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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: A Weird Thought
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-05-20 20:31:20
I'm probably known for weird/stupid ideas, but they keep coming. Here's one, it's about the staff:

How about giving us more control of staff? I'm always trying to juggle the staff: Gotta turn it on all the way for tournies, gotta turn it off for non-tournies. How about letting us set our staff for each type of match - A default setting if you will. One setting for tournies, one for cages, singles, lms, tables, etc. You get the point. This would give us complete control of our staff. What would this mean for all the players? It means you'd have to set your staff once, and be done with it. Of course you can go back later, and edit your settings.

Stupid idea?
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-05-20 20:39:34
default tournament staff, not bad idea.

default normal staff, I don't think as much of. it's usually dependant more upon your opponent than the type of match.

But the tournament one would come in handy, I guess, cuz you could leave that on full staff (if that's what you choose) and not worry about accidently leaving it on for regular matches.

That being said, I don't think it will be implemented. My four cents
Post by: Shadow Demon(49296)
2005-05-20 21:54:31
I think it wouldnt really work, i think what should be implemented in the way of saff is a pre-match staff setting e.g set so that the match is docs only and that opponent cannot accept unless they have only got doctors staff on.
but i agree about the tourney's it would make that easier.
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-20 22:07:33
I agree that it would make life a lot easier. I just had to toss out 7 challenges and 4 handicap matches because I had to set my staff for tonights SSWO title defense against maximumpayne, and I know I'll forget if I didn't do it right then. It might be worth doing when VOW gets an overhaul.
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-05-20 22:09:57
I've figured you out, Doug ;)
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-20 23:00:54
"e.g set so that the match is docs only and that opponent cannot accept unless they have only got doctors staff on."

Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-21 02:46:20
Yea, that's not good. I was thinking just a checkbox that says "Use full staff for tourney."
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-05-22 03:07:33
Hey, thanks glad you guys like the idea. :)
Post by: Jaysen Chambers(46756)
2005-05-22 06:03:38
I would just like a friendly reminder like when you goto the ring it tells you what current staff you've got on.
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-05-24 22:43:54
How about a button called 'Auto Pilot'? You don't even bother logging on, everything is automatic!
Post by: beggar(46408)
2005-05-25 13:57:24
I've suggested the same thing in the international League posts.

a checkbox that says "Save Staff" on the Ring page
when you check that box and make a challenge, the Docs setting you have at that time are saved for that match
you can switch about staff as much as you like, but that particular match WILL be fought with the staff you saved.

(went with this approach because it involves the least design changes)

you have a tourny tonight but you want a nice clean match against the friendly Beast
1: you go to Staff and set 002
2: go to the Ring and challenge the Beast with "save staff" checked
3: you go to Staff and set 222
You'll fight your tourny with full staff, but if the challenge is accepted, it'll be fought 002
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