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Thread: Stables, More matches, ext...
Post by: obby(437386)
2012-08-11 13:12:01
As mentioned in my General Manager of VOW forum, I believe this game can work. I believe that the game needs more actions however. So here are a few ideas of mine:

-Stables: actually allow joining a stable to mean something other than just saying your there. Maybe stable tournys based on avg EXP.

-Have a more variety of matches that can be found only by being in PPV. That brings me to my next point.

-PPV: i understand tournys when you are in LAW and even SPWA, but when you get to the big leagues you should be able to participate in PPVs and earn bigger awards. I believe that any of these ideas can lead to a better more active game. Thank you for your time. :-)
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