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Thread: Tired of LMS.........
Post by: NinterX(106306)
2005-07-08 18:58:12
It cost 60ap.............That means that im able to do a max of 4 to 5 match per day..........Thats few. I want to play this game, n i need to play more matches.

After 4 or 5 days of playing, im in the good way with my Stiff Neck character.............but i cant play singles,the ones that cost less.

Ive been a Grapple, but didnt like it. Stiff Neck is ok. Apart from the 2 Docs im suposed to have a decrease on damage.

I still didnt try out the other 3. Ive seen all manuals(.......2 manuals), but they dont really describe the types of wrestlers.

For the few i know is that Everytime i match with an Aerialist with more then 40 aerial, my asss gets kicked, even if i win the match. Usually they are the ones to take more consciousness from me, so whats the point of Grapples?

Grapples and Traditional are the easiers to kick. But if i play single with Traditional i loose.

If i play against a Technical with around 38 techninal........i just cant hit him!! When i had around 110 experience 43 strengh and 32 technical, another guy, a technical, on a LMS kicked my ass completly. My 83 consciousness drop to 0, and i made him 6 damage!! This guy had 90 experience and 38 technical!! And the most stupid his that on the entire match he atacked me only 3 times, with weak atacks, the rest of my consciousness drop for all the counters he made on me.

So, Technical might be a good option, cuz it seems that the chance of a worst player beating me on the ring is lower,cuz they are always countering. They also have submission.

Traditional seems the better to make pins. Thats the only thing i know cuz i read on the manual.

I want to detach my acount and start again, cuz LMS cost a lot of AP, and im going to start to play the ones who cost less.give less money, but i want to play more. so, instead of 1 LMS, i make 3 singles.

My question his, what type should i choose. Technical or Traditional?
Post by: Danny Blade(82684)
2005-07-08 19:01:51
Ive never really used either Trads or Techs, so I dunno.

But LMS rules!

Wrestling is about injuires, if their were no injuries in the game everybody would just fluke through it all.
Post by: Lokie(29796)
2005-07-08 19:14:50
Techs are the ultimate pains in yee bum holes, they counter everything and i hate fighting them especially since i am a Aerialist. Trads only get a pinning bonus, nothing more.
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-07-08 19:21:02
Sherlock Holmes says "Don't fight LMS"
Post by: NinterX(106306)
2005-07-08 20:32:39
Im a Traditional now. Only playing singles. Its much harder. I think i'll stick with it
Post by: NinterX(106306)
2005-07-08 20:42:24
Advantage on Pins my ass! Lost 4 by Pin against guys worst them me.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-07-08 21:43:30
techs suck i hate being a tech just look at my record compaired to when i was KOVOW. As much as i dont like you because u come into this game and think u own the place and your a right arse. I would have sticked to being a SN.
Post by: NinterX(106306)
2005-07-08 22:03:51
The more i play the more i realized that either. It would be better to stick with Stiff Neck.
Post by: m_carta(37500)
2005-07-09 07:24:20
Then later on you'll find yourself complaining about how your stiffneck keeps getting pinned by trads.

Like IC said, any type can beat any type in any type of match. If these "worse wrestlers" can beat you, then it follows that you should be able to beat "better wrestlers."
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