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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: General Manager of VOW++
Post by: obby(437386)
2012-08-11 13:07:45
Okay i know you gave the game a general manager. This guy is banning everybody for making public statements, for example a player said that they believe DMD was rude. (this player was not me.) The general manager banned him, then publicly announced it like he did something worthy of a trophy. I told him that that is probably not the best way to handle things. Then he sent me a message and we talked about how abusing the authority is not how you get chat back active it will just lead to ppl quitting. He said he understood, then i sent him a smiley face. I log back on and he sends me a message saying he is the authority figure around here not me. Please, i really have faith in this game and believe that with help from admins and PLIT that this game can be something, but this general manager guy is going to make everybody leave. Do something
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