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Thread: VOW Manual
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2006-03-25 04:32:15
The other day I saw people saying to Peter why there wasn't a manual on the left toolbar to advise new players of what to do. Peter said there wasn't one good enough for this to occur which got me thinking, why not have a go myself? Now there is nothing wrong with Gatch's external manual but I thought I'd try and beef it up a bit. Obviously i'd love to hear any feedback from you guys to improve it further and hopefully Peter can take this on board. I warn you it is a bit long :)

Destroyer・s Virtual Online Wrestling (VOW) Manual

Welcome to my manual for VOW, I have tried my best to explain everything I possibly can about the VOW world in the hope that this can help new players enjoy the game more. The basic format is similar to the already present external manual, which has helped me a lot I may add, originally made by Gatch. I have tried to expand upon it using my experience of the game in a bid to enhance the overall experience.

Main Game Interface

In this section I will outline to you the main layout of the VOW main interface page and what each link can do for you.

Prior to setting up your character, you will see that you have been brought immediately to the VOW main screen. On the left hand side you can see a toolbar containing various useful and important links to the games interface, in the middle any links information you click on is shown and on the right is the chat toolbar (this will be explained later).

We shall start of with the left toolbar and where the links take you.

Red Message Link: This link on the top of the toolbar is not always present to you. It intermittently appears depending on whether you have either received a message or a match. If the message says .・YOU HAVE A MATCH・・ clicking this link will take you directly to the ring section (explained later) and you will see details of a challenge from a player. If the message says .・1 MESSAGE・・ then clicking on this link will take you to your message section (explained later) with an outline of the message details. This link will range in number depending on how many messages you have received.

Contact: Clicking on this link will take you to the information area for contacting admin and moderators of the site. Notice how the screen as changed to as if you had logged out with the left buttons changing as if you were in that status now. In the middle is information on contacting the game, including moderators email address, various PLIT games contacts and email addresses for creator Peter Lindstrm.

Bonus AP (Votes): This link is very useful for any VOW player new and old. Clicking on this link will take you to the bonus action points (AP) voting section. In the middle of the screen you will be able to see details of this voting scheme, warnings about abuse and the voting links themselves. A key point to note is that for every link you click you will receive the bonus AP number located on the right of that link for your wrestler to use in game, but you can only receive 200 AP a day. I advise any player to use this as often as possible as this will provide you with more playing ammunition in the form AP for playing.

Game Status: Clicking on this link will bring up some details on the games status in the middle of the screen. It shows you the current server time, and in game statistics such as player numbers, move numbers, challenges and fighting styles.

IRC Web Chat: Clicking on this link will open up a new window and direct you to a web chat area. This feature is unfortunately not utilised by many players nowadays.

Forum: Clicking on this link will open up a new window to the PLIT games forum. You will be asked to sign in as a guest or your account ID first of all before being directed to the forum page. Here you will find forums including for each PLIT game and general sections. If you want to place anything in the forum concerning VOW click on the relevant VOW forum, whether it be about improving the game, general conversation or complaints etc and place your message.

Player Pages: Clicking on this link will bring up a new window for the player pages section. Like the contact section it will log you out in order to view this page. In the middle of the screen there are various elements to click on and view. At the top you will see player pages for all the games on PLIT. Clicking any of these will switch the screen to that games relevant player page section. Here you can view in game pages created by the players of each game.

On returning to the main player page screen, underneath there is a list of external player page links you can view such as manuals and tournaments outside of PLIT games.

Underneath these are a list of VOW based e-feds (fantasy wrestling federations created by people) which players have created, clicking any of these will take you to a site.

Reload Chat: This link refreshes the chat section on the right of your screen and brings it up to date.

Wrestler Stats: This link is the first of those concerning your wrestler himself. Clicking on this will bring up your wrestlers stats in the middle of the screen. In the box at the top you can view the following:

- Characters Name and ID

- Stable and ID

- Creation Date

- Money

- Fighting Style

- Total AP Used

- Current AP

- Strength, Submission, Technique, Aerial, Consciousness and Vital Life Stats

- Fame

- Experience

- League

- Wins and Losses

Underneath this box you have the option to write a small description of 250 characters about your wrestler, which is then displayed below this.

Further below the amount of messages and challenges you currently have waiting is shown.

Below this is a list of the moves you currently own and below this is a section for the special moves you own with a link to edit these.

