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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Tag team descriptions
Post by: bse(99463)
2005-09-20 18:36:00
Here's an idea - similar to how you can make a description for your stable (including banners, names, stats etc), would it be possible to create the same kind of thing for tag teams? IMHO it would make the tag team aspect of this game more interesting and allow you to personalise e.g. write what your tag team finishing move would be etc.

Any thoughts?
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-09-20 23:48:11
when you can't do team moves, why would you need to write the moves descriptions?

No offense, but it doesn't seem that it serves much of a purpose.
Post by: bse(99463)
2005-09-21 19:53:00
I know what you mean, but you can't do tag moves in a stable and yet you can make descriptions etc. It doesn't have to serve that purpose specifically, but more just so you can personalise it.
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-09-21 21:00:20
I'll give you that point. That didn't occur to me, although I really don't mind if that is taken away from stables either.

However, most players are (probably) members of 5-10 tag teams, while they can only be members of 1 stable (I'm pulling the average down with only 3). The increase in bandwidth used (especially if pics were allowed) would be huge. Not to mention it would push certain things down the page farther (not that that matters all that much, just a minor point).
Post by: bse(99463)
2005-09-21 22:08:00
Lol. I see your points completely mate. Hey, it wouldn't really bother me too much whether it happened or not, but it was just an idea.

The point about being in a number of tag teams is probably the most valid and teh fact that adding banners, pics etc would be a major burden.

Still, if there were a way around it, I think it would be a nice feature. Just an idea
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-09-23 04:48:39
just so you know, I am pretty much against any changes in the game. It's not that I'm picking on you or any one with suggestions, I just don't like people getting their hopes up and then let down when it doesn't happen.
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