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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Get rid of the 5 xp cap
Post by: Tarin(118208)
2005-12-15 12:36:50
It sucks to be a 2000xp wrestler and beat a 200 fame and 4000xp wrestler and get just the standard 6 fame and 5 xp. You should be able to get up to 30xp just like with fame.
Right now it would be better for the 2000xp wrestler to wait for a LAW to be suckered into a challenge so he can get the easy 6 fame. If the xp cap was raised it would decrease the incentive to noob bash.
Post by: smoke(126548)
2005-12-17 00:22:50
what a crap idea..
Post by: gruchul(66928)
2005-12-17 05:56:45
It wouldn't decrease the incentive to noob bash at all. In fact, more noobs would try and fluke wins out of people like BA to get more experience quickly, causing the opposite effect to the one you stated.

You really haven't thought this through.
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