Staff: Clicking on this link will bring up the staff section in the middle of the screen. Here you are given the option to change each of the staff (doctor, physical trainer and match coach) to a level between 0 and 2. Level 0 will take no percentage of your match winnings, level 1 will take 15% and 2 will take 35%. Once set the current level will be shown in the relevant column.

Gym: Clicking on this link will bring up the gym section in the middle of the screen. Here you can see a small table detailing the current level of your wrestler・s stats and the max level they can achieve. If any of your stats require increasing then these will be displayed below. You have the option to put as much AP as you wish in the .・AP to use・・ column and also the option to select the personal trainer yes or no. Yes uses money as well as AP but is quicker in increasing whereas No uses no money but uses AP and is slower in increasing.

Locker Room: Clicking on this link will bring up the locker room section in the middle of the screen. Here you can see your current money and AP level and beneath that a large section of moves (154 in total) which you can buy for your wrestler. Clicking on any of the words on the top of the first 3 columns enables you to sort them in order of each category. The last category gives you the option to buy any of these moves if you have the money.

If you scroll to the bottom of the screen you will see a section for buying special moves. Here it will show you the current cost for your next special, the base move to use, custom move name and custom description for you.

R&R: Clicking on this link will take you to the Rest and Recuperation (R&R) section in the middle of the screen. Here is where you heal your consciousness and vital life after a match. It gives you details of the amount it costs to heal, the amount of AP required to heal (automatically generated after a match) and details on AP, money, consciousness and vital life.

Ring: Clicking on this link will take you to the ring section in the middle of the screen. If you have any matches you will see them at the top of the screen here. If you selected the red .・YOU HAVE A MATCH・・ link as explained earlier, you will be brought here to. Matches at the top our challenges by opponents and matches beneath our challenges issued by you. On the opponents challenge you can click on the opponents ID to take you to their wrestler・s stats page. You also have the option to accept or decline. If you accept then you will be taken to a screen where you can submit pre-match comments to an opponent before the match is fought. If you decline then you will be taken to the same screen to make comments but the challenge will then be removed. With the issued challenge you have the option to remove that challenge at anytime and can again look at the opponent・s wrestler・s stats by clicking on the ID.

Beneath these match boxes is another box, here you can enter an opponents ID, add any comments to send to him and select the match type you wish to fight before creating the challenge. You・re AP and money is also displayed underneath.

Tournament: Clicking on this link will take you to the tournament section in the middle of the screen. At the top there is a large box. Here is displayed the belt names, holders, current and next round participants.

Beneath this you have sections to view tournaments you are currently in and tournaments you have entered for the next round.

Beneath this there is a small table with the tournaments you are eligible to apply for, the cost and the amount of current participants. For a tournament to start 8 participants must have entered.

Tournament Results: Clicking on this link will take you to the tournament results section in the middle of the screen. Simply here you will find the entire back catalogue of VOW tournaments that have taken place. By clicking on any link in the title column you can access that tournaments record and look at the results and the wrestlers that took part. Beneath this table of information you can select what tournament number range you wish to look at.

Messages: Clicking on this link will take you to the messages section in the middle of the screen. Earlier was mentioned how by clicking on the red .・1 MESSAGE・・, or corresponding number, you could access this same page through this way. When you have a message or messages they will appear under the columns headed from, to etc. You have the option to look at your inbox, outbox, deleted or all messages, delete messages and create a message.

Also above this section you will find a small box where by entering an ID number or part of a name you can look up any wrestler in the current VOW player list.

Player List: Clicking on this link will take you to the player list section in the middle of the screen. The player list is one of the most important parts, if not the most important part for any player. It is the key to finding who is active at that moment in time and is the tool most commonly used to pick fights. Here you will see a large table displaying 50 wrestlers ordered by last access to the site. Here you can see their names and league. Also note the letters C and M on the final two columns. These are quick links to make challenges (C) and send messages (M). Beneath you can again switch between groups of 50 wrestlers much like the tournament table mentioned previously.

Beneath this you can sort the wrestlers by any fame, experience, league, match win/loss stat, match win/loss %, money, AP and wrestler stat.

Legends of VOW: Clicking on this link will take you to the legends of VOW section in the middle of the screen. This is the place where all VOW wrestlers who go all the way through VOW and achieve the criteria are entered. To be entered you simply must have bought every move from the locker room. The list is a simple table format once again with 3 columns for legend number, character and the M icon to message any of the legends still in the game.

