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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Ideas
Post by: Nethaven(53734)
2005-02-25 07:58:37
To Peter,

I think VOW is one of the best and most underated games =) It should be no1 or something but that's my opinion I guess. I was wondering if you're planning on making a huge update (Baisicly a VOW 3) while still keeping the old VOW having so much new things. It'll be nice if you find one good sponser that'll actualy care (Maybe the WWE? Ask around... just give small emails to many big guys in the video game ladder to help you out...) to help you... that'll give so much to the legends like Bubba and everything. Also another small term sudgestion is how about a actual RP for pete sakes lol. This little RP board is nothing really IMHO. There's 2 that I know that is making my time in VOW so much fun because now not only am I just clicking and sending invites and reading the results in excitement... these player made shows give me a reason to actualy play and RPing is so much fun if there's actualy a story =) Currently the two I know are:



maybe actualy make it a official part of VOW and have Bubba and other moderators pitch in. Baisicly GWO and XWC are in a feud and wrestlers constantly (Now there are many on both and it is so fun and if you didn't notice yet people are asking who's on XWC and GWO) challenge each other... it not only made VOW a small hobby but it got the players together and made VOW a part of their day. So with more stuff and maybe a new cooler improved VOW =) and then the best RP sites part of VOW people will have so much more fun playing the game (Not that it isn't already) but they'll also have roleplaying giving them the "Experience of a Pro Wrestler) you can laugh or you can scold but hey if you don't give ideas even just throw them like crazy eventualy it'll be worth it lol. TYVM for reading have a good night =)
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-02-25 16:44:42
Some people (like myself) don't really want to RP. It isn't manitory within the game, so why force us to.
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-02-25 22:41:19
There are no plans for a VOW3 anytime soon (soon being in the next 1.5 years). VOW as it is now will not see any major changes that require altering the game code. VOW as it is now should be considered essentially a finished (and admittedly flawed) product.

There is a two-fold reason for this:

1) Peter has a day job that doesn't leave him any more time for major development (or most minor development)

2) VOW's success is partly the reason for Peter losing his motivation. The constant demands of this one game forced him to postpone fixing other games and cancel development of new games all together. VOW basicly became a will-sapping monster that has now been caged and probably won't be let out for quite a long time.

What can still be done:

Anything involved in tweaking the database can be done by myself and Scorp, with Peter only needed to upload the new files. This means moves can be tweaked, and possibly new moves can be added (but I have yet to see a new move that I would want to add in the year that people have been proposing them).

Meanwhile, Scorp and I will be kind of unofficially scrapping ideas together for a VOW3 in case Peter decides to give it a go, or I learn to program it myself. Regardless, it is PLIT's view that Roleplaying is solely the domain of the players, and as such no in-game support will be added beyond what is already present (stables). Ever.
Post by: Nethaven(53734)
2005-02-26 05:18:09
Alright. BTW the guy above you I meant if you wanted to. hmmm so new moves and stuff huh... Well here's my changes that I want that I think can be made with what you said...

When challenging people(s) there can be a checklist sytle. So you can have the original matches or none of the above and then customize it so you can select different rules like "Submission only" "Knockout only" And maybe even choose what staff you want. Also you can choose tag team and a new feature finnaly is a rumble. People can accept or when they decline they can show you what they want and you can accept their change or keep changing back and forth till you compromise. I know it sounds complicated but if you just take my bad typing and try to make sense of it it's not a bad idea IMHO...

Also a new feature I'll like is when specializing you can even change the format (But you'll be banned if it's innapropiate) here players like superplex, chokeslam, etc can say ... lets say for example I specialize the DDT and call it "Top Rope DDT" But I don't like the old Terry Argo make a Top Rope DDT for 31 dmg. I'll change it to: "Wait, oh my god is Terry Argo... Yes! He's bringing Ocelot (Just thought of a random name lol) to the top rope. And oh my god a top rope DDT!" something like that. And finnaly another is not only specializing you can create your own moves by nothing althrough it'll cost A LOT MORE and it won't be free the first time and the price won't decline in any way and will only get bigger. But baisicly you can make a aerial and stuff and depending on the money you give you can have more damage and have more effects like subm, pin, KO, etc. TYVM again.
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-02-26 10:40:04
Everything you suggest would require code changes within the game. Any changes the players can interact with in any way would require code changes, and hence won't happen. Your first and last suggestions are entirely new game features, and custom text would require a new user input line and the creation of a new database structure. None of them would be easy to implement, sorry.
Post by: Nethaven(53734)
2005-02-27 00:28:15
Alright My FINAL so lol thanks if you're still reading and maybe annoyed lol.

This is the most simplest I can think of: Cheap Shots.

No it's not weapons althrough that'll be nice but baisicly it's a new catagory. It's simply like Tagiri's Tarantula and etc. These are optional moves so you don't need these to be a legend. The reason why is everytime your wrestler uses this he or she might get caught by the ref. That leads to disqualification. I'm sure toggling it on and off is too much for you so just that catagory is ok. TYVM once again.
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-03-01 08:14:06
yeah, not gonna happen
Post by: kriegpaolo(47053)
2005-04-25 20:26:31
Create own moves? Basically you can do that by specializing...

Specialize DDT and call it 'STO'...
Specialize Scorpion Death Lock and call it 'Reverse Ankle Lock'...

Also (Prob I know the answer), why does it called 'Scorpion Death Lock'? I know because it was first introduced as SDL by Sting, but it became popular as 'Sharpshooter'. Then if ppl want to call it 'Scorpion Death Lock', just specialize it.
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