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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Staff
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-12-04 16:34:04
I can't remeber... but doesn't the commision fee from Full Staff end up over 100%? If so, it should be made that if you use Full Staff, you actually pay the whole fee, using money from you're savings. Should discourage full staffers a bit.
Post by: Coneman(325)
2005-12-04 17:06:06
Wow a decent idea on forums!!

I agree..I don't see why people get out of paying that extra 5% or whatever it is.
Post by: dagnarus(129527)
2005-12-04 17:24:21
yeah...full staffers is annoying..and they really waste our ap...but this also have a weak point....in TOURNAMENT...people r encouraged to put full staff...so if they put full staff,they need to pay although it is not a cheeky thing to do....

if this idea is too be succeded,then its better not to include this rule in the TOURNAMENT....and also,i think during tournament,we should have our own staff bar so that we do not need to change rapidly...
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-12-05 09:44:54
People are encouraged to put on Staff by OTHER people. If you want to win the tournament with staff, you have to make the sacrifice.
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2005-12-05 11:49:44
That is an excellent Idea, probally wont get implemented. but, still one of the better idea's that I have heard.
Post by: white_tiger(135925)
2005-12-31 07:48:17
I am totally against using staff at any time inc. tourneys but i hav got to the last 2 in the tourney 2ce now and been beaten becos i only use docs...i think that staffing should also be looked down apon in tourneys not encouraged...(for the first time i will be staffing in a tourney)
Post by: Juvented(147461)
2006-01-09 03:16:50
I only won 3 tournys 1 in Law 1 in Spwa and 1 in PWO im not even trying the SSWO one
Post by: lazy(27024)
2006-01-14 03:09:20
...no you didnt juvented....

your a n00b.
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