Beneath this there is a number range in 50・s to scroll between the pages of legends.

Beneath this is the link to enter the legends list once you have achieved eligibility.

All Matches: Clicking on this link will take you to the all matches section in the middle of the screen. Much like the tournament results screen, this is backlog of all matches fought or challenged on VOW. It shows you the competitors, match type and its current status (fought/open). Clicking on the match will take you to the match screen or challenge words depending on its status. Again at the bottom of this table in blocks of 50 each match is shown. There is only a small percentage of VOW matches on the site, the rest are on a database elsewhere. You can also filter matches by typing in an ID at the bottom if you want to check a particular wrestlers recent matches.

Tag Teams: Clicking on this link brings up the tag team section in the middle of the screen. In this section at the top you have 4 choices:

- View all current tag teams

- Create a new tag team contest

- Create a tag team

- View all tag team matches

When viewing all teams or all team matches it works in a similar way to the player list and all matches sections. By clicking on a team or a match you can view a team profile or a match that has occurred or is yet to occur.

To create a tag team first click the link and then place the name of your tag team in the first box. Your tag ID is automatically placed as part of the team so there is no need to input it. You can place up to 4 ID・s other than yourself in a tag team. Each tag team has its own separate ID. To simulate matches containing more than two wrestlers, you can simply make a tag team with just yourself in it (no need to put down any ID・s) and then only you will fight in tag matches. This can in theory mean 10 man matches like battle royals.

To create a new tag team match first click the link then place your own tag team ID in the first box. Then write in the challenge words as you would for a normal match. Beneath that you can then place up to another 9 tag team ID・s to make up your tag match before finalising it.

Beneath all of this you will find the names and ID・s of any tag teams you are in. Clicking on these will bring up the members.

Stables: Clicking on the stables link brings up the stables section in the middle of the screen. When you first begin you will not be in a stable. You can apply for any stable in the game though, it just depends whether that stable leader will accept you. This can be done by selecting from the drop down list visible. Alternatively you can create your own stable by clicking the relevant link, but you must have at least 50 exp to do so.

Once you have joined or created a stable the details of your stable will now appear instead of the previous information. On this page now you will see the name of your stable at the top. Beneath this any description of your stable is visible. Beneath this a table showing the members of the stable is present. The vote・s column represents the members voting for the stable leader. You can change your vote from the drop down list below. If you are the stable leader you have the ability to change the stables name, description, assigning and kicking out of members and stable donations.

The donations section underneath is visible to everyone in the stable. If at anytime a member wants to donate any amount of money into the stable fund then they can just input an amount and submit it. The leader can then use this money to increase the size of the stable to gain more members. Note that for each increase in size the next increase will cost more to implement.

Beneath this section is a message box like that of the messages section. This is so any member can send a message out to the other members of the stable.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen is the option to leave the stable if you wish.

Stable List: Clicking on this link brings up the stable list section in the middle of the screen. On the screen now is another long table of all the stables in VOW in order of member number. Clicking on any of these stables brings up the stables page with name, description and members table.

Stable Ranking: Clicking on this link brings up the stable ranking the stable ranking section in the middle of the screen. Again this is another table of all the stables in VOW, but sorted by money as a default. Much like on the player list, at the bottom the list can be arranged by combined fame, money, wrestler stats, match wins/losses, match win/loss percentages and experience.

Add Player Page: Clicking on this link brings up the add player page section in the middle of the screen. Here you will find a large text section where you can write a player page about anything which, once submitted, will be placed in the player page section. There is a space to put the page title and underneath a large area for the HTML page. Some HTML is available on a section called PLIT MCode located on the left toolbar when you log off.

Donations: Clicking on this link will bring you to the donations section in the middle of the screen. Notice again here you have been logged out automatically for this and the last few toolbar options. Donations from players are vital to help keep the PLIT servers running and are rewarded with many options:

- Priority access to the server over non-donators

- Extra AP gain for your wrestler

- Option to buy additional AP

- Can have 3 wrestlers at once rather than just one

- No AP cap on your wrestler, the limit of 500 can be surpassed

At the top of the screen are details on the prices you pay for the length of your donation in US dollars.

At the bottom of the screen are details on what you need to donate and relevant information for transactions.

Sponsors: This link brings up a section in the middle of the screen for PLIT・s sponsors. A simple acknowledgement is shown here towards our sponsors and the game contributors.

Logout: This link logs you out from your current wrestler.

Main Menu: This link takes you back to the VOW welcome page.

