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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: font sizes
Post by: johnpheonixcena(126030)
2005-10-26 01:12:03
i have a link and i am trying to make the font bigger i have looked at the code but it doesnt say if anyone knows i would be thanksful if the told me
thanks cena out
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-10-26 04:52:36
*looks like i was wrong imagine that*
Post by: johnpheonixcena(126030)
2005-10-26 22:36:02
no the code doesnt tell you about links
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2005-10-27 11:57:38
just make sure you use brackets, instead of -
Post by: Darth Rozz(125457)
2005-10-29 09:55:26
Font sizes also can go up to 9.
Post by: johnpheonixcena(126030)
2005-10-29 21:54:43
can u tell me where links fit in all this
thanks cena out
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