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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Money spending
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2007-02-09 11:10:41
When in VWO, most people just want to buy all of their moves and then just hop back to LAW. However, what about those who carry on playing and build up all this excess money?

There are those who complain about a handful of VWOs being untouchable because of their number of specials, however, sometimes these are the ones who keep VWO afloat with matches at the upper end. The stat cap/decay was designed to "level out the playing field", but what about being able to "reverse" the process, but at a VERY high price.

My dummy in this is Joker (well, just look at him, that ugly mug...). Currently, he sits on 13 specials with 13k. His stats are:
St: 66
Sub: 54
Tech: 48
Air: 39
Con: 124

We've seen how aging can hurt someone like Rikishi, knocking his stats down to a mid-high SSWO level. Now surely, there should be something which allows stats to be maintained at a level, but keeps the playing field "level".

For example: Joker wants to raise his max Strength up to 67, he could pay $20,000 to raise it from 66 to 67. The raise from 67 to 68 would be say $25k.

This idea would keep the game interesting for the majority of players who want to keep playing after they buy all the moves. And those who might not be in stables might have a load of money laying around. So instead of buying specials, they might try to keep their stats raised to compete with the majority of VWO.
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-02-09 17:20:27
if this happened i would think about staying in vwo with a char for sure but it would be next char threw because vlad is allready buying moves out so his move set is very ramdum. he is just about to become a vwo. i entend to take helly threw 5 times like bubba and the last time around i will look at staying in game. as long as the ageing does not automaticly kill off the stat i have payed for to stay. this way i could keep my primy stat hi and be happy with it and keep my con stat high too. i dont know about prices but well lets see. joker gets masive stats if he pays for it. i dont mind. when you have all the moves its the stable or specs. what to do?
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