Conduct and Privacy: This link brings up the conduct and privacy section in the middle of the screen. This section states all the rules for all PLIT games, it is key that you read these so that you are not breaking rules and hence your enjoyment of the game.

Now that we have looked at the left and middle sections of your screen according to the links, let・s take a look at the right side. This side is home to the in game chat service.

The chat service is an area where you can chat to any gamer on VOW currently on line. Type a message in the top box and press .・Send It・・ to enter a message. To refresh the chat either press the reload chat link on the left toolbar or refresh your browser. The chat is a family area and has a friendly atmosphere, we ask that you respect the rules of the site and chat area in order for others and yourselves to enjoy the game and to ensure you don・t receive chat or game suspensions from the moderators.

The Match Screen

The match screen appears after a challenge has been accepted. If you accept an opponent・s challenge it appears instantly. If an opponent accepts your challenge a red message link will appear first so you can view it.

When you see the screen in the middle section what you will see are the match details at the top. Any autoheals are also noted before we dive into the action. As you scroll down you will see the match commentary in text all the way until the winner is decided. At the bottom it will show you the winner and the gains and losses for each opponent. Simple as that!

Wrestler Types

The following table displays the 5 wrestling types, there individual stats, starting moves and advantages.

(the table is the same as in the external manual as it is very useful)

The Leagues:

There are 5 different leagues to advance through as you play the game, they are as follows:

- LAW (League of Amateur Wrestlers): This league starts at 0 experience with a promotion at 250 experience.

- SPWA (Semi-Professional Wrestling Association): This league starts at 250 experience with a promotion at 800 experience.

- PWO (Professional Wrestling Organisation): This league starts at 800 experience with a promotion at 2000 experience.

- SSWO (Superstar Wrestling Organisation): This league starts at 2000 experience with a promotion at 4000 experience.

- VWO (Veteran Wrestling Organisation): This league starts at 4000 experience and continues until your wrestler retires.

Your wrestler will eventually retire. This is done by buying all moves in the locker room and then selecting the .・Enter the Legends of VOW・・ button in the said area. You will find that later in VWO your stats will hit a cap and will rise no further and then after gaining more experience they will decrease due to age.

Match Types:

To gain experience, fame, money and improve stats you must fight matches. It is the core of VOW itself and is what you build your wrestler up for.

There are 6 types of match in VOW to play, the trend being the cheaper the match AP wise, the lower the paycheck:

- Single: This match costs 20AP to play and is the cheapest match to play. You can win by one of three ways, pin, submission or KO.

- Ladder: This match costs 30AP to play. The soul goal for this match is to climb the ladder and get the briefcase.

- Table: This match costs 40AP to play. The goal of this match is to slam your opponent through the table.

- Cage: This match costs 50AP to play. The goal of this match is to climb out of the cage.

- Tag Match: This match also costs 50AP to play. The size of the teams depends upon how many you put in your tag team. The idea is to eliminate all other opponents by pin, submission or KO.

- Last Man Standing (LMS): This match costs 60AP to play. The goal of this match is to keep your opponent on the floor for a 10 count by knocking the opponent out.

The amount of fame you receive for any of these matches depends on the amount of the opponent・s fame. The higher the opposition fame the more you receive.

With regards to experience, depending on the difference between the two players experience is what they shall receive. For example if a LAW beat a VWO then he shall receive the maximum 5 experience you can receive. If a VWO beat a LAW he would receive just 1 experience. It all depends on the gap between the two players.

Tips and Hints:

Starting out is the hardest part in your VOW career. As for any wrestler real or virtual as it is, the rise to the top is a hard a gruelling task. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

- Click on the staff link and set your staff to doctor level 2 only. Although it is not compulsory it is advised. It is a widely recognised courtesy rule that you do this. It helps you to avoid injuries and still gives you a reasonably sized paycheck. If you turn all staff on you will notice that you will not win any money, meaning you cannot heal stats or consciousness and so eventually your character will die.

- Click on the gym and put 200 AP on the consciousness stat in the list. Turn the personal trainer off and then click train. You will notice that stat number increase. It should be at 75% of its maximum now which is what training without a personal trainer can achieve. Do the same for the rest of your stats to. You receive $500 starting money and it is up to you how you use it. I would use it to build up your consciousness and main stats with the personal trainer but it is your choice. Another point to add is if you have no aerial moves like a power grappler for example, there is really no need to increase the aerial stat at all.

