Kinetics Effects
Win cage +1
Money +239 $
Fame +6
Exp +2
Consciousness damage 32
Vital Life damage 4
Doctor Level 2

cooley Effects
Lose cage +1
Money +80 $
Fame +1
Exp +1
Injury -3 Strength
Injury -3 Technique
Injury -1 Aerial
Injury -1 Consciousness
Consciousness damage 58
Vital Life damage 6
Doctor Level 1
Match Coach Level 1
Physical Trainer Level 1
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-08-24 22:41:57
There is no way to make it (even) better. For some reason I think your just flaunting your special's name :P
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-08-25 00:26:52
what ever the max damage of the normal move is +15 damage if u make it a special.

so i dont know the max damage of LBLD but i think it might reach 20
Post by: Danny Blade(82684)
2005-08-25 16:18:03
IC been nice, wow..
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-25 16:57:11
I wonder when the Four Horsemen appear and the world explodes...
Post by: t50centrocks(133160)
2005-09-26 03:59:06
that's it

look at this

yler1993 makes an incredible 5 star frog splash for 23 damage.
Turtle Warrior lands lifeless on the mat!

and this

tyler1993 makes an incredible 5 star frog splash for 26 damage.
itmaniac was thrown around like a dog's chew-toy!

Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-09-26 04:29:08
tyler1993, ...um.... your special move is Top-rope splash. So that's hardly relevant to this thread...
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-09-26 04:56:47
Both specials are 5 star frog splashes both top-rope splashes that doesnt mean anything.
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