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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Tourney changes
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2006-05-15 06:40:07
OK, with all the changes, it looks as if higher league tourneys are basically becoming extinct. (Also, nice to see that the aim of the stat cap has failed, with BALLA holding all 5 VWO titles)

Proposition: Change the interface of VOW tourneys.

Tourney auto-run
Many people find it annoying when they find that they spend $2500 on tourneys in SSWO which never run, and the exp cap beats them. What I propose is that the tourneys which have 4 or more entrants, have a set time period before they run, regardless of the number of entrants. This would work well in the styles tourneys which I find seldomly run (once a month in SSWO, if lucky). As a result, you could make the prize money for styles tourneys a proportion of the number of entrants (so 4 people entering may only give $2.5k).

Now some may say that this is just basically reducing the number of entrants needed to 4, but this isn't the case, as it is a time-limit between entrant #4 and the beginning of the tourney, whereas normally the tourney begins the day after the 8th person enters.
Post by: Marcs or Felix(120913)
2006-05-16 03:54:17
i agree with u 100% howeva, i think tha prize money shud stay tha same, with felix i hav bin waitin 1100exp already 4 tha SSWO PG tourny
Post by: sid(174589)
2006-05-19 07:28:42
How much $$$ do you get a day for holding a title?
Post by: yadlow2005(86957)
2006-05-20 23:27:55
auto run tourney...it's not a new idea..but would be server intensive.

Stat cap, failed? Look again....Balla's has already lost two titles. So, the age/stat cap is doing it's job..:)
Post by: Deathlord(144339)
2006-05-26 06:12:34
I dont think him forgetting to set his staff on .. had anything to do with the stat caps and ageing :P
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