- Click on the locker room and scroll to the bottom. Notice that your first special move costs nothing. Choose your special move and customize it. I recommend a move that coincides with your highest stat for more damage. The next special will be a huge price but with experience this does decrease.

- The R & R link will be vital for you. After each match you play always go to this area and click on the R & R link to ensure your wrestler is always at full consciousness. After all if this falls to 0 your wrestler will die and your efforts will be wasted.

- When you challenge opponents, keep to a low experience gap between you and your opponents. That gap is up to you but I generally stay at 25 experience to begin with and increasing this as you move up the leagues. Don・t forget with the money you earn to keep increasing those stats towards maximum. Once they do reach maximum check back at the gym after every match to as at certain experience levels you will be able to increase certain stats again.

- Keep an eye on the moves in the locker room. They fall in price after each match until they eat a minimum price. The first minimum comes at 300 experience. Look out for certain moves as milestones to mark this for example, Boston Crab at $2840. After this minimum is reached the moves will again reach minimum every 50 experience. Remember to keep some cash in reserve though as the next match you could find yourself with some costly injuries!

- You may enter a tournament if you wish. These are optional and not obligatory. There are a number of tournaments you can enter at each league and there are no staff settings. You will find a lot of players use full staff in tournaments only as the rewards are generous. There must be 8 participants for a tournament to start. As you advance through the rounds you can track your progress. Should you reach the final and win you will receive $5000 and 100 fame. If there is no belt holder you will also receive that title. If there is a holder a title match takes place to decide it. Obviously if you are experience, in theory, you stand a better chance but matches are highly unpredictable!

Look forward to your comments
Hopton aka Destroyer

(sorry for some dodgy text bits, obviously a word to forum copy and paste is dodgy lol)
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2006-03-25 05:07:16
Huang and I were talking a while ago and we were thinking it would be great if VOW had a Wiki-based manual. I can't legally post a external link in this thread, so I'll direct you to the link I recently posted in the Legal Links sticky thread found in the VOW General Forum.


It would be nice to put all of our collective knowledge together on one site.
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2006-03-25 05:32:56
Aaah that looks like a sound idea dude :)

It is all neatly arranged and therefore I wouldn't have to worry bout an 8 page document! I'd love to know more about this :)
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2006-04-04 10:51:59
This is a reference to a relevant post within the Legal Links section:

Posted By: dr_lector(48275)
Server Time: 2006-04-04 06:45:45
Clicky, Clicky
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2006-04-06 04:19:03
Started work on the wiki page now anyway so looks like its coming on nicely and everyone can chip in so thats great :)
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2006-04-06 23:56:53
A VOW wiki sounds like a great idea.

I just checked what you've got on the site so far. A few suggestions:

Include a section on the types of matches available in VOW.

"Creating a tag team" should be "Creating a Tag Team" so it'd be consistent with the format of the other links on the main page.

The Move List price table is too long to scroll in its current form. You can compress the table by sorting the moves into different columns: all tech moves go under one column, all subs in another column, etc. Then rank the moves by their lowest price.

Then again, you can just also save yourself the trouble of listing all the prices by simply giving two or three prices to act as guides, and let the players figure out the rest.

For example: achilles tendon hold's lowest price is $860, dragon leg screw's lowest price is $350, while leg breaker is $1450. Once you find these moves at these prices, it means you've hit rock bottom.

The Tournament section should include this:

Players cannot join the tournaments of the leagues below them. If you are in one of your league's tourneys and get promoted to the next league, you are automatically eliminated from your tourney.

The Rules of Conduct need to be cleaned up. Use bullets or something.

I think it's inconsistent to say that players can't post copyrighted images and logos on their character page under Rules of Conduct, then include a section called "Banners and Gifs" where you show clips from different wrestling shows and encourage players to "do feel free to use these images in VOW."
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2006-04-07 01:10:11
Points taken dude :) I shall edit them myself if someone else hasnt done it already :)

Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2006-04-07 04:21:38
Hey, some of the manual's pages are locked. It's not a Wiki if it isn't open to evolution.
Post by: dr_lector(48275)
2006-04-07 07:39:02
The reason some of the pages are locked is due to some muppet managing to delete about 4 hours worth of work from plit code and the rules of conduct

I don't mind the altering and improving bits but wasting 4 hours of work sucks ..
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2006-04-08 04:54:30
The red VOW banner on the Main Page may cause copyright problems.
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