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Thread: counter mercy for noobs?
Post by: ocelot(76)
2004-12-16 00:15:22
ive noticed recently that our chars counter less when fighting people below our exp.(emphasized on technical wrestlers)

does the counter percent go down when facing lower wrestlers?

example)Beat rincewind
lose to joker 2 times

example) beat pat bomber roach 4 times
lose to dormata euge 3 times

example)beat MHV1 one time
got over 70 damage to a spwa wrestler and he only got 20 (still won though:P)

please tell me if my theory is true
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2004-12-16 10:09:19
I don't think it is
Post by: Kray(52284)
2004-12-16 11:29:26
Perhaps it's just that you are bad at thisgame Ocelot. ;p
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2004-12-16 18:04:23
Bah! You got a lucky submmission on me. This whole game is luck.
Post by: ocelot(76)
2004-12-17 00:08:28
*note this also happened to pat bomber roach! thats why i beat him so many times

*i also seem to beat chester the clown numerous times even if he is in SSWO
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2004-12-17 01:02:32
Note that Joker is also a tech :)
Post by: ocelot(76)
2004-12-17 08:04:35
*note that oce is stronger than joker stat wise so joker wins over oce

*note that pat bomber roach is stronger than oce so oce gets the win
Post by: mistahspeddles(20309)
2004-12-17 12:16:16
Funny how I have always seen different. More exp = less countering.
Post by: Kueller(13231)
2004-12-17 15:53:21
counters depend on your opponents tech skill - so the more exp your opponent has, the higher his chance to counter (usually - styles can throw this somewhat out of whack)
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2004-12-17 17:07:03
Two, or even ten match results with the same strange properties are still not relevant for the game mechanics themselves...

It was just a random happenstance, ocelot...
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2004-12-18 02:24:55
And sometimes a wrestler just plain stinks against specific opponents, no matter what you do.
Post by: penguinlover(294552)
2007-06-23 15:50:14
2004 bump!
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