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Thread: It's only a suggestion...
Post by: Shoottothrill86(176802)
2007-09-03 17:52:46
It was recommended in another thread that I send this to Peter,a nd since it says to put suggestions in the forum, which is where I made it anyway... I'll try it's own thread. It's just a couple of ideas to help deter multi accounting and trolls.

*Don't allow LAWs chat privileges until 50 experience.

This is actually a variation of a suggestion from another player int he forum. Players who are chat banned and create a new account just to drop f bombs might be less likely to do so if they have to work their way through 50exp just to do it. It wouldn't be a huge inconvenience for a new player and might actually encourage them to read the manual instead of just saying "What do I do?" over and over. Experienced players should be able to get through 50 experience rather quickly, so going through the bother of lifting the temporary ban for legends wouldn't really be necessary, but could still be an option.

*Don't allow another account to be created from the same computer for three days.

I do realize there are some families that have more than one person playing from the same computer, but this wouldn't be a great inconvience for them. It could probably even be brought down to 24 hours between creating accounts. I think that would put a stop to a lot of multi accounting and the above mentioned players just trying to stir up trouble. Even if someone is pathetic enough to wait a day or two or three to create another account, the 50exp ban on chat is still there.

I just think these changes would make things a lot easier on the mods and the game more enjoyable for the real players. I've seen mods spend the better part of an hour banning the same person over and over again because they keep creating new accounts. I really don't know how difficult any of it would be to inject, but there it is.
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2007-09-03 20:54:31
I agree with both! There are bad people in PLIT Games, and This is a way to stop some of them in VOW
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