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Thread: ..:Jus Talking about 'The Design':..
Post by: Stainless Danny Steel(28015)
2004-12-10 00:36:53
Subs...GRRR, there getting to me, I know that subs are suppost to be like a quick escape, but if im doin 50 damage over what my opponent is to me and then I tap thats whyen they piss me off!!

Post by: m_carta(37500)
2004-12-10 08:53:42
So? I doubt you'll be angry and going "That's not fair!" if you're the one receiving lots of damage, then win via tapout.
Post by: mistahspeddles(20309)
2004-12-10 12:15:53
Get them and you will do it yourself or fight matches that don't have them. Point is, everyone who whines about Subs ends up facing people and being behind with a quick Sub win.

It happens to everyone, against them and by them. Get over it.
Post by: amw(17598)
2004-12-10 17:03:39
Hey Ghetto Q here... Stainless i know i subbed you once or twice when you were kickin my ass, but yanno i used to get subbed almost every single match and it was driving me nuts... It all comes out equal in the end :)
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2004-12-11 04:23:03
There is one guy in PWO called fUsIoN, and he is scared to fight my tech... just because he has a few subs. But in the end, won't most people have the subs as they are needed to become a legend?!
Post by: Juvented(147461)
2006-01-09 03:33:57
Yeah Subs are annoying but its worth being a tech cause i simply make em tap to my Juvy Hold
Post by: the n3w era(30824)
2006-01-10 06:53:00
Woah, this thread is over a year old, let it rest!
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