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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Suggestions Galore
Post by: Eclectic_Loner(89926)
2005-04-28 23:37:14
1. Redo the price list for moves. Take the cobra clutch being cheaper than the sleeper. Doesn't make sense or the rolling germans being mentioned as easily counterable yet it's expensive.

Or a bite being cheap while something else which is weaker in actual application be strong.

How about using fame instead of money to get moves? It will make much more sense that the figure 4 is expensive because a famous person like Ric Flair does it so only a credible enough wrestler would be allowed to use it as a move.

Money would then be used in R % R and remove AP usage. That way we get to have more matches daily while healing injuries.

2. Match hype

To add purpose to money. Add the option to pay money to hype the match. You could upgrade a singles match into a early entry match as default gathering only minimal fame to a ppv match quality gathering more fame by spending money.

Not quite as realistic as pro wrestling. It does give effect to the backstage powers thing aka bribing the boss (paying for dinner or some sort of politics effect) or bribing the writers effect.

This would only matter when buying moves uses fame. In a real wrestling sense. A ppv match would make the two contenders more credible aka the crowd sees them as upper midcarders or they appeal to the crowd. On the other hand, jobber qualities gain less fame.

This has it's advantages:

a. No longer necessary to fight in special matches just for extra g's meaning less AP spent yet an option to get a high reward. Let's admit it, a Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart single PPV match would always be better than a 6 man elimination chamber match. On ther other hand, cage matches with ppv quality may now mean higher rewards too.

b. Lessen the people asking for these type of matches. I don't have anything against these people. Just in the wrestling sense, we don't see cage/LMS/Table matches galore especially in a monthly show. From what I know, only TNA does all cage matches and that's because of a PPV.

c. This makes it possible for a monthly money in the bank match contest.

d. Despite this being just a game, no wrestler ever get's paid a measly couple of bucks to wrestle even in an indy

3. Feuds

Not in the roleplay sense. Here's just an idea.

Two wrestlers put themselves in a feud. What this means is that they get increase in reward after a match between the 2 feuders

The key here is that once they assigned each other in a feud. The longer they wait, the higher the bonus. Like say by default there's a 2% bonus. Each day the bonus increases by 1%. The longer the two wrestlers don't fight each other, the higher the reward. On the other hand, when they wait too long, they may never reap the benefits of a people who ended their feud earlier and found another person to feud with.

Once the two feuders fight, their bonus is calculated and the fued ends.

They then have an option to continue the feud in a rematch. Rematch feuds start with 4% and increase by 2% each day.

This option is only available if the original feud reaches the bonus of 50% symbolizing very high heat between the two wrestlers.

The third feud between the same wrestlers or second rematch feud without reaching 50% gets only 1% bonus by default and .5% increaee each day.

The key to having feuds is that you have to trust your opponent and you. One guy screws up and gets impatient and forces you to challenge and the whole feud bonus is lessened.

That way, each wrestler must think wisely who he wants to feud with. Especially when they wait long and one wrestler suddenly has superior stats over his opponent.

What the feud idea gives is an element of strategy for those wrestlers to catch up with other wrestlers who started earlier. Key word is strategy not grind and number of matches.

On the other hand, it could also very well mean that an unsuccessful feud would be a disappointment and pushes a rising wrestler back into the little leagues while the successful feuders rise up over him.

4. Auto scheduler. Using this, a person can schedule a fight with another person of near equal stats. What this means is that a person may just click this and even when he's offline, he's guaranteed a match for that day and he knows it's going to be a fair fight instead of the tourneys. Actually this is suggested by someone else already. I just feel like adding the offline idea.

5. Ring knowledge stat. An added stat to downgrade the submission effects by grabbing the ropes or reducing the luck factor. The negative effect of ring knowledge is that it gives no real bonus in a fight except for the luck part. More chance of grabbing the ropes, more chance of kicking out of a pin, more chance of stopping the ladder. It doesn't add anything to an offensive stat though except for the traditional wrestler. This ups their pin % slightly. The problem here is too much ring knowledge means lesser chance of stat growth. This is more of a later stat to build than an early stat to build on.

6. Using fame to increase the effectiveness of a finisher. Let's say you bought all the moves you want. What now? What use is fame? Instead of retiring, you get to continue on stuff like this.

Fame can then be added to a finisher to increase it's damage (1000 fame for a multiplier of .5 bonus damage)

500 fame for a normal move.
Post by: Jaysen Chambers(46756)
2005-04-29 03:27:36
:S OR........... not.
Post by: mistahspeddles(20309)
2005-04-29 11:58:30
1. Yes some of the moves don't make sense at the price they are at. But they have been that way for a long time, and are fine the way they are at. As for RG's, I still consider it the best pin move in the game... as long as it isn't specialized.

Fame for moves is not a good idea. A lot of people would never get many moves that way. Plus if you are gone for a decent ammount of time, good luck getting moves.

2. Sort of pointless, it will end up in all the same stuff. People will do what gives them the most rewards. All the people fighting Table/Cage/LMS will learn in SSWO that it isn't such a smart thing to do. Everything will end up in almost all Singles by then. And by then you will be making more money, at least 300+, as a matter of fact I would make 500-600 a Singles win fighting my normal opponents.

3. Feuds in the sense of what you are talking about does already increase the payout, especially in SSWO. Simply your fame starts adding up, and the reward is greater and greater the more you fight. That's why the fame system is good, despite the diminishing returns put on high fame about a half year ago.

4. You can do that on your own. I used to always leave challenges up to people around my exp. Even when people were offline, they usually would come on to see they had a challenge from me. Did that probably from 4.5k to retirement.

5. No need to decrease Sub/Pin. Want to know why? Read my replies to the 50 billion other threads about it.

6. Fame = money, don't know why you keep going to say fame has no use. You say what use is retiring? Well let's see, the bonus you want is basically given to you for retiring.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-04-29 23:12:41
you do know you just wasted so much time saying that crap. The only thing that could be ok but not the way you said it is ring experience. Not sure how to add it tho but it is no loss if it never gets mentioned again
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-04-29 23:16:59
I think you could make a very good wrestling game...but obviously not this one :)
Post by: kriegpaolo(47053)
2005-04-30 09:39:50
Figure Four Leg Lock hadn't made people tap out since last year...

And I don't get it. Sharpshooter is the next best Submission? It hadn't been used for awhile by Chris Benoit and when he does it, only few times it had made people tap. And the same thing happens to The Rock, except Rock does it more than Benoit.
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