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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Show Staff Status
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-05-02 20:24:16
Is there a way to show what kind of staff an opponet has turned on? I was just reading another thread, and I thought of this. :)
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-05-03 01:12:01
nope. been suggested, but turned down before. Which I now agree with the reasons given then...
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-05-03 02:31:35
The closest you'll get to this feature is by doing a little work yourself. Keep in mind, this is obviously not 100% accurate, but one way is to check the recent matches of an opponent you desire to challenge and check what staff they've used recently. It's worked for me quite well back in the SPWA days and such.
Post by: Seneca Pride(47426)
2005-05-04 07:51:10
It would give too big of a advantage to the one receiving the match.
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-05-04 21:55:31
I reckon it's a good idea.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-04 23:23:20
its crap and pointless only thing that should be changed is the staff get rid of docs and make it like the game used to be when it was fun and none of the top players were leaving
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-05-05 11:12:21
I was just wondering about this one. That's what I do on my LAW character... I check peoples' last match. I don't care if people full staff Benoit, he wins anyway because no one high enough full staffs. :)
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