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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Additional Fame
Post by: Seneca Pride(47426)
2005-01-24 13:31:52
How about adding points to fame for actually performance in the ring(instead of just if you win). Right now it just goes by the amount of your's and your opponent's fame difference. Points would be added for the wrestler that earns them. This would help ease the sting for someone who does good in the match, but still loses(lost a match by a pin even though I did 78 con damage while my opponent did 28). Something like:

3 fame point for win within 5 moves(moves for both wrestlers).

1 point for a move 10 to 19 in damage.

2 points for a move 20 to 29 in damage.

3 points for a move 30+ in damage.

2 points for a counter 10+ in damage.

2 points for a match(both wrestlers) 20 to 29 moves.

4 points for a match 30 to 39 moves.

6 points for match 40 to 49 moves.

If there are matches longer than that then add 2 points per 10 moves.

Rumbles over two people would add 10 to moves total for every contestant. For example 3 wrestlers = 2 points for 30 to 39 moves, 4 wrestlers = 2 points for 40 to 49 moves. A person would not automatically get points for total length of rumble, but length they stayed in the rumble.

Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-24 18:10:46
Nice idea, but probably hard to implement.

Don't go dreaming about this, I am afraid it will not happen.
Post by: mistahspeddles(20309)
2005-01-25 23:17:47
Unlikely to happen considering Fame was changed to benefit a lot less at higher levels. So if Fame was changed to give less of an effect, why would the fame awarded be changed?

I'm not saying that I wouldn't want Fame back the way it used to be, or even have this implemented. Injuries seem to be happening a lot more and I am personally getting a lot worse heals. So I would be all for it, then again I usually end up fighting the higher Fame people anyway.
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