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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: An unoffcial legend bonus
Post by: yadlow2005(86957)
2006-04-16 00:20:01

With all the changes that has taken place in VOW. I have noticed there is greater urgency to retire when you get 'too old'. Yet, I have an interesting suggestion. Since, the legend damage bonus is now +1 and there does not look like this will change any time soon, I would to propose one change for those that retire. It's about money. Allow the retiree to retain a small amount of money. For example, when one retires, they are able to take the remaining amount of ap with them. Why not allow said retiree to keep about 1000 dollars of his past winnings. Then, that limit can be upped by increments of 500 for each retirement stopping at 2500 dollars. As many have complained about legend's damage bonus, this is a way to grant compensation.

Think about it, you retire. You get 500 dollars and 2500 ap. If you have let's say 1000 dollars from your past character. You have two options, buy cheap moves or use the cash to max out your stats completely without a single fight. That to me, is a true bonus.

Thanks for reading
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2006-04-16 04:28:50
I would not object to this change. However, it is only a one-time bonus that is quickly made irrelevant with the passage of time.
Post by: yadlow2005(86957)
2006-04-16 06:05:22
perhaps...but... it is something..that can happen each time you retire..:)
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