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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Heel/Face situation
Post by: ebonyfire(90583)
2005-05-07 13:12:23
Well I have been here for a few weeks and found this game very intriguing and caused me to reminisce when such games had to be played via mail and you were at mercy of the owners of the game whether you were successful or not. I think one thing could be tried to spice things up a bit and probably add a little more unpredictability to the game play. SNEAK ATTACKS. I know, it sounds absurd and it ruins the whole idea of 'clean' wrestling, but, I feel the surprise would be a shot in the arm.

Here is how I think it should. First, this option should only be made available to SSWO and PWO since they are ones most likely to need some excitement :). Second, Sneak attack has to be arranged carefully for each attack will have a LOW chance of success. This added feature would make the stables more part of the actual game play and creativity.

Imagine, if you will, a legend going into his match..a new stat created that details vunerability. This stat is only known by the respected wrestler. Ok, I digress.

Well, the legend has been working a bit hard for the day or week and his vunerability is high. An attack has been submitted and becomes succesful. Then ,only then this attack takes place in an actual match.

The effect of the attack could cause injuries to any or all the stats. Even if the legend wins the match, the attack would make him have to regain his status and his fame would take a drastic hit--like 200 points. Now, as I see it, this is quite a drop, especially if you have been highly active. Yet, there is a pay off. For each competitor who overcomes his attacker in a grudge match of their chosing, would gain high fame and higher than normal money amount.

Sounds wild and complex? Good! I think this would make things interesting but keep it rare so as not make the game filled with nothing but sneak attacks and grudge matches.

Well, tell me how foolish it is, ok?

Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-08 07:32:47
Sneak attacks will never be implemented. You can consider this infallable PLIT dogma, so you shouldn't waste any time even debating it.
Post by: ebonyfire(90583)
2005-05-08 08:04:50
no debate..just food for thought..:) and yes sneak attacks would be a complex RPG application
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