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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: New Ideas For Matches.
Post by: Broten1(80915)
2005-04-19 15:28:36
I think they should add matches like TLC, Hardcore, Submission or Ultimate Submission, or Hell in the Cell matches.

I know i'm only a new SPWA but, i just want my ideas to be heard.
Post by: Kray(52284)
2005-04-19 15:50:32
So you're not content with the two new matches that have just been added?
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-04-19 17:35:47
bah this is the first time matches have been added since the game started in sept 2003. I think you might be waiting till like 2007 now before more get added
Post by: the n3w era(30824)
2005-04-20 00:03:10
I agree with KoVoW, be happy with what you got, anyways the new match types aint really much special, just the same as a ladder or cage really.
Post by: Kueller(13231)
2005-04-20 01:24:29
no kidding. The same would hold true of any other match type introduced.
Post by: Broten1(80915)
2005-04-20 04:54:05
u guys are right i was just in the heat of the moment.
Post by: Dinkus_Warrior(50201)
2005-04-22 15:28:25
A submission match could potentially be deadly though, if made correctly...come down to if they didn't tap before they ran out of con, and the person didn't have any subs except maybe head lock, he should be allowed to continue...think of that massive stat damage!

...or not and I'm just being an idiot. Take your pick, and it'll more than likely be the latter

EDIT: BTW, I'm more than content with the new +10 ladder and Cage matches :D
Post by: Olympic Angle(75245)
2005-04-24 13:17:41
The TLC match won't be in VOW. It's all about using own moves and train urself. It's clean wrestling action. The stable thing is pretty poor I reckon. No interference, etc. The Submission Match is crap as well. Wanna know why? You can figure it out urself. Personally, I reckon the LMS match is bad...Basically it's singles! And it even gives u more money and cost more ap than Cages!!!

Maybe Item on a Pole Match? But instead of win by pinning after u use the weapon, it should be the winner is the one that gets the item on the pole (briefcase?). Other than Item on a Pole Match, I can't think of any other match types.
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-04-24 17:35:26
LMS is a match where you must KO your oppenent, which basically means stat damage is garunteed for one wrestler.
Stat Damage Chances = More Money

Why Item on a pole? We already have a Ladder match.

I don't recall any submission matches... although that's basically all Singles are in SSWO.
Post by: freeza26(91693)
2005-04-30 03:31:58
Maybe the use of forign objects such as chairs, Broom handles ect
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